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When buying a gazebo online, you want to know that you're shopping with a specialist dealer — an expert in high-quality gazebos and tents. You can be assured you're getting a strong and reliable, 100% waterproof shelter alongside:

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Our three gazebo types — what's the difference?

Our gazebos – a large variety of designs and features

Waterproof gazebos with sides

Side wall curtains for garden gazebos create a cosy atmosphere

Alongside shielding you from wind, gazebos with sides also extend your protection from sun and rain. In addition, gazebo side panels can block the view, either from inside-out or outside-in, obscuring an unsightly corner of the garden, or affording you privacy from neighbours.

We offer three options with waterproof sides, and each can be purchased with a full set of sides if needed:

  • Pop up gazebos can be bought with or without sidewalls. In addition, you have the option of choosing a garden shelter with different types of side panels, including sides with zip doors, windows, panorama windows and roll up blinds.
  • A full set of side panels is always included with our marquees. Most models include individual side panels along the length of the tent that can be added and removed to create entrances wherever they are needed. Our cheapest gazebos with sides are party tents with a steel frame and PE tarpaulin. These have a single, continuous side wall on each side.
  • Garden pavilions have thick, waterproof curtains that hang loosely at the corner legs when open and can be zipped together to enclose the shelter. That makes them perfect for creating a cosy hideaway in the garden or shielding an outdoor dining area from cool breezes.

Buy side panels for your gazebo

Separate gazebo side panels are available to buy for marquees and permanent gazebos. For heavy duty garden gazebos, whether for 3m x 3m, 3m x 4m or 4m x 4m models, we stock a wide range of side panels in our store. Each set comes with four connecting curtains. Gable panels with windows and side walls with doors for marquees are available along with a wide range of accessories on our accessories page.

Permanent gazebos for all weather conditions

A Permanent gazebo adds a touch of class to your garden

Our products are suitable for all kinds of occasions: an open-air party, a market stand, a camping shelter, or shade on the terrace. Permanent gazebos are most often found in the garden or may be used as an outdoor canopy at a workplace. Here's a few ideas of common ways for putting them to use:

Outdoor dining with a garden gazebo

A luxury patio gazebo for outdoor dining

A patio gazebo opens up your garden to year round use. Our luxury gazebos with either a hardtop roof or a polyester roof help you make the most of your terrace. An added bonus is that they protect your garden furniture from weathering. You can even leave furniture cushions out without needing to worry in case of passing showers. You can get more patio gazebo ideas and advice in our magazine article patio awnings in comparison - which canopy is right for you?

A Sunset Deluxe gazebo used as a hot tub gazebo

Hot tub gazebos for the ultimate in outdoor relaxation

A hot tub is a wonderful luxury for your outdoor space. You absolutely want to make the most of it. It's important that your hot tub enclosure is rust-resistant and completely water-resistant. We recommend that the sides be left open when not in use to maximise ventilation and prohibit the build-up of chemicals from the hot tub that can eat away at the materials of the hot tub gazebo over the long term.

The sides can be fully enclosed on cold or breezy evenings or left open on warm summer nights. A 3x3 hot tub pavilion is large enough to provide shelter for most spas and Jacuzzis. We go into more detail about hot tub canopies and enclosures in our magazine article Hot tub gazebos and pool shelters.

Use heavy duty all-weather gazebos all year long

Our heavy duty gazebos with a hardtop roof are well suited to use throughout the whole year. They have a polycarbonate roof that can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. See our hardtop gazebo page to see a selection of all-weather gazebos and find out all about the heavy duty materials that make them the ideal winter gazebo.

All season gazebos can be used all year round

Semi-permanent gazebos for warmer seasons

Soft top pavilions have a permanently installed frame combined with a polyester canopy. We call these semi-permanent gazebos because the frame remains in place, but the canopy should be removed and stored throughout the winter.

Marquees are also semi-permanent. Professional models with tie down straps often stay standing for months on end, particularly at restaurants and bars as a covered dining or drinking area. Our tie down ratchet straps are a heavy duty option for greatly improving the stability of your gazebo. The tie down kit includes robust straps that can be tightened with ratchet tensioners and either extra-long 60 cm anchors for soft grounds or concrete anchors with an expanding bush head.

