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Industrial tent filled with pallets

Industrial Tents suitable for your business

House of Tents offers high-quality, hard-wearing storage shelters for industrial, commercial and agricultural use.

A wide range of warehouse tents to choose from

Our large and extra-robust PVC industrial tents are suitable for industrial and commercial storage. Alternatively, the warehouse tents can be used as an easy-to-erect workshop or showroom. We have a wide range of industrial shelters for sale with features that afford you excellent flexibility in designing a temporary building for your business storage needs.

Temporary warehouses for logistics

An industrial tent provides a quick, economical and easy solution if you're in need of temporary warehousing. Industrial storage tents are an incredibly useful element of an agile logistics operation. In order to adapt quickly and match storage capacities with your ever-changing business and market situation, you depend on flexible yet secure storage solutions. A large temporary warehouse or smaller storage shelter serves these requirements perfectly. The PVC roof and sides provide great protection from weather conditions. They can be used throughout winter and allow you to store stock, materials and machines in a weatherproof structure that you can rely on.

Compared to costly permanent warehouses, a temporary warehouse building is a cost-effective alternative with a long lifetime yet low assembly costs. No experts are needed for the assembly of the temporary warehouse structure, with detailed assembly instructions and labelled parts included in the delivery.

Industrial tent used for logistics

Industrial shelters are designed to be used year-round

The frame is incredibly stable and the PVC tarpaulin, comparable to a truck-trailer cover, is robust and durable. Building and dismantling the PVC tent is comparatively quick and easy if required as a storage solution for temporary or short-term use. While our temporary warehouses lend themselves to temporary use, they can also remain standing for longer periods.

    Temporary warehouses for commercial use

    Our industrial tents can be used as a temporary storage structure for commercial businesses. Ideal for restaurants and bars where you need quick access to stored goods, they can be set up in a loading area. A commercial tent for temporary storage allows you to fully optimise the flow of fast moving goods through a busy store. During special occasions with high demand, you're not limited by your standard delivery area, but can manage short term overflows.

    Industrial tent for goods storage

    Industrial Tent features

    Strong and robust industrial tent frames

    Industrial tents are designed to be used year-round. Robust, fully galvanised frames withstand harsh weather conditions and corrosion. House of Tents offers a 10-year-warranty on steel frames for many tent solutions. Our experts are happy to inform you which products come with included warranties. Extra supports in the roof and a base frame increase the structure's overall stability and make these warehouses a great choice for long-term commercial storage.

    Our strongest tents feature a double truss frame, that carries a substantially higher load capacity than conventional models. These models have a width of 12.2 meters, a crank door and a fireproof tarpaulin. These models are specifically designed for multi-year use and can withstand wind and snow loads of up to 102kg/m². To anchor the Everest tent hall, heavy-duty ground stakes or concrete bolts can be selected at purchase. The durable canvas is attached and tensioned via ratchet straps, which prevents damage from friction caused by wind. The tarpaulin cover can always be readjusted as needed.

    industrial tent with skylights and roof supports

    Temporary warehouses with long-life PVC tarpaulins

    Thanks to high-quality 100% waterproof PVC tarpaulins, our temporary warehouses are suited for year-round use as a storage shelter. As well as being waterproof, they are highly resistant to changes in temperature and UV radiation. The PRIMEtex PVC industrial quality tarps come with a 3-5 year warranty, provided they were mounted correctly according to manufacturing instructions and are not left open for extended periods. Our tents are amongst the highest-quality products on the market and are made of extra heavy PVC with a tight-knit inner grid fabric. With top of the line PRIME PVC tarpaulins you get extra durability and a greater sense of security, knowing it is certified fireproof according to European standards. Our larger storage warehouses come with professional belt systems for tensioning tarpaulins over the metal frame precisely and with ease. Adjusting tarpaulins is hassle-free - guaranteeing ongoing perfect positioning and optimal stability.

    Industrial tent with PVC tarpaulin

    Temporary buildings with skylights

    Some models feature skylights. The translucent windows in the roof allow light to flood the interior of the storage tent, reducing the need for lighting during the day. The skylight material is just as strong as the sidewall and roof tarpaulin. Seams are welded together rather than sewn, ensuring that no water can enter through the seams.

      Industrial tents with large practical entrance gates

      House of Tents stocks a number of temporary warehouses with large and robust entrances for loading on each gable end. With a wide range of options, including sliding, pull up, or mechanical winch doors, you can choose the entrance type that matches your business storage solution needs. For quick and easy access and additional lighting, larger industrial warehouses have additional doors for convenient stress-free entrance for personnel. Zipped entrances open right up to the apex, giving you maximum access. Many industrial storage tents come with ventilation windows on both gable ends. The windows provide optimal air flow inside the storage tent, thus preventing condensation from building up and maintaining optimal warehousing storage conditions.

      Large industrial tent with wide entrance gate

      Warehouse buildings in various sizes

      Industrial storage tents come in a wide range of sizes, with spans (width) of 4m to over 12m and lengths of up to 20m, providing up to 240m² (2500 sq ft) of floor space. What's more, the modular design gives you even more choice, as tents can be combined and entrances added. This allows you to customise the size and shape of your temporary building to meet your business storage needs. An added benefit of our temporary industrial tents is that they are relocatable. This allows the structure to be erected either on-site or off-site - wherever needed.

      These temporary buildings serve as excellent warehouse storage for businesses sheltering large vehicles such as lorries, forklifts, or construction equipment. The size of our temporary warehouse structures allows you to store several large vehicles or machines under one roof. Large-scale warehouse structures can also be used for commercial storage, for storing stock or as utility storage for equipment and furniture. You might even want one for yourself, as a safe and secure shelter to store your mobile home or yacht.

      Overview of our product lines

      Tarpaulin tear
      850 N
      2300 N
      850 N
      2300 N
      850 N
      2300 N
      Sidewall supports

      Gable wall supports-from 6m width
      Structural Analysis & supports

      Assembly - construct a storage building within a day

      In many cases, the installation of a temporary warehouse doesn't require a building permit or foundation. If in doubt about building a temporary structure without a building permit, please enquire with the relevant authorities prior to making a purchase.

      Thanks to detailed instruction manuals and labelled parts, assembling and erecting the structure is stress-free and can be finished in the matter of an afternoon. No foundation or special equipment is needed for the assembly of our industrial tents. Special anchoring systems for concrete and soil keep our temporary buildings firmly grounded, even in stormy weather.

      For unloading larger tents, we recommend using a forklift or electric lifting cart fit to carry large, heavy wooden crates. A roller scaffold or scissor platform may be required for erecting the roof and side trusses. Extremely heavy tents are loaded and delivered in wooden crates with a steel frame for extra support. This allows for transport and storage without damaging the structure.

      Assembly of a large industrial tent

      Our service

      Would you like to know more about our industrial storage solutions? Or are you or your company already looking for a temporary industrial building for storage purposes? Our experts are happy to help you find an ideal, affordable storage shelter for your requirements.

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