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Storm Protection Kit for all Tents and PopUp Gazebos with pegs (for soft grounds)

Item No.: 130647

Available for dispatch 20.11.2019
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Storm Protection Kit 10m "Suitable for Soft Surfaces, Soil

This Storm Protection Kit is the ideal protection against harsh winds and heavy rainfall. It prevents the tent from getting airborne in heavy weather conditions. The robust straps are made of extra durable and strong fabric. The straps are fixed with ratchets and [heavy duty earth pegs from 100% steel (40 cm)|self expanding ground anchors made from galvanized steel]. They prodvide more stability to your tent or popup.

Storm Protection Kit "Surface: Soft Surface, Soil, consisting of:

  • 4x Tension Belt Straps, 10 m each
  • 4x Ratchets
  • 4x 40cm Earth Pegs

How to use:

The tension belts are fitted to the tent on the construction at eaves height. Anchor them down in at a degree of 45° from the tent.

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Item no.:130647
Weight:1.1 kg
Number Of Boxes:1
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