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Possible uses

  • Shelter between containers
  • As an additional working area for constructions, trade or farming
  • As a storage area for machines or vehicles
  • The fast assembly enables a flexible use
  • Suitable for short- and long-term use
  • Example: ConTop as a canopy for a storage facility.


Width: approx. 6,00 m
Length: approx. 6,00 m
Base: 6 x 6m - 36,00 m²
Apex Height: approx. 2,0 m
Leg-Distance: ca. 1,5 m
  • High Safety: These statics have been calculated by German engineers, Members of the acknowledged VBI Association.
  • The result:

  • Takes the full load of the assumed gale forces according to DIN EN 1991, resulting in structural stability at maximum measured wind speeds. This means that this tent stand firm even with windspeeds of 10bft and up. *5)
  • Load for this tent has been calculated and is indicated in kg/m². *7)
  • These statics comply with the following EN Norms:
    • EN 1990
    • EN 1991
    • EN 1993
  • The statics handbook and all necessary parts for safe erection of the tent are included in the delivery.
  • Anchoring is included, you may select between anchoring for Soil/Soft ground or Hard/Concrete surfaces.
  • This statics are extensive and complete. They are appropriate to be presented to local or government departments. *8)


  • Very robust due to the arched shape
  • Strong tubular framework that is hot-dip galvanised.
  • 10-year warranty against rust (View Warranty Terms))
    • Diameter: vertical approx. 48 mm / horizontal approx. 34 mm
    • Wall Thickness: vertical approx. 1,6 mm / horizontal approx. 1,4 mm
  • Vertical Steel Poles are fully bolted with two screws and wing nuts (M8)
  • The connection of the arches to the horizontal poles is ensured by means of two screws and wing nuts
  • Round-head-screws and self-locking nuts safely connect all parts.
  • The included ratchets facilitate the tensioning of the tarpaulin which is interacting with the roof construction and they maintain the tension over a long period.


  • PE-material is 350 g/m² in density
  • All seams are sewed twice and machine tape-sealed
  • UV-resistant
  • 100% waterproof – perfect shelter against precipitation
  • Robust tarpaulin made of one piece
    • With overlapping tarpaulin skirt as wind deflector
  • Regulation of the tarpaulin tension by means of a professional belt-system to ensure a tight fit and highest stability.
  • Besides this, additional tensioning belts secure the gable end panels
  • Stainless brass eyelets
  • The arched construction of the ConTop as well as the smooth tarpaulin surface allows rain and dirt to run off easily.
  • Available with front and rear panel.
Guarantees and customer service
  • Fast and simple assembly due to detailed assembly instructions and marked components
  • Self-assembly is possible
  • No foundation required
  • Usually, no building permit is required
  • Only ordinary tools needed
  • Note: We recommend a lifting device (forklift, wheel loader, etc.) for the erection and a mobile scaffold, etc for the assembly
  • Packaging: Massive steel boxes that provide protection against moisture and corrosion
  • If necessary, the ConTop can be adjusted onto steel beams – all required anchoring system are included in the delivery:
    • For the adjustment onto containers, two different types of clamps are available. They are used for a quick installation without drilling or welding. On the one hand, there are massive steel plates that can be adjusted onto the containers by means of a Twistlock-System. On the other hand, six screw clamps provide additional fixing of the frame.
    • A horizontal cross rail system enables welding onto steel beams
Delivery information
  • The ConTop is delivered by a forwarding agent and comes in several boxes
  • To unload the boxes, a forklift with a tonnage of 400kg is required.
Overview of advantages
  • Perfect weather protection against wind, sun, rain, hail and snow
  • Excellent for short and long-term use
  • In comparison to solid constructions, ConTops are much cheaper
  • Very economical due to:
    • Low acquisition costs
    • Low assembly costs
    • Suitable for long-term use thanks to the robust construction and its high stability.
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
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Drive-in width: approx. 6,0 m
Ridge height: approx. 2,0 m
Roof section: approx. 350 g/m²
Steel poles: approx. 48 mm
Wall thickness of poles: approx. 1,6 mm
Steel pole connectors: approx. 34 mm
Wall thickness of connectors: approx. 1,4 mm
Outer material: PE
Frame-Material: Steel
Weather resistance
Ground-fixing system: Yes
Structural analysis handbook: Yes
100% waterproof : Yes
UV-resistant: Yes
Item no.: 49671
Size: 6x6m
Weight: 234 kg
Material: PE
Colour: white
Number Of Boxes: 1
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Safety instructions
  • Please note the safety instructions in the assembly manual.
Calculated values for wind- and snowloads are expressed in the included statics handbook
Always follow the instructions from the statics handbook. Fresh snow shall be removed swiftly from the tarpaulin in any case.
These are values from our past experience and do not depict a guarantee of completeness for the future