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Black pop up gazebos: Sleek & Stylish for your home or business

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Black pop up gazebos that leave an impression

A pop up gazebo in black leaves an impression. Black is a popular colour, especially for organisations and businesses that want to grab the public's attention with a striking appearance. Alternatively, you might want one for the garden, as the dark colour can conceal dirt or other marks on the tarpaulin. At House of Tents we have a wide variety of heavy duty pop up gazebos. You're bound to find one that suits your needs. If you like, you can dive straight in and browse our range of black gazebos with aluminium or steel frames, in 3 product qualities.

Black pop up gazebo at a beach club

Black pop up canopies with sides

Black gazebos are available with either PVC or polyester canopies. All of our heavy-duty gazebos have high performance waterproof canopies.  Polyester canopies have a PVC coating. For the ultimate in protection from heavy rain, tears, and UV radiation, PVC tarpaulins are available for Premium and Professional gazebos.

At House of Tents, you have the choice of buying a gazebo with either a complete set of 4 side walls, one without sides, or one with 2 sides. Removable sidewalls attach to the roof and legs with Velcro straps or plastic hooks. Our showerproof side panels feature either church windows, panorama windows, doors, as well as simply blank side panels that provide shelter and privacy.

Use black pop up gazebos for projectors

For film lovers, a black gazebo can also be set up as an outdoor blackout gazebo for projectors. Projecting onto black fabric, such as a black pop-up gazebo side panel, enhances image contrast and colour vibrancy by minimizing light reflection and spill. This results in a sharper and more immersive viewing experience, particularly in outdoor settings with varying ambient light conditions.

    Choosing between a steel or aluminium frame

    Our heavy duty frames are made of either fully galvanised steel or aluminium. Both frames are strong and reliable, and are fully protected from rust and corrosion. Steel is a heavier metal, and you will usually need at least 2 people to set it up. With this, comes unbeatable strength, the heavy duty powder-coated legs are very resistant to bending or breaking. Aluminium on the other hand is easy to transport, while also very robust. Frames have either a square or hexagonal profile, depending on the product and quality class.

    In our shop we have 3 different quality classes: Economy, Premium, and Professional. For Economy gazebos, the poles have a square profile in aluminium or steel. Premium frames are only available in steel, but have a thicker, stronger hexagonal profile. Professional gazebos have aluminium frames, and the profile of the legs and canopy poles is hexagonal.

    steel frames for pop up gazebos

    Steel frames

    • Heavy duty material
    • Fully galvanised - protected from rust
    See all steel gazebos
    Aluminium frames

    Aluminium frames

    • Lightweight and portable
    • 100% corrosion protected
    See all aluminium gazebos

    Find the right size black pop up gazebo

    Black pop-up gazebos come in a variety of sizes, making them versatile and adaptable for a wide range of outdoor events. Whether you're planning a cozy picnic in the park or camping adventure, or needing a patio shelter, there's a size to suit your needs. Among our most popular options are the 3m x 3m and 3m x 4m black gazebos, known for their compact yet spacious design, perfect for family picnics or intimate gatherings.

    For larger gatherings or events, we offer even more expansive options, with our 5x5 and 4x8 meter gazebos providing ample space to accommodate a sizable audience or to create a welcoming hub during camping trips. Whatever the occasion, our black pop-up gazebos combine functionality, style, and durability to ensure a comfortable and no-fuss outdoor experience.

    Find the right size pop up gazebo

    Pop Up Gazebos: perfect for garden parties and market stalls

    These shelters impress with their versatility. They can be erected without tools and are ready for use in a matter of minutes. Heavy-duty gazebos from the professional range of products in particular, are a good choice for business owners and clubs. That's becasue they can handle a lot of wear and tear, and can withstand a wider variety of weather conditions.

    Carry bags are included in delivery

    Every folding gazebo we offer includes a convenient carry bag, ensuring that you can easily transport and store your gazebo whenever needed. Premium and Professional pop-up gazebos come with carry bags equipped with roller wheels. These specialized bags make it effortless to move and store your gazebo, saving you time and effort.

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