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Sturdy tent garages as practical tool sheds

Tarpaulins made of PE & PVC

100% waterproof & UV resistant

100% waterproof & UV resistant

Inexpensive alternative to carports & garages

Tarpaulins made of PE & PVC

Steel frames

Portable Garden Sheds: mobile and robust garden storage

Are you looking for a mobile and low-maintenance solution for storing your equipment in the garden? Do you need an outdoor shelter that can be used all year round, defy wind and weather and thus provide great protection for your vehicles and machinery? Then a portable garden shed is exactly the right choice! Tent models with a width of 1.6m and 2.4m are ideally suited as small storage sheds. They're not only cheaper than fixed carports and wooden sheds, but also extremely durable and high quality.

Portable shed, garage, or carport?

From the bicycle, the motorbike, the lawnmower, the hedge trimmer to the water blaster - all these garden machines can be stored without hassle in a garden shed. But what are the advantages of a portable storage tent compared to a fixed garage, wooden shed or carport when it comes to garden storage? What materials is the portable garden shed made of? Here's a comparison of the two garden storage options.

Small garden sheds for garden equipment

Small portable garages are the ideal storage tents for everyday garden gear. They're perfect for small tools such as hedge trimmers, rakes or a large ladder, to larger lawn mowers or leaf blowers. Equally, they make for an excellent roof cover for smaller vehicles such as bicycles or motorbikes. They not only offer space-saving storage in the garden, but also have a great advantage over permanent buildings: they’re mobile. Unlike metal or wooden sheds, you can easily move your small garden shed at any time without the need for specialist expertise. For example, if you need access to the garden and the garden shed is in the way, you can quickly set it up somewhere else. The tent can also be opened and closed quickly thanks to heavy-duty zips.

TIP: Portable sheds are not only suitable for the home garden, but also perfect for storage at an allotment garden. You'll get all the storage space you need at the lowest possible price.

Large portable sheds are ideal as storage for cars and camping caravans, among other things. Not only do they offer sufficient space for a large automobile, but also room for cupboards and shelves to store tools, timber, or other bits and pieces. Thanks to the metal frame, garden tents are extremely stable and weather-resistant. The single-piece tarpaulin with high UV protection attaches firmly to the frame using a tensioning system.

TIP: The portable storage shed offers your car and your outdoor items weatherproof cover all year round - even in winter. Thanks to integrated ventilation windows, there is a constant air flow around the plastic shed. Accordingly, rust and other potential damage is minimised. If you want to store your vehicle for the winter, we recommend that you regularly open the storage shed and check for any build up of moisture or dust, just like any other garden building.

Portable garden sheds in detail

High-quality PE and PVC tarpaulins for robust utility tents

PVC or PE tarpaulin?

In our shop you'll find both PE and PVC tarpaulin materials for garden sheds and portable garages. Both tarpaulins are 100% waterproof, stable and UV-resistant. PE (polyethene or polyethylene) is a plastic fabric characterised in particular by easy handling and its light weight. PVC has a dense inner grid fabric that is both tear-resistant and flame-retardant. If you want to use your 1.6 m or 2.4 m shed as a temporary storage solution, a PE tent is sufficient. However, if you want to protect your outdoor equipment for years on end, we recommend an extra durable PVC tent. You can find PE portable garages in our shop in the Economy product line. PVC portable garages are listed in the Premium, Professional and Viking product lines. These product lines differ in terms of the material thickness of the tarpaulin as well as the strength and design of the frame. For example, the tarpaulin of a Premium 1.6 m PVC shed weighs approx. 500 g/m². For the Professional model, the weight is approx. 550 g/m², affording the shed more strength.

Small and large portable garages suitable for every storage purpose

Which size: small or XXL?

Especially 1.6m and 2.4m PE or PVC models are ideal as small storage sheds for garden tools and machinery. However, if you would like to create a larger outdoor storage facility, these tent sizes are not sufficient. Accordingly, in our shop you will find large portable buildings from 4x8m up to 8x36m. Many of the models are also equipped with tie down straps and have been tested by engineers for snow and wind loads. If a portable shed up to 8 m wide is not enough for you, we also offer even larger tent solutions - such as industrial tents. You will find industrial tents on offer from 3m up to a width of 12m.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

In which colours can I buy portable storage sheds?

You can find tool sheds and bike sheds in the green and grey colours in the House of Tents range. Green and grey temporary buildings both complement the colours of the garden. Additionally, any build up of dirt and grime is less visible on these garden buildings. You'll also find large storage tents, industrial tents and field shelters in grey and green. Field shelters, for example, are available completely in green. Some industrial tents are also available in white.

Our portable sheds include ground anchors for either hard surfaces (concrete) or soft surfaces (e.g. lawn). You can increase the stability of your storage shed many times over with tie down ratchet straps. You can browse these and other anchoring accessories in our online shop in the accessories category.

While portable garden sheds can be used as a garden workshop, they are windowless so don't provide natural light. Of course, in the summer you can open up the large door and work away in the shed out of the sun, with everything at-hand on shelves stacked full of nuts, bolts and power tools. For a dedicated workshop cabin, a 3x2m or 3x3m marquee provides space, stability and plenty of light. What's more, you benefit from more flexibility in the set-up, with removable sidewalls. A foldable pop up gazebo meanwhile is great for shorter projects - it can be set up in a matter of minutes. You'll love its versatility, as it can be used for barbecues, as a playhouse, or as a canopy over garden furniture for afternoon cheese and crackers.

All portable garages are equipped with an entrance courtesy of a robust zip system. Double zip gates, which extend right up to the roof, can be found especially on large Viking storage tents. Crank gates, pull-up gates and sliding gates, on the other hand, can be selected when browsing industrial tents.

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