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8x24m 4m Sides Commercial Storage Shelter, 4x4.6m Drive Through, PVC 720 g/m² fire resistant

Item No.: 49480v
  • Flat pitched roof construction with high sides for extra large entrances
  • Including statics and suitable reinforcement set
  • Snow load max. 26 kg/m² *5)
  • 2 Large double zippered doors on both sides of the gable
  • PRIME tarpaulin with 3 years warranty

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This tent consists of two parts, connected with a connection gutter.

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Product benefits

The Viking industrial tent with statics - a quantum more

The VIKING industrial tent - for a good feeling thanks to its stability and safety. This tent characterises itself by a particularly strong load-bearing frame profile and can take high wind and snow loads. The total frame reinforces up to 6 times and thus guarantees maximum stability. In addition, all legs are attached extra-large foot plates on the ground. The PVC tarpaulin weighs approx. 720 g / m² and is attached to the frame by a special tensioning system. This in cast-finished PRIME tarpaulin is 9 times more tear-resistant than conventional tarpaulins and withstands high temperature fluctuations between -30 to +50 degrees Celsius. The roof and side panels consist of one piece and ensures a higher stability. Due to the integrated steel wires, the tarpaulin is aligned and tensioned. Even a later readjustment of the tarpaulin is no problem. The gable walls each have an entrance, which can be fixed in two heights by means of three sturdy zippers. Built-in ventilation flaps promote effective air circulation and prevent moisture formation. The storage tent is ideal as a storage or working area and thus offers an inexpensive alternative to solid structures. In addition, this storage tent includes a statics handbook and a corresponding enforcement set. The structure according to the manual / handbook guarantees the wind or snow loads.

With the tent-to-tent principle and the matching connection gutters, the tent can be extended at any time both in length and in width.

Our industrial tents experts will happily advise you on the telephone number: +44 118 31 50 873.

* The wind and snow loads vary depending on the size of the tent. They should only be applied separately and shall not occur jointly.

Special warranty conditions for this tent:
3-year warranty of the correctly assembled and closed PVC-tarpaulin (View Warranty Terms)

quality characteristics

Extra strong!

Extra strong!

70x43mm rounded square profile

Tarpaulin tensioning system

Tarpaulin tensioning system

For continuously fixed placement of the tarpaulin

Guaranteed long-lasting

Guaranteed long-lasting

Extremely fine-meshed, tear-resistant internal fabric

Stable on any ground

Stable on any ground

With an extra large foot plate

Details & Sizes

Base data:

Article no.:49480v
Size WxL approx.:8.0 x 24.0 m

Materials and thicknesses:

Roof tarpaulin:approx. 720 g/m²; 100 % PVC
Ø Steel pipes in mm / profile shape:approx. 70x43 mm
Wall thickness of poles:approx. 1.9 mm

Weather resistance:

Snow load *5)max. 26 kg/m² *5)
100% waterproof:Yes
UV sun protection factor:80+

Product sizes:

Width:approx. 8.00 m
Length:approx. 24.00 m
Lateral height:approx. 4.00 m
Ridge height:approx. 5.25 m
WxL gate:approx. 4.0 x 4.7 m

Package data/sizes:

Number of boxes:50
Total weight:1870 kg


The frame of the VIKING industrial tent is designed to withstand very high loads. The basis is the extra strong oval-tube profile made of fully galvanized steel with a wall thickness of approx. 1.9 mm. For further reinforcement, horizontal and diagonal steel wires are installed in the side walls, as well as additional roof cross bars. Precisely tailored workmanship, large footplates and secure anchoring in the floor make the construction of the VIKING a universally applicable tent, that offers reliable protection over a long period of time.

  • 1:Solid steel frame - provides optimal protection
  • 2:Sides reinforcement
  • 3:Roof reinforcement
  • 4:Extra large feet - securely fastened all around!
  • 5:Gable panel reinforcement – Even more protection

Solid steel frame - provides optimal protection

The strong rounded square profile – installed vertical - derives forces effortless. All steel pipes are fully galvanized and protected against corrosion.

  • Steel pipe approx.: 70x43 mm, wall thickness 1.9 mm
  • Zinc alloy protects the steel pipes in the inside and outside
  • Perfect workmanship

Sides reinforcement

The additionally installed vertical and diagonal steel wires stabilise the tent in addition and offer less attack surface for the wind.

  • Diagonal struts in the corners to reinforce the side frame
  • Up to 6x more horizontal reinforcement

Roof reinforcement

  • Stabilises the roof surfaces
  • Does not let the tarpaulin sag
  • Precipitation derives off easily

Extra large feet - securely fastened all around!

Each pillar has a separate foot element. A foundation for anchoring needs not necessarily be given.

  • Secure with the double anchorage per foot
  • Earth fixing over 40 cm long pegs
  • Concrete fastening over 10 cm long concrete anchors (see accessories)

Tip: For fastening on floating paving stones, pegs should be used.

Gable panel reinforcement – Even more protection

Especially tents with a larger range require additional support to ensure a good load bearing. For this reason, a gable wall reinforcement is always installed from a range of 6 m.

Tarpaulin & Doors

The 720 g / m2 PRIME tarpaulin is made of high-quality, casted PVC, which completely encloses the integrated and especially dense inner fabric. This makes the PRIME tarpaulin extremely durable and even 9-times more tear-resistant than conventional PVC tarpaulins - certified according to DIN EN ISO 527. The PVC tarpaulin is characterized by a high weathering and UV resistance and is thus extremely durable. With a temperature resistance of +50 to -30 ° C, maximum UV protection and fire-resistant-certified, the PRIME tarpaulin proves to be a reliable protection also for use in public areas. The glossy, smooth look is particularly low-maintenance and easy to clean.

