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Arched Shelter

Arched Shelters

Arched Shelters

The most stable construction for long-term use - in all weather conditions.

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Storage Tents

Storage Tents

  • Short assembly times
  • High flexibility in gates and entrances
  • Statics available for selected sizes
  • Expandable
Industrial Tents

Industrial Tents

  • For long-term needs
  • Lots of space due to extra high side walls
  • Statics available for all sizes
  • Professional tarpaulin tensioning system
  • No foundation needed
Arched Shelter

Arched Shelter

Container Shelter

Container Shelter

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9.15x12m 3.5x3.5m Drive Through Arched Storage Tent / Hangar Silo Shelter, extra stable, PVC 720 fire resistant, dark green
9.15x12m 3.5x3.5m Drive Through Arched Storage Tent / Hangar Silo Shelter, extra stable, PVC 720 fire resistant, dark green
In Stock, Direct Dispatch
incl. 20% VAT (excludes shipping costs)
9.15x12m 3.5x3.5m Drive Through Arched Storage Tent / Hangar Silo Shelter, extra stable, PVC 720 fire resistant, grey
9.15x12m 3.5x3.5m Drive Through Arched Storage Tent / Hangar Silo Shelter, extra stable, PVC 720 fire resistant, grey
Available for dispatch 19.10.2020
incl. 20% VAT (excludes shipping costs)
9.15x20m 3.5x3.5m Drive Through Arched Storage Tent / Hangar Silo Shelter, extra stable, PVC 720 fire resistant, white
9.15x20m 3.5x3.5m Drive Through Arched Storage Tent / Hangar Silo Shelter, extra stable, PVC 720 fire resistant, white
In Stock, Direct Dispatch
incl. 20% VAT (excludes shipping costs)

Buy Arched Shelter - Agriculture, Industry & Business

Round arched shelter with open front for agriculture.

Find arched storage tents for agriculture, forestry, industries and businesses at House of Tents. Our shelters are available in many different colours and sizes. All storage tents are extra-stable and robust. Statics are certified by a renowned German engineering company.

If needed, we can manufacture tailor-made arched shelters suited to your individual needs. Simply contact us in order to design your individual shelters. After releasing all construction blueprints, production takes between 6 and 8 weeks on average.

Benefit from 30 years of experience. Our experts are happy to answer your questions and take your order. Simply call 01473 37 82 36 or write an email to Find additional information on storage tents on our website. And the best for last: many products come with longtime warranties. In addition, a large number of tents guarantee a 10-year supply of spare parts from the date of purchase.

Construction and Tarpaulin

Comparison between round pipe arched shelters and trussed arched shelters.

All arched shelters are equipped with statics and are designed for year-round all-season use. Acting forces are distributed evenly and mitigated due to the rounded shape. Rainwater is drained, snow and water don't pool on the arched roof. There are two different types of constructions in stock:

Single-truss arched shelters the curved arches are made of round poles with a diameter of 76 mm (see photo on the right). Depending on the distance between legs, tents can withstand loads of up to 100 kg/m². The mechanism to open the gate is operated manually through a cable control system and a crank.

Double-truss arched shelters the curved arches are made of two round poles with a diameter of 76 mm (see photo on the right). Connecting crossbars offer additional stability (double-truss construction). Maximum loads can reach up to 208 kg/m², depending on the distance between legs. Additionally, larger span widths can be reached than with single-truss arched shelter constructions. The entrance gate can be operated via a cable control system and a crank.

Both construction types come with two entrances: a large gate as well as a smaller door for quick and simple access. Ground nails and concrete anchors are included for safe fixture. Choose the perfect system depending on different floor types.

The PVC tarpaulins of our storage tents belong to the most valuable products on the market. They are made of extra-heavy ca. 720g/m² cast PVC with a tight-knit inner grid fabric. All tarpaulins are 100% waterproof and highly resistant to UV radiation. The tarpaulin is spanned over the steel frame by means of a professional belt system. The procedure is simple and precise. Air vents on gable ends create optimal air circulation and perfect climate inside storage tents.

Use for Agriculture, Industry and Businesses

Use of a round arched shelters as roofing on construction sites.

