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3.3x7.2m Carport Tent / Portable Garage, PVC 720 g/m², dark green

Item No.: 49684v

Available for dispatch 20.04.2020

incl. 20% VAT (excludes shipping costs)

Portable Garages – stable, robust for year-round use

The year-round protection for vehicles of all kinds: This garage tent comes with guaranteed statics and is extremely stable, built to withstand high gale forces and heavy loads. The fully-galvanized steel frame is quickly assembled with a specialised plug-in system and is secured with a tailored ground anchoring system. The tarpaulin is made of 720 g/m² strong PVC with a patterned internal fabric, made for long-term use and durability. This portable garage is UV-resistant and 100% waterproof, which qualifies this tent as an outstanding shelter against sun, winds and rainfall for your car, boat or caravan.

Any open questions, our portable garage experts are there to help at 0118 31 50 873.

Possible uses

    This highly stable garage tent has been engineered for all year use. It creates a weatherproof shelter space for many applications like:

  • Protected Place For Cars, Vans, Boats, Machines or Motorcycles
  • Secure Storage For Goods and Tools
  • Safe Shelter For Live Stock or as a Barn
  • Shelter And Protection Of Foundations and Construction Sites
  • Quick Creation of Demand Driven Storage or Production Space
  • An Economical, Building Regulations Approved Alternative To A Solid Garage Construction


Width:approx. 3.30 m
Length:approx. 7.20 m
Area:3.3 x 7.2m - 23.76 m²
Ridge height:approx. 2.70 m
Drive-in width:approx. 2.86 m
Drive-in height:approx. 2.0 m
  • High Safety: These statics have been calculated by German engineers, Members of the acknowledged VBI Association.
  • The result:

  • Takes the full load of the assumed gale forces according to DIN EN 1991, resulting in structural stability at maximum measured wind speeds. This means that this tent stand firm even with windspeeds of 10bft and up. *5)
  • Load for this tent has been calculated and is indicated in kg/m². *7)
  • These statics comply with the following EN Norms:
    • EN 1990
    • EN 1991
    • EN 1993
  • The statics handbook and all necessary parts for safe erection of the tent are included in the delivery.
  • Anchoring is included, you may select between anchoring for Soil/Soft ground or Hard/Concrete surfaces.
  • This statics are extensive and complete. They are appropriate to be presented to local or government departments. *8)


    The fully galvanised steelframe construction is connected by bolt-screws with butterfly nuts, the hardy frame needs little maintenance.

  • Vertical Frame: Extra strong, rounded 4-edge Profile made of 100% steel
    • 4-edge Profile:
    • approx. 45 x 32 mm
    • Wall thickness:
    • approx. 1,2 mm
  • Horizontal Frame with 100% steel poles:
    • Diameter:
    • approx. 25 mm
    • Wall thickness:
    • approx. 1,1 mm
  • Corrosion protection through Galvanisation – safety against rust
  • The vertical frame pieces are a plug-in system. The bolt construction provides highest possible stability combined with ease of setup. (bolt through connection)
  • All horizontal frame pieces are also connected using a bolt through connection to the verticals.
  • Bolt Through connection is secured with Hexscrews and Butterfly nuts.
  • There are tie down ratchets for keeping the tension of the roof tarpaulin at the outer tent feet.
  • Integrated stabilizing bars inside the tarpaulin allow for exact orientation of the tarpaulin – the tarpaulin sits tight and safe on the construction frame.
  • Safe floor attachment as a result of robust 60cm ground nails - included in the delivery


    Our high quality PVC tarpaulin is robust and weatherproof – your vehicle gets the optimum protection.

  • 5 years guarantee on closed, correctly assembled PVC tarpaulin (View Warranty Terms Here)
  • The roof- and sides tarpaulin are made of one piece, an important criterium for enhanced stability.
  • Extra Heavy Duty PVC cast tarpaulin with patterned internal fabric – certified to DIN EN ISO 527
  • PVC-Material of approx. 720 g/m² strength
  • These tarpaulins are 9x more tearproof than common PVC tarpaulins
  • Tested and proven against temperatures from -30 to +50 degree Celsius
  • 100% waterproof due to seams, sealed using high temperature processing
  • The tarpaulin attaches tightly to the construction through a tie down system and can easily be readjusted anytime
  • UV resistant for maximum material stability
  • Certified for protection factor UV 80+ - secures vehicles and goods against sunlight
  • Wind deflectors on the floor effectively prevent draughts and undesirable movement of the tarpaulin
  • The front gable wall has a big entrance with robust zip-opening
  • For even large entrances the gable walls can be fully or partially removed
  • Closeable Ventilation windows for good air circulation protect against condensation water

Fire Resistant

You are buying fire-resistant-certified PVC according to:

  • D – DIN 4102 – B1/B2
  • F – M1/M2
  • PL – EN 13501-1
  • NL, B, L – EN 13501-1
  • DK, S, N – SIS 650082
  • A – EN 13501-1
  • CH – BKZ 5.2
Guarantees and customer service

    We do provide outstanding guarantees and a customer centric service.

  • We guarantee the availability of spare parts for this tent for 10 years after your purchase
  • 5 years guarantee on closed, correctly assembled PVC tarpaulin (View Warranty Terms Here)
  • Best price guarantee: if you find the same product cheaper at one of our competitors up to 10 days after purchase, we will refund the difference
  • Safe payment using modern payment systems and encryption
  • Free individual advice
  • Fast delivery including. transportation insurance
  • Service & Support
  • Everything you need is included: No extra tools needed for assembly
  • Uncomplicated and quick assembly due to straightforward instructions and labelled poles
  • No groundwork or base necessary

Assembly tutorial video

*The video shows the order of assembly, the product can differ in size and colour
Overview of advantages
  • Secures vehicles and goods all year round against weather conditions like Wind, Sun, Rain, Hail or Snow.
  • Highly economic:
    • Low Investment cost compared to massive buildings or carports made of wood
    • Modest building cost
    • Long lifetime due to robust construction
  • Little maintenace needed and quick cleaning due to the plain PVC surface.
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Drive-in widthapprox. 2.86 m
Drive-in heightapprox. 2.0 m
Ridge heightapprox. 2.70 m
Lateral heightapprox. 2.13 m
Entrance sizeapprox. 2.4 x 2.0 m


Roof sectionapprox. 720 g/m²
steel poles with square profileapprox. 45x32 mm
Wall thickness of square polesapprox. 1.2 mm
Outer materialPVC
Fire resistantYes


Snow loadapprox. 25 cm fresh snow *5)
Ground-fixing systemYes
Structural analysis handbookYes
100% waterproofYes
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Item no.:49684v
Weight:202 kg
Colour:dark green
Number Of Boxes:7
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Safety instructions

  • Please refer to the assembly instruction in the static handbook - particularly the wind and snowload upper limits.
  • Please check regularly whether the halls/carports are still correctly assembled.
  • We recommend, as a precautionary measure, regular removal of snow from the roof.

The specified values of gale forces and snow loads only apply separately and shall not occur jointly.
Calculated values for wind- and snowloads are expressed in the included statics handbook
Always follow the instructions from the statics handbook. Fresh snow shall be removed swiftly from the tarpaulin in any case.
These are values from our past experience and do not depict a guarantee of completeness for the future
Products with window elements are exempt. The window material is flame retardant and dissolves in a controlled way in order to let breathable oxygen into tent in case of emergency.