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2.4x3.6m Carport Tent / Portable Garage, PE 260 g/m², dark green
2.4x3.6m Carport Tent / Portable Garage, PE 260 g/m², dark green
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Purchase Portable Garages and give your car a home

At House of Tents multi-purpose portable garages are available for all kinds of vehicles: motorcycles, cars, lorries, boats, etc. Choose from our different product lines. We stock portable garages starting from durable, compact storage shelters to heavy duty, large vehicle storage sheds.

Benefit from our many years of experience and give us a call on 0118 31 50 873 or email Our staff will gladly advise you.

A major advantage: House of Tents provides replacement parts for 10 years from the date of purchase for the majority of our products! Take advantage of our numerous benefits, such as long-term guarantees and exceptional customer service.

More than a carport - use it for boats, caravans, motorcycles, lorries and cars

Large portable garages even provide enough space for two vehicles

We call it a portable garage, you might say temporary carport, car shelter or storage canopy, but in the end it's up to you how you use it. These shelters are mostly used as a low price alternative to garages and carports. We offer a range of shelters, including small sheds from 1.6x2.4m, through to carports with a width of 3.3-4m, up to huge commercial storage shelters of 8x36m. In addition to standard wall heights of 2m, storage halls with wall heights of up to 4m are available. That means that you will always find the appropriate garage for your motorbike, car, van, lorry or boat.

Our high-quality Portable Garages are designed for year-round use, are 100% waterproof, and corrosion-resistant. They provide strong UV protection and outstanding stability – some tents are available with engineer-certified snow and wind loads. Using a heavy duty tent as a garage is particularly useful if you need a portable outdoor storage solution or if the shelter is only needed occasionally. Our garages can be set up and dismantled in a short amount of time, and can be stored easily, requiring little space when not in use.

Naturally, a portable garage can be used in other ways. For example, as a storage tent or as a canopy for livestock. Alternatively, you might choose to use the garage with both ends open, as a cost-effective canopy to protect and cover goods and workers when unloading.

Tips for purchase

A caravan and a car, safely sheltered in a portable garage

Robust Portable Garages are characterised by their sophisticated construction: bolted steel poles, cross-beams in the roof and diagonal braces in the gable sides ensure stability and additional support for the tarpaulin.

Look for a professional tensioning belt or rope system. This enables the tarpaulin to be accurately attached to the steel frame. An optimally taut tarpaulin prevents movement of the canopy and facilitates rainwater run-off. In comparison to PE tarpaulins, PVC tarpaulins are more tear-resistant, more hard-wearing and protect against UV rays that cause permanent damage to the paintwork of your car. On the other hand, PE tarpaulins are lighter and easier to store.

In order to find the right Portable Garage for your needs, first calculate the size necessary for your vehicle. Then, consider whether additional space is needed for e.g. camping or garden equipment. The height of the tent is also important. In general, a canopy height of more than 2m is necessary for caravans or vans. Once you've decided how much storage space is needed, inspect the area where you want to position the shelter. You don't want to discover at a later time that a tree or building is in the way. Next, choose a product line, taking into account the stability and durability required, and whether you need a portable or permanent storage solution. We offer a range of Portable Garages and carports with varying sizes and material weights/thicknesses.

Something for everyone- our Portable Garage product lines

A shared feature of all our Garage Tents is the seamless roof and wall section that can be tensioned via a special rope system. This ensures stability and weather resistance. It is accurately and securely attached to the steel frame and prevents water from collecting and movement of the tarpaulin. All Portable Car Shelters are 100% waterproof and provide high UV protection for your car, bike or other vehicle. The gable sections feature roll-up entrance gates that can be opened quickly via robust, quality zips. Individual Portable Garage product lines mainly differ in material, construction and stability. Each product line fulfils special requirements.

Solid, value for money portable garage: the Economy portable garage

For example, regular assembling and dismantling requires a light, portable all-steel frame. This requirement is fulfilled by our solid compact range of Economy storage tents. A light frame is appropriate for temporary car tents and shelters. However, the Economy line can even be used all year round if need be. A robust, anti-corrosive frame and a stable 260 g/m² PE (polyethylene) tarpaulin provides sufficient cover for bicycles, barbecues and other garden equipment when situated in your garden. The shelter is water-resistant and an attractive option when price is a factor.

