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Front and rear walls for container roofs

Gable sides are available for transforming a simple shelter to a fully enclosed storage solution. This gives you the option of having the shelter half open or fully closed. The end walls are available for both the front and rear of the container canopy shelter. The front gable side is equipped with a large pull-up door that can be opened and closed by a pulley system.
Container shelters used to store vehicles

Container canopies - shipping container shelters

A container roof is a cost-effective solution for outdoor storage of vehicles and machinery as its design combines durability with absolute versatility.

Container shelters for commercial and industrial use

Container canopies are one of our most popular products for heavy commercial and industrial businesses in the UK. Allowing your business to multiply its covered storage space, the canopy connects on both sides to shipping containers or other structures. The semi-permanent container shelter has countless uses. A shipping container roof can be used to create workspace or serves as a safe and dry storage area for equipment and goods.

No foundations are needed to set up the shipping container canopy (although footings make it easier to open container doors), and all the necessary anchoring systems are supplied. The roof is easy to install and dismantle, making it great for temporary use, for example on construction sites. In most cases, no building permit is required for the installation of a container canopy used for storage.

The heavy duty materials of our container shelters

PVC container canopies

A highlight of our container roof kit is the Prime tarpaulin. This very high quality PVC tarpaulin, is an industry leader. The heavy duty PVC fabric is produced by casting liquid PVC around a dense inner mesh fabric. The manufacture of the roof canopy produces an extremely durable PVC container shelter that is three times more tear-resistant than conventional PVC. It is UV-resistant, certified fireproof and 100% waterproof.

The roof tarpaulin is held taut and fixed in place by a special belt system with ratchet tensioners. Tightly fixed container covers contribute to optimum stability and prevent wind induced movement. This in turn protects the tarpaulin and reduces the possibility of damage from extreme weather. One more thing: House of Tents has a 5-year warranty on closed, correctly fitted Prime tarpaulins, and a 10-year warranty against rusting through of the steel frame. (Please check specific terms and conditions on the warranty certificate for each model).

Container canopy with a heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin

Container shelter frames

Designed for year-round use, container canopy frames are made to withstand heavy loads. The distance between vertical arches is 1.5m, which allows the corrosion-resistant, hot-dip galvanised steel frame to bear heavy loads. Testing has shown that the container awning is robust and stable. If assembled correctly, the structure can withstand winds up to force 10 and snow loads to a specification of 40 kg/m² for the 6x6m model and 54 kg/m² for the 6x8m model respectively.

The arched shape of the container canopy with additional bracing is optimised for repelling weather-related forces, such as high winds and rainfall. The sloping roof allows rain, snow and dirt to run off with ease. Steel poles with a diameter of ca. 62 mm form the basis of the container roof shelter. Purlins and cross braces at either end of the arched frame significantly enhance the overall structural integrity of the roof.

Strong container shelter frame

How to mount a container canopy

The structure can be self-assembled without difficulty. In good weather conditions, most models can be erected by 2-4 people in about 6-8 hours. We recommend using a mobile scaffold, forklift or a lifting platform. Other than that, only standard tools are required for assembly.

The first step in installing a container canopy is to assemble the steel frame. 48 mm wide hot-galvanised arches are assembled first and then screwed together one after the other through the horizontal poles. Once the frame is finished, pull the fabric over the span of the construction from one side using rope. After aligning the tarpaulin cover, pull it tight with ratchet tensioners.

With the 4-in-1 twistlock system, there are four possible ways to mount the container roofing. The container shelter system allows for mounting the roofing system onto either containers or any other kind of hard surface. The four possibilities are:

  1. 1

    By bolting to the twistlock system of iso containers

    For this method, there are four solid steel plates at the corners of the canopy, which can be attached to the twistlock system. In addition, six further screw clamps are available for fixing the frame to the side edges of shipping containers.

  2. 2

    By dowelling onto hard surfaces

    For anchoring on building walls or concrete surfaces, long steel dowels with an extending threaded bush are supplied with which the cover can be firmly dowelled into holes bored into hard surfaces.

  3. 3

    By screwing to the mounting surface

    Container shelters can also be screwed onto other structural supports, such as scaffolding, using supplied mounting flanges.

  4. 4

    By welding onto steel beams

    The base poles can also be welded directly onto steel beams.

Container canopy sizes

In our range you will find canopies with widths of 6 m, 8 m and 10 m. The container canopies / shelters are designed to fit either 20 foot or 40 ft containers. Accordingly, we offer two different lengths – either 20 ft (6 m) or 40 ft container shelters (12 m).

Multiple container shelters can be connected to extend the length of the shipping container canopy. This allows for a fully covered loading or work area between multiple shipping containers. Likewise, you can customise the height of the roof, given that the cover can be fitted to any height of side wall. Note that gable walls however, extend to a maximum height of 6m at the apex (for shipping containers up to 2.6m high).

Large container canopy for big vehicles

Our expert customer service

If you notice any damage to a component of your container building, we recommend that you replace it with a part identical to the original. Container shelters are a versatile solution for creating additional space to store goods and machinery, as they include durable plastics and can serve as a temporary warehouse or shelter for various needs. Contact our expert customer service team for advice or any questions you might have.

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