In December 2019, the Chinese city of Wuhan reported the first infections of the novel coronavirus. Within a few months, millions of people around the world were infected. The disease was given the name COVID-19 and the associated virus was named Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, a virus that has brought about emergency measures in states, countries and industries around the world. From one day to the next, everything changed dramatically and we had to learn to reassess everyday. Vigorous handwashing, physical distancing, and face coverings have all become a part of our everyday lives. People are keeping close ties on updates on vaccine development, and have a greater awareness of possible symptoms like the sneezes and coughs of those next to them on public transport.

And the corona era in the United Kingdom is not over. Official figures provided by Public Health England and the NHS are still recording new corona infections. Reason enough to present to you in detail how our professional marquees can specifically solve problems in this time of crisis. Perhaps a professional tent is the ideal solution for your corona-related problem as well. These products allow patients to maintain the applicable minimum distance, planned events to take place after all, and allow for the rapid treatment of infected patients. As a tent specialist, we are at your side at all times, even in a time of emergency.

Why buy tents at House of Tents during COVID-19?

Whether marquees or storage tents or pop up gazebos – at House of Tents you will find exactly the right shelter, which you can use flexibly and where needed during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s four good reasons you should buy your COVID-19 tent from us:

Whether small or large products, whether with or without side walls, whether made of PE or PVC – we stock our gazebos and marquees in many sizes and configurations. We have more than 20,000 tents in our warehouse – the ideal COVID-19 shelter for your needs is sure to be stored here too! While our small models are ideal for waiting areas, large fabric buildings such as storage tents help you to provide face-to-face health care while leaving space for the storage of related materials. These might include medical equipment and PPE, such as face masks or disinfection wipes.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an emergency on a global scale and it is precisely in times like these that flexibility is fundamental. We understand your wishes and know exactly how we can help you with our products to implement the prescribed COVID-19 measures in accordance with regulations. Even better: we are also flexible and open to your individual requirements, which we can implement with our existing products. So don’t hesitate – call us today! A huge advantage of shopping with us is that, if you should ever lose a tent part, we offer a 10-year spare part guarantee on many of our products from your date of purchase.

The nature of this pandemic means that many organisations are finding that they need extra space within a matter of days. It simply isn’t possible to construct a new building. So a tent that is quick and easy to set up, is the answer. A further advantage is that a tent can be stowed away again flexibly. If public health regulations are updated again, you can use your product for other occasions. All of our marquees and gazebos are of high quality and you need neither additional tools nor special know-how to set them up in a fully stable way. When you buy a PE party tent or an aluminium pop up gazebo, for example, your products are incredibly light and can be assembled with a small group of 3-4 people. Included assembly instructions leave no questions unanswered.

The goal of enabling social contacts to meet during COVID-19 without triggering a corona infection can be achieved with our help. How exactly? With our partition walls. These are not only fireproof, but also perfectly suitable for dividing a large marquee. Unlike our competitors, the fireproof partitions are part of our fixed range of accessories and are available in many different sizes. Divide your pavilion into two or more areas and thus maximise the area and limit gatherings to a smaller number of people.

Triage tents & medical tents: The perfect rapid deployment tents for hospitals, clinics & medical practices

Professional marquees are used in the health care system for one reason in particular: to provide immediate help for infected persons and to isolate COVID-19 patients. Until a large proportion of the population has received a vaccine to inoculate from the corona virus, medical tents will remain a necessary temporary space solution.

Marquees as medical tents for health care & therapies

Quick and immediate treatment of potentially infected persons and stopping transmission into clinics, hospitals or other medical institutions, is vital. Our customers use marquees or other fabric shelters to manage their patients. Marquees can be set up outside on the respective clinic sites and used for initial examinations, as triage or emergency shelters. Especially as the number of registered cases is increasing, it is of utmost importance that infected persons are not treated amongst patients with other health conditions.

An advantage is that you can individually hang up and take down the side panels of the marquee, thus balancing the need for privacy and shelter, with the benefits of fresh air and wide open areas. Our customers also use marquees as temporary rooms for therapy offers or rehabilitation courses during COVID-19. Knowing that the virus is primarily spread through the air in water droplets, the value of holding these in-person appointments in an outdoor area becomes clear.

Tip: It’s better to be well prepared in case of major changes brought about by a rapid increase in the spread of infections. You’ll be far better off ordering your emergency tent a few days early than at the last minute. If your emergency shelter is already stored at your premises, you can react proactively and quickly to increasing numbers of covid cases.

