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At House of Tents we live for tents and gazebos. If you would like to buy a gazebo online, you have come to just the right place:

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Modern gazebos in many sizes and colours

Modern pavilions for all sorts of purposes. If you are looking for outdoor rain and sun protection, we have the right solution for every occasion. Each model is waterproof and UV resistant.

Our gazebos – available in many sizes and designs

If you would like to buy your gazebo online, there are numerous models and many different sizes, designs, colours and materials to choose from. Gazebo sizes range from 2x2 m to a spacious 8x36 m. The most popular sizes are 3x3m, 3x4m, 3x6m and 4x4m.

They are also made from various different materials. While the poles of all of our gazebos are made from strong, stable metal, there are aluminium and steel variants. Gazebo tarpaulins can be made of PE, PVC, or waterproof high-performance polyester with a PVC coating. Garden gazebos can be purchased with a hardtop roof; you then have a roof made of polycarbonate panels instead of a tarpaulin.

Our gazebos also come in a wide range of colours. White party tents are the classic choice, but we also offer them in red, green, grey and other stripe patterns. Folding or pop up gazebo that are used as market tents often have to be white. For all other purposes, however, we offer folding tents in a total of twelve colours. Our garden gazebos come in four elegant colours and two modern designs. Here, you can choose between the classic look of our "Rendezvous" line or the contemporary style of our "Sunset" line, each in three quality types. The "Sunset Deluxe" model in anthracite is a real eye-catcher in the garden.

House of Tents: We stand for #TENTLOVE

There's only one thing on our minds: to offer you the optimal solution between high quality and an affordable price! Of course, as tent experts, we also have some useful advice for you. Read on and learn how to choose the gazebo that best fits your needs.

Incomparable selection

Our range of waterproof gazebos is comprised of a large selection of sizes, colours and designs - you will definitely be able to find the perfect product for your needs here.

We are also very happy to help you by phone:

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Guide: How to find the right gazebo or the perfect marquee

Pop Up Gazebos: foldable, stable and waterproof!

Hardly any other gazebo is as practical and mobile as the pop up gazebo (also called a folding tent or mobile tent), and none can be set up so quickly. Our gazebos with folding roof can be easily transported in a carrying bag. They can also be set up without tools and used within a few minutes. They are also 100% waterproof and available in many sizes and colours. Here you will find the right mobile gazebo for every event and eventuality/

This is how mobile gazebos are most often used:

  • As tents for flea, farmers' or Christmas markets. Pop up gazebos can be set up particularly quickly, and they offer optimal weather protection for sales stands. The most popular sizes for this type are 3x3 m, 3x4.5 m and 3x6 m.
  • As sun protection or shelter at parties or barbecues in your own garden. Here, either in size 3x3 m or in 3x6 m (for beer tent setups).
  • As sun and rain protection at sporting events, for example as a roof for the reserves bench.
  • As a professional quality roofing for event agencies, restaurants or amusement parks. The larger sizes, 4x4 m, 4x6 m, 4x8 m and 5x5 m m are also used here.
  • As weather protection for bars, buffets and event catering, 3x6 m is the most popular size.
  • As a canopy for camping vans or to add additional space to the entrance of your home, the 2x2 m, 3x2 m or 3x3 m sizes are very popular.
  • As a small workplace roof, for example for gardening or handicrafts. Choose the smaller sizes, from 2x2 m.
  • As a garden tent. For example, our folding gazebos work well as roofs over garden furniture or sand boxes.
  • As an exhibition stand: Exhibition gazebos are usually 2x2 m or 3x3 m in size.
  • Other conceivable areas of use: as a catering gazebo, a smoking tent or guest room extension.

In contrast to marquees, pop up gazebos are intended for quick assembly, frequent transport and shorter downtimes. Since the gazebos are foldable, they can be quickly put away in a carry bag after use in the garden or elsewhere.

By the way: Did you know that we guarantee a spare parts supply for the majority of our waterproof gazebos for 10 years from the date of purchase?

What materials are pop up gazebos available in?

