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High Performance Gas Heater GGH 10
High Performance Gas Heater GGH 10
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Tent accessories: Buy heaters for marquees and storage tents

In late summer, autumn and generally in cold seasons, when the days get shorter, it can get cold in a marquee or portable warehouse. Tent heaters are a good choice to ensure that your guests still feel comfortable and a pleasant warmth is created in the tent. This guide explains differences in radiant heaters, fan heaters, gas heaters and electric mobile heaters. This will help you decide which option is the right one for your outdoor entertaining or storage space. Thanks to these heaters, you can transform your gazebo or marquee into a cosy and warm outdoor sanctuary.

The different tent heaters: Which heater is best suited to your needs?

Heaters are absolutely essential for heating industrial and commercial outdoor structures in winter. For larger spaces you will need a good output, (measured in kW). Without active distribution however, the warm air produced by a portable heater spreads slowly around the gazebo or marquee, so it can take a while before things warm up. So which equipment is best suited to combat cold inside the tent? Your choice will depend on a number of variables, including whether it is for private, commercial or industrial use, how much space needs to be heated, running costs, and access to a power supply.

Fan heater: Fast & efficient heating

If you want to achieve a fast, active distribution of heat in a portable warehouse or marquee, fan heaters should be used. These heaters have a high air circulation, which ensures a quick distribution of heat. In addition, cold air is mixed with the heated air. Heat is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the tent. The disadvantage: to power the fan, the fan heater requires electricity - even when the heating elements are fuelled by a gas bottle. When it comes to industrial size warehouse heating, you may need to consider an industrial fan heater to generate enough warm air to make a noticeable difference.

Gas radiant heaters: Heating independently of electricity

If you want to heat your warehouse, but don't have access to an electricity supply, you should consider a gas radiant heater. Compared to a fan heater, a radiant heater heats large rooms rather selectively. The result? It takes longer for the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the tent and for the desired temperature to be reached. However, the decisive advantage of this tent heater is the fact that you can heat independently of the power socket. This will be your go-to if you're planning an event out in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to gas-powered tent heating, you are completely mobile as far as setting up the heater is concerned.

Electric marquee heaters: the uncomplicated tent heater

If electrical supply is no issue, electric marquee heaters or blowers can be an option for marquee heating. Although the heating costs are higher when using electric heating solutions, ensuring that your garden marquee is well ventilated is less important, because the device doesn't suck up oxygen and release fumes. In addition, you save yourself the trouble of replacing empty gas bottles or gas cartridges. Other advantages of electric, mobile heaters are that they require little maintenance and have a long service life. Because of their running costs, an electric fan heater is a better option when only temporary heating is required.

Tips for portable use of tent heaters

Winter is approaching and your marquee or temporary warehouse should warm up as quickly as possible and create a pleasant indoor climate. For one-off commercial events, or winter garden parties you may prefer to hire a heating system. We recommend you hire a portable heating system that can heat large spaces quickly, and that includes safety features like automatic cut-out and a tip-over switch. This is particularly important if you hire an industrial warehouse heater because your workers will be less accustomed to having it around.

When using a portable marquee heater for outdoor garden events, it is not only the right temperature and speed that are important, determined by the kW output of the party tent heater, but also the safety of the guests in the tent. Our tip: When heating your party tent, you should therefore pay attention to the following two aspects:

Firstly, the power rating (wattage): Marquees are not insulated, airtight rooms. They have air slits through which cold air can easily enter the tent and heat is lost continuously. For this reason, a heating system should have a high heat output of approx. 3 - 10 kW. This ensures that changes in the temperature are noticeable. The larger the marquee is, the higher the energy output of the heating should be. You can find a powerful gas fan heater with heat settings up to 10 kW of power in our accessories shop.

Secondly, safety: heaters must be approved for indoor use. Otherwise, there is a risk of fire or poisoning from the fumes released by gas heaters. Before using a heater in a marquee or warehouse, there are a few points which require serious consideration:

  • The distance between the outdoor heater and flammable objects and combustible material such as the tent tarpaulin should be as far as possible to prevent fire.
  • The heater should be placed where there is the least risk of collision to prevent burns. Gas heaters should have a piezo igniter so that the gas can be ignited easily and safely.
  • If gas is used for heating, a sufficient oxygen supply must be guaranteed within the marquee or temporary warehouse, otherwise there is a risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. When purchasing the unit, make sure that it is suitable for indoor use.

A powerful and portable fan heater for industrial and commercial use

At House of Tents we stock a powerful fan heater suitable for use in event marquees, storage tents and gazebos. The high performance portable fan heater runs on propane and butane and features an electric powered fan that can displace 500m3 of air per hour. The freestanding industrial fan heater weighs 5.5kg and has an output of 10kW. IT should only be used in well ventilated areas and should be positioned 2 meters away from side walls and furniture.

In Summary

There are a wide range of ways of heating a marquee or temporary warehouse. A fan heater heats a tent quickly and evenly, but requires an electric power supply because of the fan. If you are looking for a portable heater for an upcoming party in the garden or for an outdoor event far from electrical power points, a gas radiant heater is better suited. This heats the tent more slowly, but does not require a power outlet. Instead of heating with gas, you also have the option of using an electric marquee heater. These result in higher heating costs, but do not require gas cartridges to be replaced and are safer in crowded spaces.

Are you still unsure which tent heater and how many watts will be needed for the size of your party tent? Are you interested in mobile gas heating, but are worried about ventilation? No problem - our staff will be happy to help you on +44(0)1183150873 or by email at