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Flexible 3x3 m party tent

Enough space for
ca. 18 ca. 13

100% waterproof & UV-resistant

100% waterproof

Tarpaulins made of PE and PVC

Poles made of fully galvanised steel

Marquee 3x3 m: The high-quality all-rounder

The 3x3 m party tent is a real all-rounder. Why? The 9 square metres of space can fit effortlessly into any garden and is suitable for a variety of events and occasions. Whether as a caravan awning or porch, as an outdoor hobby room, as a buffet canopy at weddings, or as a shelter at barbecues. And it's not just the size that makes this waterproof marquee so attractive, but also the quality of the materials!

PE or PVC tent?

In addition to choosing the right size, it's a good idea to consider the benefits of one tarpaulin material over another. When selecting a marquee, you have a choice between PE or PVC. PE tents are generally lighter than PVC tents, space-saving for transport or storage and also easier to handle. In addition, they are cheaper than PVC tarpaulins. Heavy duty PVC has the feel of a truck tarpaulin cover. It is extremely robust, flame retardant, can be repaired or glued in an emergency and is more durable than PE. Which material will be used for your model?

No matter which material you finally decide on, you can rely on the fact that your party tent will be 100% waterproof and stable, have a high level of UV protection, and that the metal frame is made of fully galvanised steel. Here's a comparison of the two product lines, called Optiline and Profiline in our shop.

What is the party tent 3x3 suitable for?

Extending an area in an uncomplicated and weatherproof way

Do you still have an unused area left in the garden or on the terrace? Perfect! The ideal place to set up a 3x3 metre party tent. This 9 square metre garden marquee is ideal as a waterproof cover for garden furniture. You can place the marquee directly next to your caravan as an awning and extend your weather-protected living area. Make yourself comfortable - it's the ideal setting for your camping adventure! But this marquee is also ideal as a watertight outdoor hobby room or shade provider for the patio.

TIP: Should you prefer a larger marquee tent in the future, that's no problem. You don't need to buy a new, large party tent and store the old one - simply combine your current model with another model of the same width.

What could be better than inviting guests to a party or get-together in your own garden? Thanks to the party tent, you are spontaneous, mobile and also offer your guests a stable, high-quality and waterproof space. The 3x3 metre party tent makes a great buffet canopy, for your next garden party. The garden marquee is also perfect for small birthday parties or barbecues. The best thing is that you don't need to follow any guidelines, you can let your imagination run wild and leave a lasting impression on your party guests with your loving and creative decoration.

Easy to erect, yet stable enough to withstand knocks and strong winds. An event tent 3x3 or gazebo will get a lot of use by your club. Whether its events and competitions, perhaps as a canopy for a makeshift bistro or coffee stand, as a registration desk, or a shelter for parents watching their children on the sports field. Giving your club the flexibility of outdoor shelter, wherever its needed, is a great investment.

Practical tips and tricks

The right accessories to care for and improve the look of your tent.

Stylish canopy door for grand entrances

You can find not only your dream marquee but also a wide range of accessories in our online shop. For the care and storage of your garden marquee, we recommend that you use a water-repellent, highly alkaline cleaner. With e.g. the PE and PVC cleaner you can easily remove stubborn oil, mould, and lawn stains from the tarpaulin of your party tent. A carry bag is great for both the transport and storage of marquees. The high-quality bag sets are water-resistant and available in different sizes.

If you want to create a bright atmosphere with an all-round view in your garden marquee, gable walls with windows are ideal. They also impress with their quality - the PVC gable walls and side panels with windows are 100% waterproof and UV-resistant. All that's missing now is the canopy entrance, which will give your event a little bit of the flair of 1001 Nights! Plus: this canopy also enhances the outdoor area in front of the entrance, providing shelter for guests enjoying a smoke or, for welcoming guests.

How to protect your marquee from bad weather

Improve the stability of your 3x3m marquee

Unlike cheaper products, or pop up gazebos, which are designed to be taken down in strong winds, heavy rainfall, and snow, marquees are strong enough to withstand moderate weather forces. The extent of the tent's stability depends firstly on the structure of the tent. Marquees in our shop have heavy duty steel frames, with premium and professional models affording increasing levels of reinforcement. A ground bar for instance, plays a big role in reinforcing the frame, ensuring that the legs are always evenly spaced. Sandbags, which attach to the legs with Velcro, can also help weigh down the structure. However, we recommend the use of tie down ratchet straps to protect against stormy conditions. You can read more about increasing the stability of your tent in our House of Tents magazine.

FAQs: Common questions and answers about Marquees in the size 3x3m

What colours do 3x3m marquees come in at House of Tents?

The waterproof and stable 3x3m gazebo is available in our shop in the colours white, green and grey-white. Larger marquees are available in the colours red-white, blue-white and beige-white. Because House of Tents offers many different sizes, you can quickly choose a marquee with different dimensions. If colour is sticking point, perhaps take a look through our folding 3x3m pop up gazebos, available in 10 different colours, including black and green.

Yes, all party tents at House of Tents have a reinforcement in the roof. However, it is important to point out that there are differences in the degree of reinforcement. Economy models have a basic frame, made of strong steel poles. These are enhanced by stabilising additions, including thicker poles, roof supports, and ground bars for Premium and Professional models. If you are looking for a permanent outdoor shelter, consider a Garden Gazebo. Garden Gazebos with a hardtop roof can remain standing in the garden all year round.

No, the weight of the marquee requires the extra strength afforded by a steel frame. The steel poles are fully galvanised both inside and out. The frame is therefore optimally protected against corrosion, knocks and scratches. Aluminium is a much lighter metal, making it perfect for portable canopies for shade and rain protection. Our most popular foldable pop up gazebos, which feature lighter polyester roofs and sidewalls are therefore made with aluminium frames.

The assembly of side walls on the marquee is quite simple: just wrap the included bungees through the eyelets of the sidewalls and around the frame, looping it back over the ball attached to the bungee. One bungee can loop through two side wall panels and the upright leg, to secure everything in place. All side walls at House of Tents are 100% waterproof.

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