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Pop Up GazebosPop Up Gazebos
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm, black
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm, black
Available for dispatch 09.07.2020
Free delivery
incl. 20% VAT
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm incl. Sidewalls, black
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm incl. Sidewalls, black
Available for dispatch 09.07.2020
Free delivery
incl. 20% VAT
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm, white
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm, white
Available for dispatch 09.07.2020
Free delivery
incl. 20% VAT
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm incl. Sidewalls, white
2x2m PES Pop Up Gazebo PREMIUM Steel 32 mm incl. Sidewalls, white
Available for dispatch 09.07.2020
Free delivery
incl. 20% VAT

Purchase pop up gazebos online at House Of Tents

Pop-up tents and gazebos are designed for mobile use. Unlike marquees, gazebos can be assembled and dismantled in little time, without tools and are easily transported in a storage bag. At the House Of Tents online shop, you will receive affordable, solid products made of steel to light, robust gazebos made of aluminium. All products are available in various colours and sizes. Moreover: House Of Tents guarantees replacement parts for 10 year from the date of purchase for the majority of our products.

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House Of Tents quality categories for gazebos

Collage of different gazebos.

We offer six different levels of quality for gazebos: Economy, Premium and four variations of Professional products. A similar feature of our gazebos include a practical, fast scissor mechanism, as well as adjustable height. The differences between the qualities are evident in the tarpaulin material, the frame construction and in functionality.

The frames for Economy and Premium gazebos, for example, are made of fully-galvanised steel, whilst Professional gazebo frames are made of strong, brushed aluminium. All frame constructions are extremely robust and durable. Aluminium is advantageous in that it is lighter than steel, thus easier to use and transport. All aluminium frames feature stable hexagonal poles. They are available in either 40 mm or 50 mm – the thickness of the frame depends on the size of the gazebo. Both Premium and Professional products can be adjusted to 5 heights. Economy gazebos can be adjusted to 3 heights.

Professional gazebo

For Economy gazebos, strong, approx. 300 g/m² high-performance polyester tarpaulins are used. Whereas Premium and Professional tarpaulins are made of strong, approx. 350 - 400 g/m² PVC coated, high-performance polyester. Due to the PVC coating, the tarpaulins are 100% waterproof and provide high UV protection of 50+. 620 g/m² purely PVC tarpaulins are even more stable and weatherproof. These tarpaulins are only available for Professional gazebos, are 100% waterproof and provide UV protection of 80+.

The smallest gazebos start at 3x2 m and range up to 4x8 m. According to your needs, gazebos are available with or without side walls. In addition, gazebos are optionally available with rounded or angular windows.

  • Economy: Square steel pole frame with an approx. 300 g/m² high-performance polyester tarpaulin
  • Premium: Square steel pole frame with an approx. 350 g/m², PVC-coated, high-performance polyester tarpaulin
  • Professional 40 mm: Hexagonal aluminium pole frame with an approx. 400 g/m² PVC-coated, high-performance polyester tarpaulin
  • Professional 40 mm PVC: Hexagonal aluminium pole frame with an approx. 620 g/m² PVC tarpaulin
  • Professional 50 mm: Hexagonal aluminium pole frame with an approx. 400 g/m² PVC-coated, high-performance polyester tarpaulin
  • Professional 50 mm PVC: Hexagonal aluminium pole frame with an approx. 620 g/m² PVC tarpaulin

Advice: 5 tips to consider when purchasing a gazebo

Professional gazebo 3x3 m in white with two wall sections.

In this article: What you should consider when purchasing a gazebo.

In summer, we enjoy relaxing in the open, pursuing our hobbies or meeting friends in the park or garden. As nice as it is being in the open, too much sunshine can be exhausting. That's where gazebos are beneficial. They provide protection from the sun and rain, can be assembled in little time and are very easy to transport and store. The flexibility and mobility of gazebos is astounding. The following 5 tips will help you to find the right product for your needs.

1. Tip: Selecting the right size

Dimensions of a gazebo.

At House Of Tents gazebos are available in sizes ranging from 3x2 m to 4x8 m. Consider beforehand how you want to use your gazebo. If you will only sit under it with 4 people, a 3x3 m gazebo will be sufficient. If the gazebo will be used commercially, it would be a good idea to measure the area in which it will be used.

2. Tip: Open or closed sides?

You can purchase gazebos with or without side walls. Models without side walls only feature a roof. That way, the view of nature is not disturbed and no heat gets trapped in the gazebo. Thus, the gazebo can be used for shade or as a simple shelter from rain.