A gazebo or tent normally consists of two components: Tarpaulin und Poles. We use 100% waterproof high-performance polyester with PVC coating in various thicknesses as tarpaulin material for our folding gazebos. All seams are mechanically sealed so that everything stays nice and dry under the gazebo during UK summers. Folding gazebos are available in many colours, with white, green, anthracite and red among the most popular. For other events, such as weddings, white gazebos may be more suitable.

There are two materials to choose from for the framework of a pop up gazebo. Both are high quality and guarantee stability.

Aluminium "ALULine"
  • Light and easy to transport
  • High corrosion protection
  • Suitable for frequent assembly and disassembly
Steel "LOGILine"
  • A little heavier, but cheaper than aluminium
  • Suitable for occasional assembly and disassembly

How to choose the right pop up pavilion size?

House of Tents offers affordable waterproof folding gazebos in nine sizes ranging from 2x2 m or 3x3 m up to 5x5m in its online shop. The correct size depends on what purpose you require a pop up gazebo for. Do you need a waterproof gazebo as a roof for a sales booth, for example? In that case, it is best to measure everything that is going to be placed underneath. Likewise, if you want to protect a car or other valuables from the rain at an event. If you just need a place with high sun protection for up to 4 people, the 3x3 m size is definitely enough. Depending on its size, a waterproof folding gazebo can be used for many purposes.

Side panels: yes or no?

Side panels on folding gazebos can serve as privacy or weather protection. If you only need a folding gazebo for shade, you do not have to use side panels. Side walls can be attached to one or more sides of the pavilion; use semi-open panels, side parts with windows, and side panels with doors as required. These then serve as rain, wind or privacy protection.

Tip: With panorama windows, there is also an integrated roller blind for optional privacy.

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No more cancelling events due to weather: Our party tents offer perfect 100% waterproof covering for garden parties, sports events, club celebrations or even as weather protection for swimming pools.

By the way: unlike many other tents, House of Tents marquees are designed to provide optimal air circulation without drafts. It won't become stuffy during parties and you and your guests will enjoy the perfect indoor climate.

Typical occasions for marquee or party tent use:

  • For garden parties, barbecues or family celebrations. Depending on the number of guests, seating required, or the size of the buffet, tents ranging in size from 3x6 m to 4x8 m are the most popular.
  • As a smoking tent for restaurants, either for regular restaurant operations or as an addition for events.
  • As a roof over guests and catering stations at weddings, club celebrations or sporting events.
  • As cover for pools, whirlpools or garden ponds, protecting the underlying water from the weather.

PE or PVC - how do you choose a suitable tarpaulin?

Party tents have plastic tarpaulins. To give you a rough idea of how the two materials feel: PE resembles the blue shopping bags from a well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer, while PVC feels more substantial, like a lorry tarpaulin.

PE (Polyester)
  • Light and handy
  • Easy transportation and assembly
  • Space-saving storage
  • Cheaper than PVC
  • For occasional use
PVC (Polyvinylchloride)
  • Thick and durable
  • For year-round use
  • Fire retardant, also available as fire safety certified

How to choose the right marquee size?

House of Tents offers you a large selection of party tent sizes from 3x2 m to 8x36 m. You will certainly find the tent you are looking for. Foldable party tents, can be found in our Pop Up Gazebos section.

Do you know the number of guests but are not yet sure which size would be most suitable? As a helpful rule of thumb - number of standing people x 0.5 = space requirement in m². So if, for example, 100 guests are invited to a wedding party, you need a party tent with at least 50 m² of space. A marquee measuring 5x10 m is ideal. If rows of seats or beer table sets are to be set up, this formula changes somewhat. You can find more about this in our guide "Which Party Tent Size do I Need?".

And, another helpful tip: Our party tents can also be connected to one another via connecting channels. So you can offer your guests twice the space if necessary!

Many construction variants possible with side walls

Closed at the front, open on the side? You can attach or remove the side parts and the gable walls of our party tents individually. For example, you can create additional entrances on the sides or remove all side panels on hot days.