The Premium product line is part of our mid-range of Portable Garages and ideal for use as a simple, yet durable carport. It features the same frame construction as the Economy product line. However, Premium car shelters feature an all-weather heat-sealed approx. 500 g/m² PVC tarpaulin with a waterproof, internal mesh fabric. The Premium portable garage is a good compromise between stability and mobility.

The Professional upper range product line features an especially heavy duty, fully galvanised square steel pole frame and an approx. 550 g/m² PVC tarpaulin with a high-grade waterproof, integrated mesh fabric - comparable to a lorry trailer cover. In addition, the Professional product line of carports (models with a width of 3.3m) are available with certified snow and wind load capacities, calculated by German engineers. This guarantees that your car shelter remains stable - even in gale force winds or following a large dumping of snow. The exact load values can be found in the applicable product descriptions.

Portable garages are available in a variety of sizes

The Viking product line is part of our superior upper range of portable garages, making it suitable for use as a garage or commercial storage shelter. The majority of our Viking garages come with certified wind and snow loads. Viking storage shelters are available with a canopy height of up to 4m. The heavy duty steel frame features varying pole diameters and wall thicknesses depending on the size of the product. The frame is fully galvanised, with extra robust square steel poles. The Viking shelter features a strong, approx. 550 g/m² PVC tarpaulin.

For the ultimate protection of your car or goods, a stronger, fireproof-certified Prime tarpaulin is also available for Professional and Viking Portable Garages. For both product lines, the garage features the same heavy duty frame construction, but a more durable Prime tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is approx. 720 g/m², fire-resistant, UV-protected and 9x more tear-proof than standard PVC tarps! Additionally, it can effortlessly withstand variations in temperature from -30 to +50 Celsius, it is thus perfect for year-round use in extreme weather conditions.

Fire-resistant portable garages

If your portable shelter needs to comply with fire safety regulations, our Professional and Viking garages are also available as flame-retardant certified tents. They comply with many European standards for fire safety, for example GB-EN 13501-1 or CH-BKZ 5.2. and more. This ensures the highest level of safety and can also be an important factor for getting a lower price on your insurance cover for your car or vehicle.

Keep your car safe: Substantially increase stability of your Garage

Special accessories can increase the stability of your outdoor shelter. Investing in storm protection comes at a low price, when compared to the potential for damage to your car or motorcycle. With a storm safety set the portable garage can be anchored to the ground using robust tension belts, ratchets and pegs or concrete anchors.

The Safety Plus Package provides an even higher level of stability and is included in the Viking product line. Specially designed steel tensioning rope systems, a ground anchoring system and reinforced tension belts increase stability significantly. Professional ground pegs or concrete anchors can be selected depending on the surface type to anchor your portable auto shelter to the ground.

Maintenance and repair of your Garage Tent

Tent maintenance is important and should be carried out in regular intervals. If damage is discovered during maintenance, this should be repaired promptly. For example, a hole in the tarp cover can be repaired using a special PVC adhesive and patch. With the accompanying eyelet repair set you can quickly replace torn out eyelets, so that the tarpaulin can be optimally secured to the metal frame again.

If the carport was subject to considerable damage as a result of a storm or vandalism, for many products, we can provide you replacements for any parts within 10 years of the date of purchase. We have approximately 55,000 replacement parts in stock. Whether it is the tarpaulin or the frame, at House of Tents almost all replacement parts are available for our garages. Simply contact us.

Our service and guarantees

We have many years of experience in the tent sector. You simply won't find better quality car shelters or outdoor storage tents for a lower price. Benefit from our outstanding service and many years of support services, such as our after-sales expert advice and 10 years guaranteed replacement parts. Further advantages: A multitude of product-related guarantees - e.g. rust-resistant frames or tearproof PVC tarpaulins. Purchase a carport or portable shelter now at House of Tents! We guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase.

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