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Buy a green polytunnel

Affordable polytunnels for sale in the UK

The ideal polytunnel for your garden! Growing fruit and vegetables has never been more cost-effective. Find ease and comfort with our quick-to-assemble, foundation-free allotment polytunnels.

The advantages of our polytunnels

Our poly tunnels stand out because they're more affordable, easy to assemble, and don't require a foundation. This means you can set up your polytunnel quickly and start growing in your garden without the extra hassle or expense.

Strong polytunnel cover with optimal light distribution

Our heavy-duty polytunnel cover is crafted from transparent polythene (PE) plastic, known for its durability. This polythene material is capable of withstanding the elements, making our polytunnel covers a robust choice for any garden or farm. The UV-resistant properties of the polythene ensure long-lasting protection against sun damage, enhancing the longevity of the tunnel.

In addition to its durability, the polytunnel cover is designed to optimize light distribution. The polythene plastic diffuses light uniformly across the tunnel, creating an ideal growth environment for a wide variety of plants. This ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of light for healthy growth. Our reinforced polytunnel plastic sheeting is specifically engineered to balance light penetration, making it an excellent solution for both gardening enthusiasts and larger agricultural or commercial operations.

tear-resistant polytunnel in detail

Heavy-duty polytunnel frames

Our polytunnels are constructed for lasting resilience, featuring robust galvanised steel tubes in their frames to ensure superior durability and resistance to the elements over time.

robust polytunnel frame
  1. 1

    Galvanised steel tubes

    Fully treated inside and out for optimal corrosion and rust protection, with robust (ca.) Ø 25 mm steel tubes ensuring a strong foundation.

  2. 2

    Durability and design

    Impact and scratch-resistant, featuring a stable, round design for excellent load-bearing capacity.

  3. 3

    Easy assembly

    Our galvanised steel tubes have a high-quality click system that allows for swift setup without the hassle of separate connectors or small parts, complemented by screwed-in roof rafters and cross-bracing for added stability.

  4. 4

    Protection and Stability

    Includes tube caps to safeguard the film, designed for maximum stability with no welded parts.

  5. 5

    Enhanced wind resistance

    Optional ground anchoring accessories are available to fortify against harsh weather, ensuring your polytunnel remains secure.

Enhanced air circulation with doors and windows

Our poly tunnels are designed with optimal air circulation, incorporating thoughtfully integrated doors and windows. Our polythene cover comes with integrated side windows in the single-piece roof cover, each 70 cm wide by 50 cm high, for easy ventilation. Simply roll them up for air and secure them with Velcro, complete with pest-blocking fly screens for added protection.

Manage your garden with ease through a zip door as a rear entrance and a roll-up front gable wall that accommodates taller plants and doubles as a windbreak. Each polytunnel includes a protective extra large ground skirt that minimizes drafts, deters pests, and adds insulation.

roll-up polytunnel window

Polytunnels vs. Greenhouses

Opting for a polytunnel greenhouse over a traditional tempered glass or polycarbonate greenhouse for your garden offers notable benefits, including cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance. Unlike a rigid greenhouse structure, a polytunnel's flexible design allows for quick assembly, disassembly, and size adjustments to meet seasonal needs or crop changes. The polythene cover of a polytunnel is more affordable and accessible to replace than greenhouse glass and diffuses light evenly, reducing plant scorch risk and promoting uniform growth. A polytunnel's environment is more readily adaptable, with superior ventilation options compared to a greenhouse. These advantages make a polytunnel a versatile and practical choice for gardeners seeking to grow their crops with efficiency and adaptability.

Here's a quick comparison between greenhouses and polytunnels to guide your gardening decisions:
FeaturesPolycarbonate GreenhousesPolytunnelsGlass Greenhouses
Structure & Flexibility
  • Semi-rigid
  • More flexible than glass, allows for some design variations
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to extend, modify, and adapt to various needs
  • Rigid
  • Fixed shape, less adaptable
Insulation & Durability
  • Good insulation
  • More durable and impact-resistant than glass
  • Moderate insulation
  • Polythene cover is durable but may need replacement over time
  • Moderate insulation
  • Glass is durable but breakable
Assembly & Cost
  • Easier to assembly than glass
  • Cost-effective due to durability and lower maintenance
  • Easiest assembly
  • Most cost-effective due to simple construction and affordable materials
  • Complex assembly
  • Highest cost due to material and construction complexity
Light Transmission & Ventilation
  • High light diffusion
  • Customizable vents, less adaptable
  • Even light diffusion
  • Easily enhanced
  • High light transmission
  • Adjustable vents, comparably less adaptable

Explore our range of glass and plycarbonate greenhouses

Considering a more permanent gardening solution? Our glass and polycarbonate greenhouses offer the durability and structural integrity ideal for long-term projects. Explore these rigid, foundation-based options for a steadfast gardening experience.

Small polytunnel or large polytunnel?

Our options include a diverse range of walk-in polytunnel sizes, offering numerous choices to accommodate any gardening need. Each model is crafted to optimize the usable growing space, ensuring a uniform headroom of about 2 meters throughout, perfect for comfortable walk-in access and maintenance.

Polytunnel size Planting area (m²)
2x3 m
6 m²
3x4 m
12 m²
3x6 m
18 m²
3x8 m / 4x6 m
24 m²
4x8 m
32 m²
4x10 m
40 m²

Building up your polytunnel has never been easier

Building a polytunnel with our systems transforms what might seem like a daunting project into a straightforward task. Our easy-click system redefines the ease of polytunnel construction, making the assembly of even a small polytunnel a manageable, DIY-friendly endeavour.

Assemble the tubular frame by clicking the pieces together to form the base and arches, then with a helper, evenly drape the cover over the structure. Lastly, secure the cover onto the frame using Velcro or clips, ensuring it's snug and well-fastened around the entire polytunnel. Place the tunnel directly on the soil and let your polytunnel gardening begin!

Setting up is simple and requires no special skills. Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the PDF guide.

No foundation needed

Our polytunnels don't need a foundation, making setup even easier. Choose your spot, assemble, and you're ready to plant in the ground beds immediately. This simplicity means you can start your gardening without any delays.

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