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Which party tent fits my needs best?Which party tent fits my needs best?
8x36m 2.6m Sides Marquee / Party Tent w. ground frame, PVC 550, white
8x36m 2.6m Sides Marquee / Party Tent w. ground frame, PVC 550, white
In Stock, Direct Dispatch
incl. 20% VAT (excludes shipping costs)
8x36m 2.6m Sides Marquee / Party Tent w. ground frame, PVC 550 fire resistant, white
8x36m 2.6m Sides Marquee / Party Tent w. ground frame, PVC 550 fire resistant, white
In Stock, Direct Dispatch
incl. 20% VAT (excludes shipping costs)

Purchase marquees online at the House Of Tents

Collage of marquees.

In our House Of Tents shop you will find information and advice on our marquees. Marquees are available in different colours, qualities and sizes: From good quality, inexpensive PE marquees to extra-high, fire-resistant PVC tents with statics. Gain an overview of our range of products and find the right marquee for your needs.

Our staff will gladly advise you - 0118 31 50 873 or send us an email at

Moreover: The majority of our products come with guaranteed replacement parts for 10 year from the date of purchase.

Flexible, stable and mobile

A PVC tent as pool cover

Marquees and gazebos can be used in many different circumstances. For example, as shelter at garden parties, as protection for outdoor pools or as exhibition stand at trade fairs and markets. The range of uses is vast. House Of Tents provides marquees in sizes from 3x2 m to 8x36 m. Ranging from small garden pavilions to large marquees - everything to fit your needs. Our marquees are designed for long-term, regular use. Individual frame components are inserted into each other and secured with screws and bolts – a process that experts call bolting. This type of connection is much more robust and durable than fragile click systems. Large, stable arched windows in the side walls create a light, open atmosphere in the marquee. The individually removable wall sections are constructed so that oxygen can enter the tent and stuffy, damp air can exit - thus the tent has a comfortable climate, even when closed. The wall and gable sections of our marquees can be individually removed for different entrance possibilities. Extra-long panels can be fixed to the ground with ease for additional safety. Eyelets in the tarpaulin and ground nails (included in delivery) are used to prevent draughts and the tarpaulin from moving. Once dismantled, the marquees can be conveniently transported and stored in special storage bags made from hard-wearing Oxford material. With correct use and good care, you will be able to enjoy your marquee for many years to come.

3 tips when purchasing

1. Calculate the size

Collage of different marquees.

In order to ensure that your marquee is neither too large nor too small, the following general rules can be used to roughly calculate the tent size required:

When standing, a guest requires 0.5 m², a seated guest requires approximately 0.7 m² on average. On a German beer tent table and bench set, each person requires approximately 0.8 m² and between 1 to 1.2 m² when seated at a table – although numerous persons share one table. Thus, a 6x8 m marquee accommodates approximately 96 standing guests. Passageways and escape routes are already considered in this calculation.

2. Tarpaulin material: PE or PVC?

A marquees in a garden with guests.

PE tents are more affordable, but are not as robust as PVC tents. They are better suited to occasional use. With an average weight of 240g/m², PE tarpaulins are relatively light, making them noticeably easier to use and store.

Due to their durability and sturdiness, PVC tents are suitable for year-round use. PVC tarpaulins are approximately two or three times heavier than PE tarpaulins. As a result, use is slightly more complicated and the tent requires a bit more space for storage. PVC is fire-resistant: It is better to be on the safe side if barbecuing in or near the tent, or fire is used.

Similarities: both PE and PVC provide exceptional protection from wind and bad weather. House Of Tents marquees are designed for a good climate. For optimum air supply, air can circulate between the 2 m-wide wall sections without causing a draught. In addition, the wall and gable sections can be installed individually. This enables a variety of alternative constructions: from completely closed to completely open.

3. Select a tent quality

A marquees frame.

