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PE Tents: easy to use and quick to assemble

This inexpensive, robust marquee features a fully galvanised steel construction and strong, approx. 240g/m² PE tarpaulins. The tarpaulins are robust, UV resistant and waterproof. The side walls can be installed individually at distances of 2 m, which enables a variety of alternative constructions. Due to its comparatively low weight, the tent is especially easy to use.

Optiline Premium Marquees

Optiline Premium Marquees

  • Approx. 240 g/m² PE tarpaulin
  • Similar to a woven plastic tarpaulin
  • Connection type: Screws & wing nuts
  • Easy to set up thanks to its simple construction

Possible uses

Classic - quality for the price-conscious person

Celebrate your special events as and when they occur

  • Elegant marquee for garden parties, celebrations and other festive occasions
  • Protection from wind and weather
  • Shade from the sun, pleasant during the chillier evening hours
  • Suitable for all occasions. Perfect for teams, companies, clubs, markets, weddings, birthdays, confirmations and many other celebrations
  • Also suitable for use as temporary shelter, storage space or cover - e.g. for an outdoor pool


Base: 5 x 8m - 40,00 m²
Eave height: approx. 2,0 m
Ridge height: approx. 2,8 m
Entrance 1: approx. 3,8 x 2,0 m
Entrance 2: approx. 1,6 x 2,0 m

Further entrances on the sides are possible by omitting the side panels

Use of space

Are you unsure how many people fit in this party tent ?! In the adjacent pictures you will find examples of uses. Trajectories were taken into account. For example, the following room usage is conceivable:

  • standing room for about 80 people
  • or about 48 seats with 6 folding table and bench sets (approx. 2 m long)
  • or about 57 seats on chairs lined up in rows


  • Connectors:
    • Diameter: approx. 42mm
    • Wall thickness: approx. 1.3mm
  • Poles:
    • 100% fully galvanised steel
    • Diameter: approx. 38mm
    • Wall thickness: approx. 1.1mm
  • Robust, fully galvanised steel construction – no shock-sensitive powder coating
  • Stable connection of construction elements via bolting with 50mm thread screws for simple positioning of the wing nuts – stabilising effect, simply created via hand.
  • Stable positioning via base plates on the feet
  • Secure floor attachment using robust ground nails on the base plates and via guy ropes - all included in the the delivery
  • For tents from 6m wide the roof is additionally reinforced with a Ø 5 mm pole


  • All roof is made from approx. 240g/m² PE and is double stitched
  • UV resistant and waterproof
  • Perfect tent climate for health and well-being via self-acclimatising connection of the side sections – deliberate omission of velcro-fastenings or continuous side sections, which prevent the necessary supply of oxygen in this area
  • Seamless roof section - an important criterion for additional stability
  • Both the gable sections and the side sections can be completely or individually removed.
  • The gable walls feature both a wide and a narrow doorway that can be rolled up
  • The entrances are opened and closed via a robust zip-opening system
  • Large panorama windows (approx.130x145cm) in each side section let light in extremely well for an interior that is always bright
  • The windows are made from multilayer, hard-wearing material
  • All tarpaulins overlap reaching the ground and can be fixed with ground nails - no cold drafts - no noise pollution from movement of the tarpaulin in the wind.
Delivery information

    The following accessory is also included:

  • Rubber loops for securing the tarpaulins
  • Strong ground nails for securing the construction to the ground
  • Normal ground nails for attaching the gable and side panels
  • 4 guy ropes with ground anchors for additional attachment
  • Assembly and care instructions

Find accessories here

    It couldn't be simpler!

    Avoid stress and save time thanks to easy assembly

  • Everything you need is included: No extra tools needed for assembly
  • Uncomplicated and quick assembly due to straightforward instructions and labelled poles

Assembly tutorial video

This video has been watched 5.468 times.*The video shows the order of assembly, the product can differ in size and colour
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Drive-in width: approx. 3,8 m
Drive-in height: approx. 2,0 m
Ridge height: approx. 2,8 m
Lateral height: approx. 2,0 m
Entrance size: approx. 3,8 x 2,0 m
Roof section: approx. 240g/m²
Side panels: approx. 200g/m²
Steel poles: approx. 38 mm
Wall thickness of poles: approx. 1,1 mm
Steel pole connectors: approx. 42 mm
Wall thickness of connectors: approx. 1,3 mm
Outer material: PE
Weather resistance
100% waterproof : Yes
Item no.: 2347
Size: 5x8m
Weight: 120,2 kg
Material: PE
Colour: white
Number Of Boxes: 4
  Assembly instructions
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Safety instructions
  • Wind and snowloads have not been tested for this tent.
  • Ensure the tent is assembled correctly and clear snow from the roof promptly In the case of emerging wind, please use our storm set. In the case of strong winds and heavy snowfall we recommend temporary disassembly.
  • Alternatively, enquire about the Safety Plus Package for the PROFESSIONAL and PROFESSIONAL PLUS lines, in order to obtain guaranteed wind and snowload capacities.
  • Please observe the safety information in the assembly instructions.