Gazebos purchased with side walls provide more flexibility. These provide protection from weather conditions, such as side winds and cold temperatures. In closed models a gas heater may also be used. The wall sections can be individually removed, allowing the gazebo to be assembled fully closed, half open or completely open.

3. Tip: The right material

Tarpaulin material

The tarpaulins used for conventional gazebos are made of polyester. Often, polyester becomes less waterproof over time, despite impregnation. As a result, effective shelter from the rain can no longer be provided. The material becomes soaked and the rain enters the tent.

At House Of Tents high-performance polyester, PVC-coated high-performance polyester or PVC tarpaulins are used for our gazebos. Whilst high-performance polyester provides better protection from sun and rain than conventional polyester, models with PVC tarpaulins are 100% waterproof and provide a very high level of sun protection.

4. Tip: Pay attention to quality and features

gazebo frame

Simple gazebos are inexpensive. However, often they become more expensive, as the product is not durable enough. Those who wish to continue to enjoy their tent for years to come, should invest in a higher quality model with better functionality. Even in our great value for money Economy gazebos, we ensure stability and functionality. The frame is made of fully-galvanised, square steel poles and can be adjusted to 3 heights. In addition, the gazebo is compact when stored and can be comfortably transported in the storage bag included in the delivery.

5. Tip: Selecting the right design

3x6m Professional gazebo

In addition to size, colour and design also play a large role in selecting a gazebo. A white gazebo is much better suited for more formal celebrations such as weddings than a colourful one. In turn, black is less susceptible to stains, for example, if the gazebo is intended for regular use. Depending on the company logo, a green, blue or red gazebo can serve as an appropriately matched shelter, as well as a point of emphasis. A gazebo with windows lets light in and provides a view into the tent. At trade fairs, a separate area without windows may create intimacy, enabling visitors to fully concentrate on the exhibited product without the distraction of external influences. Consider beforehand how you want to use your gazebo. At House Of Tents, gazebos are available in a variety of colours and sizes with arched or angular windows, or without windows.


At House Of Tents a vast variety of gazebo models are available in various price ranges. Gazebos are quick to assemble and simple to transport using the storage bag included in the delivery. All models feature a practical scissor mechanism, can be adjusted in height and can be assembled without wall sections.

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Advantages and possible use

Gazebos provide extreme mobility and flexibility. When packed away, our gazebos can be transported in a storage bag – at House Of Tents the storage bag is included in the delivery. Depending on the weather, the gazebo can be assembled in little time and provides protection from sun rays or bad weather.

Economy gazebo with four wall sections

Particularly for tradespeople, gazebos are a time-saving alternative that can be assembled and dismantled in little time. For example, the gazebo can be used as a sales tent, promotion tent, information stand or exhibition tent. There are no limits to your creativity.

For example, gazebos could be used privately as shelter in the garden or as an extension for the balcony or terrace, therefore avoiding the need to purchase a shed. More advantages: a gazebo can be stored or used elsewhere at any time. Go ahead! Purchase a modern, practical and robust gazebo now from House Of Tents!

Gazebos in use:

Gazebos have a variety of possible uses. We have gathered a selection of examples of private and commercial use. Draw on the inspiration and find your individual tent solution.

There are several great reasons to use a gazebo at parties. The shelter can be assembled by one person in no time, it provides protection from the sun and rain, and can be transported easily. This way, the party can even be moved to a park. Good to know: at House Of Tents, the storage bag is included in the delivery.

As well as being very mobile, gazebos are also stable. They can be secured with guy ropes and ground anchoring and can also withstand windy weather. When packed away, a gazebo takes up little space and can be stored in the basement or garage until it is next needed.

Overview of the advantages:

  • Quickly installed protection for food, guests or electronic devices
  • Extremely stable, thanks to base plates, ground anchoring and guy ropes
  • Requires little space when packed away
  • Can be comfortably transported thanks to the included storage bag

Private use

Gazebo with people

Do you want the flexibility to spontaneously host a garden party at the weekend and be prepared for any contingencies? No problem. With a gazebo you can act quickly and flexibly in the case of sudden weather changes. This way, no summer party will fall through.

Naturally, you would like to use your gazebo for other tasks. For example, to protect food at a barbecue or to provide shelter for children playing in the sandpit. Another example could be to provide shelter from bad weather in the garden or on the terrace – for example, as a shelter from the rain for smokers. Or, despite the rain, you could have the planned barbecue in the garden under a gazebo. Gazebos also provide those fishing or swimming with shelter from the weather, providing protection from strong sunshine or heavy rain. You will constantly discover new uses for your gazebo.