Mobile gazebos for temporary use

Party tents are easy to set up

Party tents can be set up anywhere they're needed. They're temporary gazebos — designed to be erected and dismantled repeatedly over time — and can be transported with a transit van or people carrier.

But the real heroes for mobile shelter are our instant shelters — the pop up tents. Why? Because they can be set up in a matter of minutes and taken down just as easily.

Our pop up tents are easy to transport. For Premium and Professional models, a carry bag with roller wheels is included. Mobile shelters are great for the garden as you can move them around according to weather conditions or for your needs. They're also ideal for use as market stalls, as a shelter for a club or community group, and for a wide range of small businesses.

Waterproof, windproof and lightweight - our gazebo advantages

Waterproof pop up gazebos that are strong and reliable

Waterproof gazebos you can rely on

All our tarpaulins, roofs and curtains are 100% waterproof. The cover materials we use in our waterproof gazebos include polyurethane (PU) coated polyester, PE (polyethylene) and PVC tarpaulins. All seams are heat-sealed to ensure that no water will leak into the rain proof gazebo. Our garden canopies with polycarbonate roofs are completely rainproof thanks to the precision fit of polycarbonate sheets into the roof frame. Overlapping steel plates, which are bolted onto the roof frame ensure that our Forest Superior pavilions are also fully waterproof.

The natural look of a wooden gazebo with the long-lasting strength of metal gazebos

Metal gazebos with strong and sturdy frames

People often weigh up buying a wooden or metal gazebo. Metal frame gazebos are generally made of aluminium or steel. Regardless of which particular model, the strong metal frame forms the basis for a reliable and robust pavilion. You can visit our metal gazebos page to read more about the differences in frame materials. Wooden gazebos are very popular with garden owners. To meet all expectations, we’ve developed garden gazebos with a natural wood look. The heavy duty structure is still made of metal, but also features a perfect wood-like finish, which requires very little maintenance.

Robust and stable windproof gazebos

It's not hard to find cheap gazebos online, but you may well find that they don't stand up to the slightest gust of wind. The combination of strong materials and a design focus on durability and longevity means our heavy duty gazebos can withstand various weather forces. For a truly windproof gazebo you should consider a garden gazebo with a fixed polycarbonate roof. Our lightweight pop up tents are also very strong, but should be dismantled during high winds. The good news is, that it only takes a minute to fold a pop up canopy away.

An open Marquee for your beach barbecue

UV resistant gazebos with a high SPF factor

All of our pavilions and tents provide excellent sun protection. They have a minimum UV protection factor of at least 30+. Our best sun shelter are our pop up gazebos with a SPF factor of 50+ for economy and premium models, and 80+ for professional models. PVC marquees are also excellent UV gazebos, with an SPF factor of 80+.

Fire retardant gazebos

Many of our products come with the option of a fire-proof certified tarpaulin. This is a sensible option for public events and businesses like restaurants and pubs. Using a fireproof gazebo also gives you more peace of mind at home when using heaters or a barbecue in and around your garden canopy.

Gazebo sizes - from 3x3 gazebos to 8m wide pavilion tents

Our garden shelters range in size from a small 3 x 2 m to a spacious 8 x 36 m. Our absolute bestsellers are 3x3 and 3x4 m gazebos. These sizes are very versatile — large enough for a gathering of close friends, but small enough that it fits easily into most backyards.

A medium-sized 4x4 gazebo might be just right for people who love hosting get-togethers with friends in their garden. This is a common size for a hot tub shelter. A 3x6 garden canopy is a great size for large garden parties or community events.

A large gazebo, for instance a 4 x 8 m or 5 x 10 m party tent, provides enough space for a reunion or a wedding reception. A great tip if you're looking at buying a large pavilion is to consider buying 2 smaller tents and joining them together with connecting gutters. These gutters are a cost-effective way of enlarging your covered area, and they give you so much flexibility. For example, with one small and one medium-sized gazebo, you can cater for small, medium or large events. You decide if you use one or both tents, combined or individually!

