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Our pop up gazebo accessories

Accessories in detail

We have a wide range of pop up gazebo accessories for optimising your easy up gazebo.

Fillable weight bags

Tie down ratchet straps

Attachable gazebo awning

Pop up gazebo at a beach bar

Waterproof pop up gazebos: a foldable tent for every occasion

You won't find a more flexible, multifunctional shelter. There's a perfect pop up tent for every event – in different colours and sizes.

A pop up tent to suit every need

Pop up gazebos are extremely quick to set up thanks to the scissor mechanism and provide excellent shelter from harmful UV rays on sunny days. They're suitable for countless purposes - from use at markets, trade fairs and festivals to the catering trade and even in your own garden. We have a wide range of pop up gazebos for sale in the UK and they're all 100% waterproof. All of our easy up tents are also adjustable in height!

A pop up gazebo with sides: more privacy and protection

Pop up gazebos with sides have many advantages - extra privacy, more shelter from the sun and in colder weather as a wind break against cool breezes. A fully closed folding gazebo with waterproof side panels offers wind and rain protection from all directions. The side walls also help to trap warm air under the canopy.

What makes for a heavy duty pop up gazebo?

Heavy duty means strong and robust. Heavy duty pop up gazebos have strong poles that don't bend in light winds, hard wearing connecting elements that don't break even after opening and closing the shelter countless times and a canopy that is hard-wearing and 100% waterproof. We've designed all of our products to meet these high standards to ensure they live up to the label: high quality and heavy duty.

Heavy duty pop up gazebos: A choice of steel or aluminium frames

Pop up gazebo aluminium frame

Aluminium frames

Advantages at a glance

  • Light and flexible
  • Naturally non-corrosive
  • Hardened and triple-anodised
  • 4 to 5-step height adjustment
  • Quick assembly and easy transport
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Pop up gazebo steel frames

Steel frames

Advantages at a glance

  • Robust and torsion-resistant
  • Professional powder coating
  • 3 to 5-step height adjustment
  • Easy-grip surface
  • Excellent stability due to high weight
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The unique features of our pop up gazebo frames

Our pop up gazebos have a hard-wearing scissor mechanism that can be unfolded smoothly and is fixed in place by a click system. Opening and closing the frame adds significant torsional pressure to the poles and connectors. Our frames are therefore built to be highly robust, with strong poles connected by heavy duty nylon connectors.

We've paid particular attention to the connectors in our pop up gazebo frames. Thanks to a material composition of polymer composites, similar to those used in the manufacture of aircraft, we've been able to deliver impressive torsion protection and load-bearing capacity.

Pop up gazebo aluminium frame

Polyester or PVC pop up canopies and their features

You have the choice between a high-performance polyester canopy with a PVC coating or a fully PVC fold up gazebo. High-performance polyester tarpaulins with PVC-coating have a tear strength[25] of ca. 700 - 800 N, while the pure PVC tarpaulins of our pop up canopies have a tear strength[25] of ca. 800 - 850 N, depending on the model. The service life of tarpaulins is most often defined by the quality of the seams. That’s why we put particular emphasis on ensuring strong, completely waterproof seams. Each seam is sealed with an inconspicuous, transparent tape in a high-temperature process.

Pop up gazebos with a polyester canopy fabric are extremely light, making them easy to transport and assemble. The advantages of pure PVC tarpaulins are an excellent resistance to environmental influences such as strong winds, a high degree of robustness and good performance in cold conditions.

Polyester pop up gazebo canopy

High quality polyester

  • Robust, tearproof & light
  • With waterproof PVC coating
  • Available in many different colours
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PVC pop up gazebo canopies

Long-lasting PVC

  • Robust, heavy & long-lasting
  • High UV protection factor
  • With a tearproof inner mesh
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Our pop up gazebo product lines

To ensure that you find exactly the right pop up tent for your purpose we offer folding gazebos in 3 different quality lines: Economy, Premium and Professional. These differ primarily in the material used in the frame (steel or aluminium) and overall strength.

Here's an overview of our polyester pop up gazebos:

FramePolesPVC-coated polyesterTear strength²⁵
EconomySteel or Aluminiumca.30-32 mm
700 N
PremiumSteelca. 40 mm
750 N
ProfessionalAluminiumca. 40-50 mm hexagonal800 N

And here's an overview of our PVC pop up gazebos:

FramePolesPVCTear strength²⁵
PremiumSteelca. 40 mm
800 N
Professional Aluminiumca. 40-50 mm hexagonal850 N

Fire resistant pop up gazebos ideal for professional use

Our PVC pop up canopies have a European certificate for fire safety (EN 13501-1). That makes them ideal if you're hosting a public event or hosting members of the public. Our fire-resistant pop up gazebos are often used in the outdoor areas of pubs, restaurants and cafes. Schools and care homes also carry an increased responsibility to ensure safety on their grounds.

Other common uses for fire-certified pop up gazebos include:

  • As a shelter for catering providers
  • As a smoking tent for your employees
  • At home in your garden with a barbecue or heater under the canopy.