Create more space

A gazebo set up next to a vehicle

Do you want to create more space? No problem! Gazebos are useful for this too. For example, you could place it on the terrace, directly in front of the living room as an extension . This will create more space, without having to carry out a permanent building alteration. Another possible scenario would be the use of a gazebo together with a caravan or van. Simply set up the gazebo in front of your vehicle to provide, for example, a cosy, sheltered terrace or a mobile sanitary area.

Discover the possibilities and put your plan into action. With many years of experience and our quality products, House Of Tents will support you.

Please contact our staff with any queries via phone or email. 0118 31 50 873 or send an email to

Sales stand

A gazebo as sales stand at a market.

Those who are travelling as sales representative to markets or events daily don’t want to spend a long time assembling and transporting a stand. The gazebo should be assembled and dismantled in little time by one person. It provides protection for goods, as well as clearly distinguishing the sales area from other stands. Since protection from the weather plays an important role in the case of extended presence outdoors, 100% water repellence and a high level of UV protection e.g. 50+ should be considered. Both qualities are provided in our Premium and Professional gazebos.

As an information stand

A gazebo can become a meeting point. For example, an information stand could be used during elections, for promotions or for explanation purposes in pedestrian zones and shopping areas. Direct contact to voters, customers or fellow humans encourages communication and enable targets to be reached. Present your election programme and gain new voters, advertise a product and talk directly to your target group or gain members for an organisation. The advantages of a gazebo: If the desired clientele - e.g. pensioners or housewives - is not present at the location, simply move. Even without a car this is quickly possible.

Tips for assembly

In this article we provide tips on how to assemble a gazebo. What should you pay special attention to? Do you need tools? Is it possible to assemble a gazebo alone?

Assembling a gazebo is easy. In general, no tools are needed. If you would like to secure the gazebo to the ground, a hammer may be useful. Thanks to the scissor mechanism, the gazebo can be assembled quickly and easily by 1-2 persons.

Before assembling the gazebo, inspect intended location of use. Are there trees in the way? Is there enough space in all directions? Uneven ground should be levelled: if there are stones or scrub in the way, remove it in order to create a level base upon which the legs of the gazebo will be stable. If necessary, pavement slabs e.g. can be used to create an even surface.

Putting up the gazebo

Assembling a 3x3 m gazebo in four steps.

Our gazebos can be set up alone, but with a helping hand it is quicker and easier. First, pull the scissor mechanism apart slightly. Then place the roof tarpaulin onto the frame correspondingly. Velcro fasteners in the corners are used to connect the roof to the scissor mechanism. Now gradually pull the frame further apart – if help is available, stand opposite each other whilst doing this. The gazebo should be pulled out until the robust click system is locked - if necessary, simply push the click system upwards so that it locks in place. Then adjust the legs to the desired height and secure the roof tarpaulin to the scissor mechanism using the velcro fastenings on the inside of the roof. Then the wall sections can be installed. Finished! It only take a few minutes to assemble the gazebo.

Increase stability

A base plate on the leg of a gazebo

Particularly in bad weather, it is important to use the included tethers and ground nails. These increase the stability of the gazebo. The base plates attached to the legs can be used to quickly secure the gazebo using ground nails.

If this is insufficient, special accessories are available for even better anchoring to the ground:

  • Professional ground nails and anchors: These were specially developed for hard or soft surfaces. They enable the gazebo to be secured using tethers and tension belts.
  • Storm safety set: This is a special ground anchoring system. It includes tension belts and ground attachments. Professional ground nails or anchors can be selected depending on the surface.

Assembly instructions

It is recommended to store the assembly instruction in a plastic pocket in the storage bag of the gazebo. Thus, if you haven’t set up the gazebo in a while, you can quickly refer to the assembly instructions. Further advantages: the instructions are to hand if you lend the gazebo to friends.

If the assembly instruction can no longer be found, visit the House Of Tents website, where you can download a PDF of the instructions. Simply search for the applicable product there. Now you can print the instruction or simply keep a digital copy on your mobile phone or tablet.

Care and storage

If you maintain your gazebo well, you will enjoy the product for many years to come. Dirt should promptly be removed with water, conventional detergent or special cleaner depending on the material. Before storing, the gazebo should be completely dry in order to prevent mould.