To get a more precise idea of what size gazebo to buy, we can also help you calculate how much space you will need for each of your guests, whether they'll be standing, seated in rows or seated at tables. If you're unsure how large your shelter should be, check out our helpful rules of thumb for calculating gazebo sizes.

A different coloured gazebo for every occasion

A red gazebo and black gazebo side by side

When it comes to colours, you have a huge amount of choice! Our best-selling garden shelters are white. They are most often used for weddings, christenings and other business or private parties.

Timeless beige or grey gazebos fit well in a wide range of different gardens. Loft grey pavilions and stone grey gazebos for instance add an elegant touch to your backyard.

Brighter colours such as red, green, or black folding tents are ideal for business events. They can be used as a market gazebo, event tent or shelter for sports competitions. Keep in mind that dirt will take longer to show up on darker shade tent. A brand new, or just-cleaned white gazebo will look impressive to party guests and potential customers alike.

If you like colour combinations, our party tents are available in colours including blue-white, grey-white, or green-white. These striped pavilions lend an air of tradition, making them a great choice for events at stately homes or other historic places.

Our wide range of gazebo accessories

Gas assisted fan heater for outdoor and indoor use

Gazebo heaters

If you want to make your garden canopy nice and warm, you need a gazebo heater that is safe to use in an enclosed space. We recommend our fan assisted heaters, which use a gas bottle for heating and an electric powered fan to distribute warm air throughout the room.

A white awning for a pop up gazebo with 3 metre sides

Gazebo awnings

A gazebo awning extends the sheltered area whether in rain or hot sunshine. Awnings for pop up canopies are easy to attach and extend to 81 cm, providing almost a meter of space for guests to shelter from the elements.

Extra stability with weight bags that attach to gazebo legs.

Gazebo weights

Gazebo sandbags add weight to the structures, making them more robust in the face of windy conditions. Sandbags are easy to transport, and you can fill them up with any material that is to hand. With a volume of 12.5 l, a set of 4 sandbags can be filled up to a weight of 25 kgs each.

Gazebo spare parts extend the life of your pavilion

Whatever the model, aluminium or steel, with tarpaulin or canvas, we have spare parts and accessories for all our various shelters available in our online shop.

Do you need a gazebo roof replacement or replacement sidewalls for a garden gazebo? These are easy to order online. For party tent and pop up gazebo tarpaulins, as well as spare parts for a garden canopy frame, please contact our customer service directly. All of our replacement materials are waterproof and of the same high quality as the original parts.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

A gazebo is considered waterproof when its canopy does not let water drip through. PE, PVC, or PVC-coated tarpaulins ensure this. The seams on House of Tents' products are mechanically sealed so that no water can penetrate them. Our garden gazebos with hardtops are of course also watertight thanks to the precision fitted solid polycarbonate panels.

The three different types of garden shelter all have features and advantages that make them suitable as hot tub gazebos. Therefore, it all comes down to your preferences. A pop up gazebo is incredibly easy to assemble and take down around the spa, meaning you have the shelter only as long as you need it. Garden marquees are an excellent choice if you are covering a swimming pool, because they come in larger sizes. Garden pavilions meanwhile are a stylish option, and with a hardtop roof, can provide shade and shelter for your hot tub year-round. When not in use, a hot tub pavilion should be left open, allowing plenty of ventilation to stop chemicals building up on the aluminium or steel frames and roof materials.

A pergola is a (often wooden) structure that is used as a support for vines, using plant life to create a shaded area below. A gazebo meanwhile, has a full roof, providing both shade and protection from rain or snow. While a pergola looks fantastic in a garden, it requires time to create a full coverage of plant life. Unlike a gazebo or parasol, a pergola also doesn't provide shelter from passing showers.

Marquee sides are held in place with bungee straps that firmly hold the sides in place, while still allowing a little give in case of wind, rain, or other contact. Tightening the bungee straps is easy and can stop the sides from flapping in the wind. A ground bar is another important holds the legs of the tent at an equal distance, keeping the side panels tort. For our other products, the sides are attached to the frame and canopy with either Velcro straps or hooks. Ensuring that all straps and hooks are fitted correctly and tightly can reduce the impact of wind on the side panels.

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