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This tent consists of two parts, connected with a connection gutter.

Extra robust storage tent with skylights for year-round use

This resilient storage tent with outstanding stability can be used all year round. It is very stable due to the robust PRIME-tarpaulin. It is equipped with transparent PVC skylights. These provide a particularly bright interior and save you the energy costs of artificial lighting. The roof and wall tarpaulins are composed of one piece, ensuring maximum stability. Across the sides, the tarpaulin is firmly fixed onto the frame by means of a tensioning system. The gable parts are attached to the frame construction with elastic loops, and they also have closable entrances as well as ventilation windows. Our high-quality, 720 g/m² strong PVC tarpaulin with patterned internal fabric protects goods against wind and weather all year round. Because of this, the PRIME- tarpaulin is 9-times more tear-resistant than conventional PVC covers. On top of that, the tarpaulin is 100% waterproof and ensures a high UV protection of 80+. The frame is made of fully-galvanised steel. All components of the frame are securely connected to each other using nuts and bolts via holes in the poles. The storage tent is perfectly suitable as a storage or working area and provides an inexpensive alternative to permanent building structures.

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Width: approx. 8,00 m
Length: approx. 24,00 m
Area: 8 x 24m - 192,00 m²
lateral height: approx. 4,0 m
ridge height: approx. 5,4 m
Entrance width: approx. 6,0 m
Entrance height: approx. 4,25 m

Possible uses

    This storage tent with skylights ensures a bright interior and can be used all year round. It provides sheltered space for many applications:

  • Secure storage of goods and freight
  • Shelter for vans, boats, machines, cars or motorbikes from weather conditions
  • Storage in forestry and agriculture, for example as a barn
  • As shelter for livestock
  • As shelter and protection of foundations and construction sites
  • As an economical and speedy alternative to warehouses or other permanent building structures
  • Quick creation of need-based storage or production space in the industrial or private sector
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    The 100% fully galvanised steel frame construction is resistant against approx.ironmental influences. The components of the frame are securely connected to each other using screws and nuts.

  • Extra strong steel pole frame, protected against corrosion through full galvanisation:
  • Steel pole dimensions
    • Diameter
    • approx. 50 mm

    • Wall thickness
    • approx. 1,6 mm
  • Steel pole connector dimensions:
    • Diameter
    • approx. 54 mm

    • Wall thickness
    • approx. 1,7 mm
  • Stable, hard-wearing construction: The connectors and poles are inserted into each other and secured using screws and nuts – there are no vulnerable threads in the frame
  • Two-fold roof reinforcement through vertical and horizontal poles installed in the gable, increasing the load capacity of the tent
  • Reinforced sides and considerably increased stability through a base frame around the entire base that can also be partially installed.
  • steel ropes in the walls and roof construction provide the tarpaulin with additional stability
  • Tension poles in the tarpaulin are attached to the base frame via straps and allow the tarpaulin to be adjusted
  • Large base plates on the base frame ensure secure anchoring
  • Solid 16 mm x 600 mm steel ground nails are provided for anchoring


    The high-quality PRIME PVC tarpaulin is weatherproof and durable. It protects goods against wind and weather all year round.

  • The roof and wall tarpaulins are composed of one piece, additionally increasing the stability of the tent
  • Bright interior thanks to skylights in the roof - saves energy costs on lighting
  • 3-year warranty on the closed, correctly installed PVC tarpaulin (see warranty terms)
  • High-quality, casted PVC tarpaulin with a dense inner fabric - certificated according to DIN EN ISO 527
  • PVC material is 720 g / m² in density
  • 9-times more tear-resistant than conventional PVC covers
  • 100% waterproof due to seams, sealed using high temperature processing
  • Temperature test passed for temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Skylights are made of strong, transparent PVC material with a reinforced mesh
  • Fire-resistant PVC material: according to the fire protection certification DIN 4102 B1 / B2
  • By means of straps and ratchets, the tarpaulin is fixed tautly over the frame – for continual, secure positioning of the tarpaulin, this can be adjusted
  • Durable tarpaulin through high UV resistance
  • Certified factor 80+ UV protection protects goods from sunlight
  • Wind deflectors on the floor, as well as additional base frame anchoring, effectively prevent draughts and undesirable movement of the tarpaulin
  • Both gable walls each have three robust zips, through which the entrances can be opened to two different sizes
  • The entrances can be rolled up completely and are secured with straps
  • The five-sided gable components can be omitted in order to create larger entrances
  • Two closable ventilation windows on each gable wall ensure a balanced climate inside of the tent and prevents condensation
  • Corrosion-proof brass eyelets

