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A stylish blue-white marquee used at an outdoor evening event

Offers space for
approx. 48
approx. 34

100% waterproof

100% waterproof

Fully galvanised steel frames

Tarpaulins made of PE and PVC

The marquee 4x6m: the ideal size for your garden party

The large 4x6m marquee is the perfect size for your private party in the garden. Whether it's a children's birthday party or a family celebration - this sturdy all-rounder is simply perfect for your event. The 4m x 6m party tent is a heavy duty, reliable and spacious marquee in professional quality!

Which tarpaulin material is best - PE or PVC?

Would you like the 4x6 marquee with a PE tarpaulin or would you prefer a tarpaulin made of PVC material? PE tents are available at House of Tents in the Optiline range and PVC tents in the Profiline range. A marquee from the Optiline line with a PE tarpaulin is perfect for a private get-together in the garden, for a family celebration or for use as short-term outdoor furniture storage. For a garden pond or patio enclosure, as a winter shelter for plants or for long-term furniture storage, a Profiline marquee with a tarpaulin made of high-quality waterproof PVC is ideal for you. Both materials are of professional quality, UV-resistant and 100% waterproof, but party tents made of PE are more attractive than PVC tents in terms of price.

For which occasion is the 4x6 metre marquee best suited?

Because of the extra room afforded by the spacious 4m x 6m waterproof marquee, this party tent is suitable for many different occasions. The 24 square metre area of the party tent offers you a wide range of possible uses. In the following, we present two in more detail.

Create an additional room with the tent

Create a new, covered outdoor area with your marquee. The 4m x 6m marquee is ideal for giving yourself an extra room in the garden. Due to the high-quality material of the tent, it gives you protection from rain and cold. You can keep your garden furniture dry and protect it from the blistering sun. Because the tent is waterproof, you can set up an outdoor lounge. In warm weather, you can remove the sides to open yourself completely to the outdoors, without any concern about having to pack up and go indoors if a passing shower arrives.

TIP: To ensure that your new room is optimally protected all year round, we recommend a PVC tent. With these products, the tarpaulin is more durable and the reinforced construction makes your roof even more stable. When you buy a Profiline Professional model, you not only benefit from a reinforced PVC roof, but also from a ground bar. Ground bars fix the legs of the structure to the ground, greatly improving its stability. You can find ground bars in the accessories shop section of House of Tents.

Transform your marquee into a high-quality shade provider for events! Whether it's a birthday, a summer party or a family celebration - here you can let off steam impressively with plenty of space and appealing decoration. In addition, the party tent provides a relaxed environment and atmosphere. It's durability ensures it is also suitable for events with children. They can move freely and without restriction in the party tent and can still enjoy the outdoor life while being protected from the sun's UV rays.

TIP: If you would like to leave your event tent standing for a longer period of time, we recommend using a Profiline party tent. However, since in this case you'll most likely erect the tent only on occasions, for specific parties and outdoor events, PE will do the trick just fine. Here, too, the structure is waterproof and stable, but the tarpaulin is lighter and therefore allows for a quicker set up. You'll also save money with the lower price of the PE models.

Is 4x6m the right size for you?

So you've decided on the right tarpaulin material for your party tent? But you're still a little unsure about the size? No problem! The minimum size of your party tent is easy to calculate. Simply use the following rule of thumb:

Number of people standing x 0.5 m² = space required in m²

Working out how big a marquee needs to be isn't difficult

Now you've calculated the floor space you need for your party tent and just need to find the right spot in your garden. Also pay attention to height. We have marquees with a side height of either 2m or 2.6m from ground to eaves. If you're planning an event where guests will be seated, for instance on bench seats, rows of chairs or seats with tables, you'll need to change calculations. Please visit our page: Calculating tent capacities which covers how to calculate the capacity provided by different sized structures.

Material? Check! Size? Check! Now you just to decide on the look of the canopy and the sides. Our marquees are available in white or green, along with striking colour combinations of blue-white, red-white, green-white and beige-white.

Assembly made easy - with our step by step video guide

You've never erected a professional tent before? We show you in our Youtube video how to conjure up a stable marquee in just a few steps! In this example, you can see the 4x6 marquee in Optiline Economy quality. The thickness of the canopy and sidewall material of this garden marquee is approx. 180 g/m² and the UV protection is 20+. The poles are not made of coated aluminium, but of fully galvanised steel tubes. Another highlight is the innovative click system - for quick assembly. How quickly can you completely erect this heavy duty marquee?

Frequently asked questions about 4x6m marquees

How can you heat the party tent?

You need the right accessories for heating. The choice of heating method depends largely on whether you want to heat with or without electricity. You need electricity, for example, for fan heaters or electric radiant heaters. With gas radiant heaters, on the other hand, you are independent of the power socket, but need more time to heat.

The side walls or side panels of our marquees are designed in such a way that they allow for a controlled exchange of air from outside to inside, thus ensuring an optimum supply of fresh air. Our side walls or side panels also have the advantage that they can be attached and removed individually. Who wants stuffy, sultry air in a garden marquee? Mould can also form in high humidity. This makes it all the more important to provide fresh air and a pleasant indoor climate.

To enable a quick set-up, you will receive all materials with your tent when you purchase it. You don't need to worry about additional tools. However, we recommend that you bring a cordless screwdriver, another person and, if necessary, a ladder. Especially when attaching the roof tarpaulin, another person helping out is well worth the price of a thank-you beer.

No, there is no groundsheet. However, if you choose a Profiline marquee, your marquee will have an extended skirting around the perimeter of the tent. This allows rain to run off away from the tent, protects against wind and also prevents ground moisture from penetrating.

Yes. We offer bags for marquees in various sizes. These are not only suitable for transport, but also help you to store all the individual parts together. Our range includes waterproof bags, such as this Oxford bag set for PE party and storage tents. All sets are categorised by stars, so 3-star quality bags are cheaper than 5-star bags.

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