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Safety Plus Package Kit

  • Certified statics by german engineers
  • Additional reinforcement of the construction with a specialized steelwire system
  • Fortified Tension belts with ratchets for maximum stability
  • Groundfixing system depending on your mounting surface (Soft grounds, Hard grounds)
  • The ultimate answer to Wind*, Snow* and Rain* (please adhere to the guides in the statics manual)
  • All Tents of our PROFESSIONAL and PROFESSIONAL PLUS from 2.6m side height and higher are compatible with this kit

Please Note:

While we can not guarantee any statics characteristics for our PE, Economy, Economy Plus, Premium, Premium Plus lines with this kit when it comes to snow loads and gale forces, this kit still substantially enhances the overall stability and durability of your tent against common weather conditions.

Item no.: 30405
Size: 3x8m
Weight: 9 kg
Material: Steel / Nylon
Number Of Boxes: 0
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