Corporate Responsibility

TOOLPORT supports the SOS Kinderdorf in Somalia!

The activities of the SOS Kinderdorf in Somalia started in 1983 with the construction of the first SOS Kinderdorf (children's village) in Mogadishu. Besides a kindergarten, the village comprises 12 family homes, a workshop and a sports field. Up to 120 orphaned children have found a home here.

The SOS kindergarten cares for approx. 120 children in 4 group rooms. Since 1988, 560 children, most of them from the Mogadishu area, learn reading, writing and arithmetic in 17 classes here. After the secondary school level, the youths have the opportunity to prepare for an independent life in the SOS youth house.

Besides the kindergarten and the school, the SOS Kinderdorf also has an SOS mother and child hospital. Mainly pregnant women receive medical care here like gynaecological examinations, help giving birth and extensive care after birth.

The support of western countries is especially important here in order to sustain the home of these numerous children. Any kind of help counts, especially in this time of civil war. TOOLPORT GmbH has also recognised this and supports the reconstruction and sustainment of this unique project.

What we want most of all is to give the children in Mogadishu hope for a better future.

Children supported by SOS Kinderdorf

TOOLPORT sends tents to Haiti!

As a partner of SOS Kinderdörfer, TOOLPORT also reacted immediately after the earthquake in Haiti in 2021. With large, weather-proof tents, TOOLPORT managed to provide fast and unbureaucratic assistance to the SOS Kinderdorfer on site, most of which were established decades ago and are therefore able to give fast and direct help. These tents give the children room to overcome what they've experienced with the help of psychologists and make a small contribution to a better future.

Children eating in a Toolport marquee