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3x3m PES PopUp Gazebo PROFESSIONAL Steel 40 mm, incl. Sidewalls, with Panorama Window, dark grey

Item No.: 582587

Available for dispatch 05.05.2020
approx. delivery time: 2 - 5 working days
dark grey

incl. 20% VAT

PopUp Gazebo PROFESSIONAL Steel 40 mm incl. Sidewalls with Panoramic Windows

Robust folding pavilion with powder-coated steel frame - perfect for professional use. This folding pavilion was developed for the highest demands and combines functionality with robustness. The sturdy steel frame is protected against corrosion by a grey powder coating and has hexagonal profile poles. The diameter of the legs is 40 mm, with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm, making it highly stable. The steel frame is connected by unbreakable polymer composite materials. The entire frame is bolted; therefore, all parts are interchangeable. The folding pavilion can be assembled/disassembled quickly and without tools. Thanks to a strong, approx. 400 g/m² high-performance polyester tarpaulin with PVC coating and taped seams, the gazebo is 100% waterproof and provides a UV protection factor of 80+. The folding pavilion can be adjusted to 5 different height positions and comes with a practical wheeled transport bag.

Characteristics and usage possibilities

  • Elegant pop-up gazebo for applications requiring excellent robustness and high performance
  • Product development carried out in cooperation with industries such as gastronomy and catering
  • Reliable shelter: very sturdy and long-lasting thanks to high-quality, contemporary materials
  • A stylish appearance: a timeless ambience combined with modern design
  • Tried and tested in a range of weather conditions: protects against wind, UV rays and rain
  • It is very quick to assemble and is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications at exhibitions, trade fairs, promotional events or markets, or in domestic settings
  • Expandable: multiple pop-up gazebos can be connected to one another using accessories


Floor area:3 x 3m - 9.00 m²
Width:approx. 3.00 m
Depth / length:approx. 3.00 m
Lateral height:approx. 2.12 - 2.42 m
Ridge height:approx. 3.10 - 3.40 m
Entrance height:approx. 1.79 - 2.09 m
(five adjustment positions)


Robust and stable steel construction with scissor mechanism and click-system: set up quickly without tools and easy to transport.

  • Construction with scissor mechanism for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Material with surface-sealed corrosion protection: steel poles with nickel-grey powder coating
  • Stable legs in hexagonal profile:
    • Pole diameter: approx. 40 mm
    • Wall thickness: approx. 1,2 mm
  • Roof Construction:
    • In the centre of the roof: Reinforced tensioning column for optimal tensioning and fitting of the roof tarpaulin – not a cheap, unstable spoke system
  • Unbreakable polymer composite connector - less sensitive and stronger than solid plastic materials
  • High-quality securing pins with robust ring: Easily and safely operated by a ring - quick assembly and disassembly or height adjustment
  • Height adjustable to 5 settings (Entrance height up to approx. 210 cm)
  • Each individual part from the base plate to the roof scissor mechanism is easily replaceable thanks to screw fittings. The riveted design represents a clear advantage to you, with a guaranteed 10-year spare parts availability following the purchase, parts can be ordered online via our spare parts form or by telephone.
  • Large, stable base plates made of sturdy steel
    • Size: approx. 100 x 100 mm
  • The PopUp Gazebo can be anchoring to the ground via holes in the base plates - pegs are included
  • Additional anchoring with supplied ropes which can be attached via eyelets in the roof tarpaulin on the corners of the PopUp Gazebo.


Modern high-performance polyester with additional PVC coating which provides optimal protection from the rain and sun.

  • The tarpaulins are made of approx. 400g/m² high-performance polyester with additional PVC coating – manufacturing according to DIN 60905
  • In addition, all of the seams are sealed – importantly, this is done using a machine-based tape-sealing process
  • 100% waterproof
  • All contact points between the frame and tarpaulin are reinforced with antifriction areas
  • UV 80+ guaranteed
  • Wide, practical, industry-grade hook-and-loop fastener for fastening the side parts to the roof
  • Side walls with zip fastener provide sturdy and elegant edging at the corners
  • Depending on the size of the Garden Gazebo, one or more doors in the side walls are available. These can be opened quickly and closed with a sturdy zipper. They can also be rolled-up and can be fixed with clip-on loops
    • Entrance width: approx. 1,5 m
    • Entrance height: approx. 1,79 - 2,09 m
  • Robust panoramic windows with lockable roller blinds – which are variably usable: either rolled up for a naturally lit open ambience, or rolled down for privacy and shade
    • Window material made of multilayer, transparent PVC
    • The lowered blinds can be attached by a Velcro strip around the window. When rolled up, the blinds can be suspended by loops
    • The PopUp Gazebo can be closed completely by the roller blinds, in order to obtain privacy or protection against the sun.
  • Eyelets at the foot end of the side parts allow additional securing of the tarpaulin using the supplied ground pegs
  • Easy cleaning thanks to smooth High Performancen silky polyester with PVC coating
Guarantees and customer service
  • The pop-up gazebo is tested by our quality department before shipping
  • Spare parts can be purchased at a later date
  • Secure payment using state-of-the-art payment systems and encryption
  • Free, individual consultation
  • Rapid, insured shipping
  • Self-collection available
  • Customer service and support

Find accessories here

    Storage and transport:
    • Easy and rapid storage thanks to supplied storage bag
    • Storage bag with handles and rollers made of high-quality Oxford material
    • Low storage-space requirement thanks to compact bag dimensions
    • Tent Protection System: sewn-in weight medium in storage bag protects the pop-up gazebo from tipping over during set-up, making construction easier
    Overview of advantages
    • Assembles in a few minutes
    • Easy to transport thanks to storage bag with rollers
    • Long-lasting and robust
    • Outstanding protection against bad weather
    • Low-maintenance and easy to clean


Drive-in widthapprox. 1.5 m
Drive-in heightapprox. 1.79 - 2.09 m
Ridge heightapprox. 3.10 - 3.40 m
Lateral heightapprox. 2.12 - 2.42 m


Roof sectionapprox. 400 g/m²
Outer materialHigh Performance silky polyester with PVC coating
Ø 6-Edge Profileapprox. 40 mm
Wall thickness 6-Edge Profileapprox. 1.2 mm


100% waterproofYes
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Item no.:582587
Weight:41.5 kg
Material:High Performance silky polyester with PVC coating
Colour:dark grey
Number Of Boxes:3
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Safety instructions

  • Wind and snow loads have not been tested for this Gazebo.
  • Always ensure that the tent is assembled correctly. In the case of moderate snowfall clear the roof promptly, in the case of emerging wind, please use our storm set. In the case of strong winds and heavy snowfall or rainfall, we recommend the temporary disassembly of the Gazebo.
  • Always keep the tarpaulin away from heat sources and open flames.
  • Please observe the safety information in the assembly instructions.