Quickly assembled arched shelters create protected storage space for goods, materials and machines susceptible to heavy weather conditions. Even larger vehicles like lorries, mobile homes and yachts can be stored in our arched storage tent solutions. Use our industrial tents with an arched profile as a workshop, as protection for your construction site or in forestry and agriculture. The arched shelter works perfectly as a barn or stable for livestock. Storage tents are 100% waterproof and can be used for storing hay, straw and wood. Usage is extremely versatile. Tents provide year-round protection from wind, rain, hail and snow.


Round arched shelters offer a lot of storage space for goods and machines.

Arched shelters with a PVC tarpaulins are ideal to create storage space quickly. Unlike wood, steel or sheet metal constructions, PVC arched shelters can often be assembled without official permission. Inquire with your responsible authorities. Storage tents are affordable alternatives to solid constructions. Purchase and assembly costs are low and operating times are extremely long-lasting.

Further benefits at a glance of storage tents:

  • Detailed assembly instructions and labeled parts facilitate quick and easy setup without any prior knowledge
  • No foundation needed
  • Flexibility and mobility: possible disassembly and reassembly allow for short- or longterm projects
  • Only standard tools needed for assembly
  • Transport and storage of the arched shelter possible due to included extremely robust wooden crates, offering protection from moisture and corrosion
  • Highly stable and robust - statics manual included
  • Quick access through large or small doorways on each gable end
  • Low-maintenance and quick clean-up due to smooth PVC tarpaulin

Durability and Stability

Round arched shelters are very robust and resistant.

Arched shelter with snow

Provided the assembly was correct and occasional maintenance measures are taken, the hot-dip galvanised, robust frame and the extremely sturdy tarpaulin can be used for decades on end. The steel frame is resistant to rust and comes with a 10-year warranty on corrosion. The PVC tarpaulin is highly resistant to UV radiation and resilient towards changes in weather. Correctly mounted closed PVC tarpaulins come with a 5-year warranty.

Arched shelters with a PVC tarpaulin are extremely stable. Statics as well as ground anchors are included. The arched shape and the smooth PVC surface make snow loads slide off the tarpaulin - do remove remaining snow regularly for extra care.

Shelters with PVC tarpaulins don't require foundations. Thanks to included floor anchoring systems, the hall is fixed to the ground with three anchors per foot - for solid grounds, concrete anchors are used, 1m ground nails are used for soft undergrounds.

High weather resistance und extraordinary stability of industrial tents and shelters facilitates year-round use and offers maximum protection from wind and snow.

Quality and Production

PVC arched storage tents are produced with state-of-the-art technology and adhere to numerous stardardised norms:

  • Approx. 720 g/m² heavy cast PVC tarpaulin with tight-knit inner grid fabric - certified by DIN EN ISO 527
  • 9x more tear-proof than conventional PVC tarpaulins
  • PVC tarpaulins are fireproof - certified by DIN 4102 B1
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel frame
  • Extraordinary stability: statics audited by a German engineering company
  • Increased stability due to vertical arches
  • Ensured stability at heavy loads (see product-specific statics)


Round-arched shelters can be anchored to the ground on various subsoils.

To set up an arched shelter, no foundation is required. Most arched storage tents can be set up without a building permit. Assembly is simple and quick due to detailed instruction manuals and labelled parts. Only standard tools are required. Make sure to provide a forklift with a load capacity of 1.6t at delivery in order to unload wooden crates containing your arched shelter. Depending on the location, feet are secured with anchoring systems for concrete or soil grounds. Both variants, M12 concrete achors and 1m-long ground nails are included in the delivery.

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Mashup of arched shelter and storage tent

House of Tents is your competent partner in the field of individual tent solutions. From consultations to the planning and production stages, we create the perfect arched storage tents and arched shelters for your needs. As a first step, our experts will give helpful advice that will leave no questions unanswered. As soon as the planning stage is over, blueprints are created and sent to you in a matter of days. After we received your order, the tent is produced after your individual wishes. Depending on the size of the order, products will reach you 6-8 weeks later.

For a personal consultation, our experts for custom-made tent solutions can be reached at:

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