We have 3 years warranty on the closed, correctly installed PVC tarpaulin (View Warranty Terms Here).

  • 1:Roof and side tarpaulin - 100% waterproof throughout
  • 2:Fire-resistant-certified tarpaulin
  • 3:Two double zipper doors - provide maximum entry height
  • 4:XXL Floor skirts - Extra protection against wind and rain
  • 5:Professional tarpaulin tensioning system – for optimal stability and a reduced risk of damage

Roof and side tarpaulin - 100% waterproof throughout

The continuous roof and sides tarpaulin consist of one piece, holds the frame together and is therefore an important part of the stability.

  • All seams are welded and not sewn
  • Water infiltration impossible

Fire-resistant-certified tarpaulin

The fire-resistant-certified PVC material complies with the current European standard:

Certificate - number EN - 13501-1 * 9)

This certificate is accepted and preferred in the following countries: D, F, GB, I, E, PL, RO, NL, GR, P, B, CZ, HR, A, BG, DK, SE, HU, SK, FIN, IRL, LT, LV, EST, L

It replaces, as required by law, older standards:

  • D - DIN 4102 - B1 / B2
  • I - UNI 8456
  • F - M2
  • DK, S, N - SIS 650082
  • CH - BKZ 5.2

Two double zipper doors - provide maximum entry height

On both gable panels there is one entry in the double gate system – this means there are 3 zippers per gable panel.

  • 2 Gates per gable panel
  • Multi-level height fixable via straps
  • Maximum opening to ridge height, as the middle zipper can be opened to the ridge
  • Durable, double stitched zipper system
  • Gate dimension: at a width of 4,0 m the entrance reaches a height of 4,6 m
  • The gable parts can be attached or dismantled as required
  • Both gable parts have a ventilation window. These can be opened and closed and serve to prevent condensation

XXL Floor skirts - Extra protection against wind and rain

The extended floor skirt lies around 30 cm on the ground and reliably protects the tent interior.

  • Lets rain fall off far enough the tent
  • Reduces the penetration of soil moisture
  • Stops drafts
  • Has eyelets inside and outside

Professional tarpaulin tensioning system – for optimal stability and a reduced risk of damage

Here, the tarpaulin is stretched over the tent frame in one step, thereby reducing the risk of storm/wind damage to the tarpaulin.

  • Integrated tension rods in the tarpaulin and fixed tension rods on the tent poles, connected by sturdy outdoor straps with ratchets, gives the tarpaulin a snug fit around the poles.
  • The tarpaulin can be readjusted at any time enabling a continuous snug fit and optimal stability.


StaticsHigh safety: The statics was set up by a German engineering office registered in the Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI).

The result:

  • Takes the full load of the assumed gale forces according to DIN EN 1991, resulting in structural stability at maximum measured wind speeds. For example, wind force 10 and up is no problem for this tent. * 4)
  • Load for this tent has been calculated and is indicated in kg/m².  * 7)
  • The statics comply with the following DIN standards:
    • DIN EN 1990
    • DIN EN 1991
    • DIN EN 1993
  • The statics handbook and all necessary parts for safe erection of the tent are included in the delivery.
  • Anchoring is included, you may select between anchoring for or .Soil/Soft ground or Hard/Concrete surfaces.
  • The statics is suitable for possibly required presentation in public places. *8)

For a nominal fee, we will send you the statics even before you buy the tent. In this case, please contact our experts at the following telephone number: 0118 31 50 873.

Uncomplicated assembly

Uncomplicated assembly without prior knowledge thanks to easy-to-understand assembly instructions and marked parts.

  • Self-assembly possible.
  • No foundation necessary.
  • No extra tools needed for assembly

Assembly in a few steps:

  1. Install roof structure
  2. Attach standing poles to one side
  3. Pull on the roof tarpaulin
  4. Attach further standing poles
  5. Attach gable walls
  6. Tension the roof tarpaulin
  7. Anchor the tent to the ground depending on earth or concrete anchors
  8. Reinforce tent interior with the steel wires
  9. Secure with the storm protection belts


  • Steel frame with bolt and screw connection and roof reinforcements
  • Continuous roof and sides tarpaulin
  • 2 gable parts with zipper entrance
  • Steel frame with bolt and screw connection and roof reinforcements
  • Storm protection ropes
  • Assembly instructions
  • Statics handbook
  • Reinforcement set

Accessories and replacement parts

Do you need a spare part for your tent?

No problem! For many tents House of Tents offers a guaranteed spare parts supply of 10 years from the date of purchase. Call now or use our spare parts order form.

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Safety instructions

  • Please refer to the assembly instruction in the static handbook - particularly the wind and snowload upper limits.
  • Please check regularly whether the halls/carports are still correctly assembled.
  • We recommend, as a precautionary measure, regular removal of snow from the roof.

Permission notice',

In some countries, including Germany, tents of a certain area (generally larger than 75m²) and/or in the case of erection in certain locations require authorisation. It is the sole responsibility of the tent owner to ensure their compliance with local regulations and that assembly is correctly executed. Please note that a tent book for this model has not been created and if necessary, should be procured personally.


This tent consists of two parts, connected with a connection gutter.

The specified values of gale forces and snow loads only apply separately and shall not occur jointly.
Calculated values for wind- and snowloads are expressed in the included statics handbook
Always follow the instructions from the statics handbook. Fresh snow shall be removed swiftly from the tarpaulin in any case.
These are values from our past experience and do not depict a guarantee of completeness for the future
Products with window elements are exempt. The window material is flame retardant and dissolves in a controlled way in order to let breathable oxygen into tent in case of emergency.