Pop up gazebos as emergency tents for testing & disease control

When the number of cases of coronavirus increases, people want to be tested immediately to find out if they have been infected. Hospitals and doctors’ surgeries become the first port of call. Pop up gazebos are increasingly being used to test people who suspect that they have a new coronavirus infection, or to administer the covid-19 vaccine.

These are used by our customers as practical registration tents, as corona information points or as passageways to the rapid test stations. This not only isolates suspected cases from vulnerable patients who visit a doctor’s practice, but also keeps a precise record of the spread of COVID 19 outbreaks.

Pop up gazebos are also used by our customers as a well-ventilated waiting area. This means that people who are sick, with a cough or other symptoms and possibly carrying an infection of coronavirus disease do not have to wait completely in the open air for their treatment, test or vaccine. The demand for this type of emergency tent has been particularly high over the winter months. Especially in bad weather, the foldable gazebos create a waterproof and robust accommodation for your guests.

And should the spread of the virus be brought completely under control with a vaccination programme, the purchase is worthwhile twice over – because now you can use your folding tent as a safe place to administer vaccines. Pop up gazebos can also be used at events as catering shelters, or a shelter for food and guests.

Pop up gazebos are also used by clinics and hospitals as testing stations, or even as drive-in tents. While you can have yourself tested for the coronavirus in the hospital tent at close contact with a doctor or nurse, with drive-in emergency shelters, the risk of spreading the infection is dramatically reduced.

Storage tents as quarantine tents for people with COVID-19 disease

Whether for rapid deployment at airports or for care homes, pubs or outdoor events – storage tents are extremely popular with our customers as quarantine tents.

Due to their large capacities, a large number of people can be accommodated in these pandemic tents. Storage tents differ from marquees in that the side panels don’t feature windows. While this restricts light within the shelter, it increases privacy, which is an important consideration in many situations. You can improve the atmosphere in the shelter with skylights made of PVC that bring day light into the tent.

Tip: As soon as a covid vaccine is available, the storage tent is also ideally suited as a vaccination tent. It offers sufficient space to treat a large number of people, store masks and all hygiene accessories, and at the same time comply with all the different corona requirements while maintaining people’s privacy. For example, social distancing is no problem here and thanks to the good insulation and air flow of the tent, wearing face coverings is not unpleasant.

Our recommendation for social distancing in care homes: lightweight pop up gazebos

The coronavirus and the measures taken as a result of the virus has taken a devastating toll on the residents of care homes and retirement homes. The constantly increasing number of new corona cases meant that care homes have no longer been allowed to receive visitors and have been severely restricted in their everyday lives.

For a long time, elderly persons have been socially isolated and have missed valuable time with their families. Thanks to professional gazebos, social contact with loved ones can be achieved safely – taking into account the corona regulations concerning social distancing and the health of your clients.

This is how social distancing with pop up gazebos is made possible

Pop up gazebos are primarily used for social distancing in care homes and senior residences. Why? It’s simple – they are lightweight, 100% waterproof, UV-resistant and UV-protective, and thanks to the practical scissor mechanism, they can be erected within minutes. And after the COVID-19 pandemic? Then you can use the folding tents on the terrace or in the garden of the care home as a shade provider for residents or even as a covered plant bed – there is in fact always a purpose for these canopies!

Possibilities abound – they can either be set up on an open space in the garden of a care home or erected on the patio outside the cafeteria. In many cases, several are ordered at once, which are then connected to each other by means of a connecting gutter and clamp kit. If the side panels are closed on two sides, residents and their guests can be shielded from wind and given an amount of privacy in a crowded area.


To ensure the safety of a care home’s residents, a clear plastic panel can be put up in the middle of the pop up gazebo, with chairs on either side. This transparent panel separates residents from their loved ones, allowing them to still see and talk to each other, even if physical contact is not an option.

Pop up gazebos can also be used as pick-up points or reception areas. In these cases, the folding tents are set up in front of the entrance to the care home and family members first have to sign in and have their body temperature measured to detect any fever. In this way, the nursing or medical security service ensures that no infected visitors enter the facility.

Tip: As visiting hours in care homes and other care facilities are heavily dependent on the current COVID-19 case numbers, you can expect the rules affecting care homes to change. Before you visit a nursing home, it is best to take a look at the latest updates of the official website of the National Care Home Association. Here you can read the latest rules and guidance for accepting visitors to a care home.

Did you know?

Marquees are also frequently purchased by our customers for care facilities. They are also used to maintain social distance and can be bought in larger sizes. That’s important especially for accommodating wheelchairs and mobile beds. With plenty of space for everyone, the health of residents is not endangered. Separating guests can also be achieved with partitioning walls.

