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Garden storage box

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Convenient storage box

Buy a durable garden storage box

Organize your gardening essentials with an outdoor storage box designed for your garden space. A garden storage box provides a convenient solution to keep your tools, cushions & equipment secure and your garden and patio tidy.

Storage boxes made to stand the test of time

Choose the pinnacle of durability for your garden storage needs by opting for a PRIMEYARD garden box crafted from high-quality materials. Ensure your gardening tools are safeguarded against the elements year-round with a lockable, waterproof, and long-lasting sheet metal storage box. These premium features not only provide security for your equipment but also guarantee the longevity of the storage box, making it a wise investment for maintaining the integrity of your garden essentials.

Waterproof outdoor storage boxes keep everything dry

Our garden storage box is designed to be completely waterproof and can, therefore, be used to store all manner of things all year round. Ensuring that a garden storage box is waterproof protects your valuable gardening tools and equipment from the damaging effects of moisture, preventing rust, corrosion, and deterioration over time. Additionally, it safeguards items such as fertilizers, pesticides, and potting soil from moisture-induced spoilage.

Furthermore, a waterproof outdoor storage box helps maintain a clean and organized outdoor space by preventing rainwater from seeping in and potentially causing a damp environment that promotes mould and mildew growth. This extends the lifespan of your gardening tools and ensures a consistently dry and functional storage space.

Well sealed garden storage box

Metal storage boxes: durable, secure & low-maintenance

Steel sheet outdoor storage boxes offer a trifecta of advantages, making them an ideal choice for safeguarding garden accessories and equipment. Renowned for their durability, these boxes withstand the test of time, providing robust protection against various weather conditions. The inherent strength of steel ensures enhanced security, protecting your possessions against unauthorized access. Additionally, their low-maintenance nature simplifies upkeep, requiring minimal attention while delivering long-lasting reliability. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, steel sheet outdoor storage boxes seamlessly combine durability, security, and convenience, offering a comprehensive solution for organizing and preserving your valuable outdoor possessions.

Metal storage boxWooden garden chestPlastic garden storage box
Steel is a very durable and stable metal - in other words: steel remains dimensionally stable and resistant for years.
Although wood has an attractive design, it is sensitive to the weather. You can't count on more than 6-7 years of use.
Plastic is a very durable material - which means it can last for years. However, fluctuating temperatures can cause breakage.
Maintenance and Upkeep
A steel garden box is not only waterproof and durable but also low-maintenance and washable.
A wooden cushion box requires a lot of care and maintenance. Wood needs to be painted, varnished and sanded.
A plastic storage box is easy to clean using common household cleaning products.  Heavy-duty cleaning products should be avoided.
A metal garden box is highly UV-resistant.
Wooden garden boxes age quickly when exposed to UV light over multiple summers.
Unlike metal, a plastic outdoor box fades and can become brittle when exposed to UV light.

The garden storage box is lockable

The garden box is equipped with a lock and can therefore be secured anytime. More specifically, the garden boxes have a barrel lock with a high-quality feel that effectively defies the elements. The lock also makes the storage box childproof.

    The ideal cushion box will stand the test of time

    Because the outdoor storage box is waterproof and can be left outside all year round it serves as the ideal cushion storage box. The cushion storage box effectively protects the cushions and upholstery of your garden furniture as well as tools, toys and leisure items from moisture, wind, UV radiation and cold. This is due to the high-quality metal used to form the container. Hot-dip galvanised, enamelled steel sheets ensure the garden box is waterproof and long-lasting.

      Effortless gardening: outdoor tool storage solutions

      Free yourself from the hassle of searching for misplaced garden tools with an outdoor tool storage box. Exchange the tedious walk to the garage for a seamless gardening experience by keeping all your equipment organized in one garden chest. Protect your tools from rust and bad weather with garden storage near your work areas or specific activity zones. This ensures both convenient access and preserves the longevity of your gardening essentials.

      Other uses: recycling and toy storage

      Maximize your outdoor storage box with recycling or toy storage! An outdoor recycling box on your patio simplifies sorting recyclables outdoors, saving trips to the kerb. Keeping your recycling sorted outdoors helps free up space inside your home and encourages eco-friendly habits for the whole family. Similarly, an outdoor toy storage box tidily stows toys, keeping your yard neat and cleanup effortless.

      Store balls, bikes, and outdoor games safely and securely in a durable storage box designed to withstand the elements. The metal storage box also functions as an effective garden storage box for a lawn mower or outdoor storage for pool accessories.

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      Our expert service

      Invest in a top-quality metal box for the storage of furniture, cushions, or outdoor toys offering weather-resistant durability and years of maintenance-free outdoor storage. This storage container ensures the safety of your belongings without compromising on price or longevity. If you have any questions about our metal storage units, don't hesitate to contact our team of storage experts.

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