3x3 pop up gazebo or something larger? Our sizes

Our pop up tents are available in sizes starting from 3 x 3 m and extending right up to 4 x 4m or 4 x 8 m. Consider beforehand how you want to use your garden canopy. If it's only for 4 people, a small pop-up gazebo such as our heavy-duty pop-up gazebo with sides 3 x 3 m might fit the bill. Our 3 x 4.5 m pop up gazebos are also absolute bestsellers. If you're planning to use the gazebo tent for a commercial purpose it might make sense to measure the amount of space you have available and opt for a large gazebo tent that will provide as much shelter as possible and ensure customers won't miss you. A 6 x 3 m pop up gazebo for instance, might be ideal for use as a market stall.

Pop up gazebo dimensions

A couple of tips that could help you make your choice:

  • Keep in mind that a darker shade of colour impacts the amount of light that filters into your shelter. A lighter shade provides excellent shade while also maintaining a practical and warm light-incidence.

  • On the other hand, darker shades have the advantage of masking small spots of dirt and grease. That makes them ideal for use in professional settings.

Popular uses like market stalls, garden shade or event tent

A portable market stall using a tent gazebo

If you're up at the crack of dawn for a market or event, you don't want to spend a long time assembling and transporting a market stall. With a pop up folding tent, assembly is quick and easy and can be achieved alone. A commercial pop up gazebo provides instant shelter for goods and clearly distinguishes the sales area from other stands. If you know you'll be spending a lot of time outside, 100% waterproof PVC canopies will be essential. We have a range of suitable market stalls for sale. PVC is available for our Premium and Professional pop up tents.

Market stand pop up gazebo

A pop up marquee for at home in the garden

If you need the flexibility to spontaneously host a garden party at the weekend, that's no problem. With a pop up gazebo, you can act fast and even adapt plans if the weather turns sour. This way no summer party will fall through.

You'll quickly discover how useful the garden tent is and you'll get much more out of your purchase than the odd weekend party. For example, it makes a perfect canopy for barbecue dinners and can provide shade and shelter for children playing outdoors. Use it as a beach canopy or on the patio for family get-togethers. Even if rain arrives you won't need to let it spoil the party.

Alternatively, you might want to use it as a shelter providing sunshade for outdoor garden furniture or deck chairs.

Pop up gazebo for garden shade

Ideal for outdoor events and sport clubs...

Show your spectators some appreciation with an outdoor sport canopy to provide some shelter from morning drizzle or the harsh UV rays from the mid-afternoon sun. The tent will see plenty of use, whether at games, trainings, open days or club events. They're great for events of all kinds including staff parties or school fairs and galas.

Pop up gzaebo for sports clubs

...or as a pop up workshop tent

Foldable gazebos are incredibly versatile. That makes them useful for a wide range of uses. At home, a pop up tent might provide shelter over the hot tub or keep firewood dry. The event tent can also be used as an awning for a caravan, as an instant camping tent or a home base at open-air festivals.

Businesses will also find a multitude of uses for their pop up tent. Fitness studios use our easy up gazebos for outdoor training on exercise machines. An industrial pop up gazebo may come in handy as a shelter on construction sites or as a pop up workshop tent for engineering crews carrying out maintenance on machinery on site.


How to put up a pop up gazebo

Assembling a pop up tent is easy. Thanks to the heavy duty scissor mechanism, all it takes is 2 minutes with 1-2 people. One person assembly of a pop up gazebo is possible but you will need to work patiently, particularly while opening the roof frame. Pop up gazebo instructions are included in the delivery and no tools are needed. If you'd like to secure the folding tent to the ground, a hammer may be useful.

Before you start, if you're in an outdoor environment ensure you have a level, even surface to support the legs of the tent. If necessary, paving slabs can be used to create an even surface.

Easy assembly of pop up gazebos

Pull the scissor mechanism of the pop up canopy apart slightly to a half open position. Then place the roof tarpaulin over the frame. Velcro fasteners in the corners connect the roof to the frame. Now gradually pull the legs further apart. If help is on hand, stand opposite each other whilst doing this. The gazebo tent should be pulled out until the robust click-in system is locked - if necessary, simply push the scissor framework upwards so that it locks in place. Then adjust the legs to the desired height. Last of all, side panels can be installed. That's it!

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Our service

Choose the best pop up gazebo for your individual use - from inexpensive to professional products and from models in the colour white to green or blue folding gazebos. They are all extremely stable and waterproof. Do you have any questions about our products or prices? Call our expert customer service on 01473 95 10 52 or send an e-mail to: service@houseoftents.co.uk.

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*1 Our original price in this shop including 20% VAT.
*25 According to the standard "DIN EN ISO 13934-1", the tearing strength is determined in a stretch test using a 5 cm wide strip sample of the tarpaulin. The specified value thus indicates the tearing force per 5 cm of tarpaulin width (in the lengthwise direction).