In addition, marquees are more robust in comparison, thanks to their fully galvanised steel construction and secure anchoring. The most popular size of marquee is our 3x6m model, which provides more space than even our largest pop up gazebos. 

Our product recommendations for you:

Our recommendation for gastronomy: Marquees that allow outdoor dining

There are few industries that have been hit as hard by the coronavirus and increases in the number of coronavirus cases and restrictions as the catering industry. Most restaurants have been tested to the point of collapse and the future is uncertain for many businesses, such as restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Fortunately, for the most part, businesses in the food and drink sector have been allowed to operate on a pickup and pay basis. A Marquee is ideal for setting up in front of your premises to handover food and drinks and maintain a relationship with your customers. It’s worth decorating the marquee to conjure up a stylish ambience and an inviting atmosphere.

A temporary kitchen for caterers or a wedding venue for safe parties

Many couples have had to postpone their wedding day due to restrictions on gatherings and events over the previous 9 months. However, weddings and other celebrations can’t be put on hold forever, and some people will choose to hold a small event, while minimising the risks from infectious diseases as much as possible. A marquee event remains possible when transmission is low and non-essential travel restrictions are relaxed. Marquees are useful as a temporary kitchen for catering, or as a large event venue for corporate events and weddings. With a partition, caterers at weddings can prepare food and drinks in an area separated from the main event hall. 

Tip: Choose a marquee from our Profiline range of models, which are made of PVC. PVC has the feel of a truck tarp and is very durable. PVC is a great option precisely because it retains a good shape when the wind is blowing and will have less movement, making less noise. Unlike PE, PVC is flame-retardant. For extra security, we have fireproof certified PVC tents in our range as well.

Your questions - our answers

Yes, you can heat these tents, but it is important that you observe precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. The autumn and winter months are approaching and without heating it can be stone cold outside. Have a look at our accessories page for heaters, here we offer a gas heater fan for tent venues. But we always advise caution when using a heater in a marquee, even though the walls are flame-retardant. For example, you should measure the distance between your heater and flammable materials and ensure that the heater is not in an awkward position so that people could bump into it.

It’s not complicated at all! The assembly of folding gazebos is easy and you do not need to hire an external company for this. Even if you have never erected a professional tent before and don’t know much about the technical details, you don’t need to worry. It is best to choose an aluminium folding pavilion with a scissor mechanism – you can pull it apart very quickly, put on the tarp and then adjust it to the right height using rings. However, we do recommend, even for smaller gazebos that you ask a second person for assistance. Not because the assembly is complicated or difficult, but because it can be done even faster and better this way. Especially when it comes to putting the tarpaulin on the folding pavilion or adjusting the heights, another helping hand can be a great help.

Normally we calculate seating capacity for a marquee by dividing the area (in square meters), by a factor of 1.2. For standing places, you can divide by 0.5. For instance, a 4x8m marquee could seat 27 guests, or cater to 64 attendees standing. However, with social distancing measures, this is greatly reduced. With a distance for guests from other people of 2 meters, you will need to divide the area by 4 to calculate standing capacity, and approximately by 3 for seated capacity. A 4x8m wedding marquee then becomes an eight person tent, while a 2x2m tent transforms from accommodating 8 people to become a one-person tent.  

To wrap up

In summary, marquees, storage tents and pop up gazebos are all used as emergency tents for the medical sector. They are ideally suited to provide immediate help for people showing symptoms associated with coronavirus and are primarily used as waterproof waiting shelters, treatment tents and quarantine tents. Pop up gazebos and party tents are increasingly being used in care homes and to administer vaccines. These help the care homes and senior residences to establish social distancing and thus make it possible for senior citizens to meet with relatives again. Catering tents, on the other hand, ensure the continuation of catering operations by moving them outside.

All three areas of application have one thing in common: products are needed which are weatherproof and stable and which are also preferably not too heavy. They should be quick and easy to erect and mobile for further use. This is the case with marquees, especially products with PE tarpaulins (Optiline). However, if you want to leave your marquee standing for a longer period of time and reuse it for other purposes after the virus has been eliminated, it is advisable to buy a PVC marquee (Profiline).

Do you have any questions? Our tent experts will be happy to advise you personally by phone on +44(0)1183150873 or send an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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Julia writes for the House of Tents magazine and is impressed by the wide range of uses for professional tents during COVID-19. Especially in times like these, it’s great to see the important contribution tents make.

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