House Of Tents offers the following qualities for marquees: PE tent, Economy, Premium up to Professional. The quality categories vary in tarpaulin material, frame construction and stability. All quality categories feature a fully-galvanised anti-corrosive steel frame and individually removable wall sections. The standard side wall height is 2 m. Premium and Professional marquees are available in additional 2.6 m varieties. In this case the roof height is 3.40 m. At this height, many more alternative uses are possible: for example, set up a stage or use the extra space for decoration.

PE tents and tents in the Economy product line are equipped with the same frame, but feature different tarpaulin materials. PE tents feature 240g/m² PE tarpaulins, whilst Economy marquees feature 500g/m² PVC tarpaulins. Upper-range product lines such as Premium and Professional differ both in the quality of the tarpaulins and frames. In Premium products, approx. 500g/m² PVC is used, whilst Professional marquees feature approx. 550g/m² PVC tarpaulins. Due to base frames and roof reinforcements, frames in Premium and Professional marquees are especially stable. The Professional product line features an extremely stable, thicker frame.

Overview of the 3 tips:

  • Calculate the required tent size
  • Consider whether you would like to purchase an affordable PE tent or an extremely robust, fire-resistant PVC tent
  • Choose the quality category - from PE tents to Professional - depending on the requirements and place of use

Good to know: How to increase safety

Fire-resistant-certified marquees

Fire-resistant marquee.

PVC tarpaulins are fire-retardant. If you want to go the extra mile, purchase a fire-resistant certified PVC marquee. This will ensure the highest level of safety for guests and meets official fire protection requirements.

For example, our fire-resistant tents comply with the following European standards: GB EN 13501-1 or DE – DIN 4102 – B1/B2 or CH-BKZ 5.2., thus meeting German, Austrian and other European fire protection regulations. At the same time, our fire-resistant marquees are just as comfortable and mobile as our conventional tents. Few of our competitors provide true certified, really fire-resistant tents.

Improve stability with accessories

Professional ground nails and anchors.

Improve the stability of your tent using accessories. Use our storm set for additional safety and greater stability. It features robust, tension belts and ground attachments. Depending on the ground surface, professional ground nails or concrete anchors can be selected as ground anchoring.

The Safety Plus Package offers the maximum level of stability for your tent. The Safety Plus Package provides tents in the Professional and Professional Plus product lines with statics, certified by German engineers. Provided that the marquee is correctly assembled, statics ensure that it withstands winds of up to gale force 10 or loads or up to a maximum of 50 - 60 kg/m². The entire construction is additionally stabilised and secured by a specially designed steel rope system, a ground anchoring system and reinforced tension belts with ratchet fastenings. Depending on the type of ground, professional ground nails or concrete anchors can be selected. Using the Safety Plus Package with PE tents and tents from the product lines Economy, Economy Plus, Premium and Premium Plus cannot guarantee certain qualities regarding wind and snow loads. However, the Safety Plus Package can increase stability and wind resistance for these tents.


Marquee assembly.

The more complex a tent, the more time is required for assembly. If the tent features a base frame and roof reinforcement, in general it will take longer to assemble as more components need to be installed.

Marquees from House Of Tents are simple to assemble and don’t require any additional tools. Normally, only an Allen key is require - this is included with the tent. Frame components of the tent are labelled and easy to identify during assembly. The assembly instructions are simple and guide you through the setup step by step. We recommend the use of a ladder if assembling a marquee with walls higher than 2 m.

Cleaning, maintenance and repair

Marquee repair set.

The tarpaulin should be cleaned and inspected regularly. Otherwise the sturdiness against environmental influences might not remain intact. Our special PVC/PE cleaner gently removes obstinate stains. If damage is discovered during cleaning, this should be repaired promptly. Otherwise, the damage may worsen. Using the House Of Tents repair set , minor tears in the tarpaulin can be mended and torn-out eyelets can be replaced. The repair set contains tools and materials for fast, simple repair of your marquees.

In the case of significant damage, components should be replaced. We will gladly provide support. Simply contact us and we will help you to find the correct replacement part. House Of Tents has approximately 100,000 replacement parts in stock. For many of our tents we provide replacement parts for up to 10 years from the date of purchase. Hardly any of our competitors offer this service.