Fire Resistant

You are buying fire-resistant-certified PVC according to:

  • D – DIN 4102 – B1/B2
  • F – M1/M2
  • PL – EN 13501-1
  • NL, B, L – EN 13501-1
  • DK, S, N – SIS 650082
  • A – EN 13501-1
  • CH – BKZ 5.2
Guarantees and customer service

    We provide exceptional guarantees and outstanding service. We believe the customer comes first.

  • 3 years guarantee on closed, correctly assembled PVC tarpaulin (View Warranty Terms Here)
  • Best price guarantee: if you find the same product cheaper at one of our competitors up to 10 days after purchase, we will refund the difference
  • Safe payment using modern payment systems and encryption
  • Individual, complimentary consultation
  • Fast, insured delivery
  • Customer collection available
  • Assembly service upon request: please contact our staff for more information
  • Service and support

Assembly tutorial video

This video has been watched 736 times.*The video shows the order of assembly, the product can differ in size and colour
  • Detailed assembly instructions including labelled parts enable simple, fast assembly without previous knowledge
  • Self-assembly possible
  • No foundations necessary
  • Standard commercial tools required for assembly
Overview of advantages
  • Outstanding protection against weather conditions such as wind, sun, rain, hail and snow
  • Great cost effectiveness due to:
    • Low purchase price in comparison to a permanent structure
    • Low set-up costs
    • Long periods of use due to robust construction
  • Low-maintenance and easy cleaning
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Drive-in width: approx. 6,0 m
Drive-in height: approx. 4,25 m
Ridge height: approx. 5,4 m
Lateral height: approx. 4,0 m
Entrance size: approx. 6,0 x 4,25 m
Roof section: approx. 720 g/m²
Steel poles: approx. 50 mm
Wall thickness of poles: approx. 1,6 mm
Steel pole connectors: approx. 54 mm
Wall thickness of connectors: approx. 1,7 mm
Outer material: PVC
Fire resistant: Yes
Frame-Material: Steel
Weather resistance
100% waterproof : Yes
UV-resistant: Yes
Item no.: 49747
Size: 8x24m
Weight: 1224 kg
Material: PVC
Colour: grey
Number Of Boxes: 29
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Safety instructions
  • Wind and snowloads have not been tested for this tent.
  • Ensure the tent is assembled correctly and clear snow from the roof promptly In the case of emerging wind, please use our storm set. In the case of strong winds and heavy snowfall we recommend temporary disassembly.
  • Alternatively, enquire about the Safety Plus Package for the PROFESSIONAL and PROFESSIONAL PLUS lines, in order to obtain guaranteed wind and snowload capacities.
  • Please observe the safety information in the assembly instructions.
Permission notice

In some countries, including Germany, tents of a certain area (generally larger than 75m²) and/or in the case of erection in certain locations require authorisation. It is the sole responsibility of the tent owner to ensure their compliance with local regulations and that assembly is correctly executed. Please note that a tent book for this model has not been created and if necessary, should be procured personally.


This tent consists of two parts, connected with a connection gutter.

Products with window elements are exempt. The window material is flame retardant and dissolves in a controlled way in order to let breathable oxygen into tent in case of emergency.