Enjoy our products for a long time

In order for a party tent to last as long as possible, two things are particularly important. Firstly, the correct cleaning and storage of the tent and secondly, the correct protection against wind or snow. You can find suitable accessories for both, as well as helpful tips and tricks in our guide.

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Open Tent for your beach barbecue

Garden Gazebos

Garden gazebos with sturdy metal frames are classy and eye-catching. Use them to create a relaxing feel-good resort on your terrace or as a luxury space on the lawn. Spend precious time alone or relax with your family and friends in our modern and 100% waterproof garden gazebos, independent of the weather. When it rains, the sturdy hardtop roof made of polycarbonate panels or the or water-repellent tarpaulin protects you from the elements. Both hardtop and tarpaulin roof types offer you and your furniture excellent UV protection. If you are looking for a foldable garden pavilion for outdoor use, you can find it in our Pop Up Gazebos section.

Would you like a little more privacy protection in your garden or on the terrace? Your garden pavilion can be closed at lightning speed using the side panels supplied, offering you protection from prying eyes as well as from sun and rain.


You can choose from two weatherproof metals when selecting the framework material for your garden gazebo. Compared to pure iron, both materials are of particularly high quality as well as durable and corrosion resistant. Aluminium gazebos are lighter and therefore a popular choice for mobile use.

  • Very light material
  • Particularly high protection against corrosion
  • Heavier, but cheaper than aluminium
  • Protected against corrosion by a phosphate and powder coating

How to choose the right size?

Before you buy a metal gazebo for the garden, it is best to first check how much space is actually available at the desired installation location. Also, note the height of the gazebo to ensure that it does not hit a tree or the edge of a roof. Depending on how many people you expect to join you in your garden gazebo and what type of furniture you will use in the space, you can choose from popular dimensions like 3x3 m and 3x4 m.

Summer or year-round use?

House of Tents offers waterproof garden gazebos with two roof variants: Hardtop roofs made of solid polycarbonate panels and soft top roof tarpaulins. While both naturally offer the best rain and UV protection, the polyester roof tarpaulins are not suitable for use in the cold season. In contrast, polycarbonate panels, which are similar to and as shatterproof as glass (but lighter in weight), make garden gazebos with fixed roofs winter-proof.

Our Delux Models not only have hardtop roofs (i.e. polycarbonate panels) which are particularly waterproof and robust, but they are also able to carry heavy loads of snow. How many kg/m² of snow the roof carries can be checked. Garden gazebos are the perfect all-year solution.

Polyester tarpaulin
  • 100% waterproof
  • Should be dismantled in autumn
Polycarbonate sheets
  • 100% waterproof
  • Winterproof and suitable for year-round use
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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How can you heat a gazebo?

Since pavilions are generally not hermetically sealed rooms, heat is lost continuously. If you want to make the room nice and warm, the heating you choose must be suitable for indoor use due to safety reasons. The distance between the heater and side panels or tarpaulins must be large enough to prevent a fire hazard. The heating should also be set up in a way that prevents unwanted accidents from happening. So-called gas heating fans which use a gas bottle and electricity to distribute warm air throughout the room are often used.

House of Tents gazebos are basically 100% waterproof and do not have to be sealed. The seams are also taped by machine and do not let water through. However, there are also textile pavilions or tarpaulins without sealed seams on the market. These can sometimes let rain in. If you want to give your gazebos additional protection from dirt and debris, there are sealant sprays that prevent dirt from sticking to the tarpaulin.

A gazebo is considered waterproof when its roof does not let water drip through. Plastic tarpaulins ensure this. The seams on House of Tents' products are mechanically sealed so that no water can penetrate them. Our garden gazebos with hardtop roof are also waterproof since the top is made of solid polycarbonate.

Folding gazebos or party tents are not fixed structures, but so-called flying structures. Special rules apply due to their rather temporary use. On the other hand, garden gazebos are typically intended to stay in place for a longer period of time and are not considered to be flying structures. Although no building permit is generally required, this is always a matter for local planners. You should clarify your position with the responsible building authority before purchasing a gazebo.