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A black pop up gazebo shelters the back entrance and terrace

Easy to set up & transport

100% waterproof & stable

In aluminium or steel

Available in a wide variety of sizes

Black pop up gazebos: Sleek & Stylish for your home or business

A pop up gazebo in black leaves an impression. Black is a popular colour, especially for organisations and businesses that want to grab the public's attention with a striking appearance. Alternatively, you might want one for the garden, as the dark colour can conceal dirt or other marks on the tarpaulin. At House of Tents we have a wide variety of heavy duty pop up gazebos. You're bound to find one that suits your needs. If you like, you can dive straight in and browse our range of black gazebos with aluminium or steel frames, in 3 product qualities.

Choosing between a steel or aluminium frame

Our heavy duty frames are made of either fully galvanised steel or aluminium. Both frames are strong and reliable, and are fully protected from rust and corrosion. Steel is a heavier metal, and you will usually need at least 2 people to set it up. With this, comes unbeatable strength, the heavy duty legs are very resistant to bending or breaking. Aluminium on the other hand is easy to transport, while also very robust. Frames have either a square or hexagonal profile, depending on the product and quality class.

In our shop we have 3 different quality classes: Economy, Premium, and Professional. For Economy gazebos, the poles have a square profile in aluminium or steel. Premium frames are only available in steel, but have a thicker, stronger hexagonal profile. Professional gazebos have aluminium frames, and the profile of the legs and canopy poles is hexagonal. All of our heavy-duty gazebos have high performance waterproof canopies. The thickness of the polyester canopy material increases with the quality of the product. For the ultimate in protection from heavy rain, tears, and UV radiation, PVC tarpaulins are available for Premium and Professional gazebos.

Pop Up Gazebos: perfect for garden parties and market stalls!

These shelters impress with their versatility. They can be erected without tools and are ready for use in a matter of minutes. Heavy-duty gazebos from the professional range of products in particular, are a good choice for business owners and clubs as they can handle a lot of wear and tear, and can withstand a wider variety of weather conditions.

Take a look at some of the uses to which our customers put their black pop up gazebos:

  • At a trade show - potential clients and customers will associate your brand with professionalism and style.
  • Black waterproof pop up gazebos are often used as a portable carport at classic car meets or motorsport events.
  • As a shelter from sun and rain at sports events. They are especially useful for winter sports like rugby and football or at equestrian events where they are likely to collect some mud.
  • A sleek garden shade provider - especially for gardens with a modern design.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do pop up gazebos come with side walls?

At House of Tents, you have the choice of buying a gazebo with either a complete set of 4 side walls, one without sides, or one with 2 sides. Removable sidewalls attach to the roof and legs with Velcro straps or plastic hooks.

If you would like to provide shade for your patio, to cover the BBQ, garden furniture or outside dining table, a 3m x 3m, or 3m x 4m gazebo is a great option. Sandbags that attach to the legs with Velcro straps can be filled to a weight of up to 25kg per bag. For added security, you could tie the structure to walls or pegs in the ground with guy ropes.

Even with our heavy duty polyester fabric canopies and side panels, there is always the possibility of accidental damage. The advantage of shopping with a specialist manufacturer and supplier, is that we can guarantee the availability of spare parts for some models for 10 years. Give us a call to check if your desired product includes this guarantee. In our online shop you can use the spare parts form to order any parts that you need including leg poles, sides, canopies, and connector pieces.

A gazebo is considered waterproof when its canopy does not let water drip through, even during heavy rain. Plastic tarpaulins ensure this. The seams on House of Tents' products are mechanically sealed so that no water can penetrate them. Our garden gazebos with hardtops are also watertight since the top is made of solid polycarbonate.

Pop up Gazebos generally have a fully waterproof canopy made of high quality polyester. Heavier, thicker tarpaulins are more robust. The weight increases from 300g/m2 for Economy pop up tents to 400g/m2 for Professional pop up tents. For the ultimate in durability, professional gazebos can be purchased from House of Tents with a PVC tarpaulin. This roof tarpaulin has a weight of 620g/m2.

We don't recommend leaving your pop up gazebo standing overnight. You never know if the wind could pick up unexpectedly and cause damage to the structure. Furthermore, the tent is likely to suffer from condensation. You can learn more about the causes of condensation and how to avoid it in our magazine article condensation in tents. Of course, the best thing about pop up gazebos, is that you can easily fold them up at the end of the day. To save yourself time and effort, you can pop a gazebo cover over the tarpaulin and frame and leave it in the garden.

Marquees are often used for outdoor parties, weddings, market stands and small events, just like pop up tents. Marquees come in a wider variety of sizes, from 3x2m to 8x36m. Marquees take a little longer to set up - a minimum of an hour with the help of a friend, even for small marquees. On the plus side, they tend to be more stable in wind, and can be left standing over the summer months. Pop up gazebos are incredibly mobile, and afford you a great deal of flexibility. You can host an outdoor party as easily at the beach as in your own home!

Black gazebos already stand out as a stylish and attention grabbing information stand or market stall. A half height sidewall will make the stand look much tidier, allowing you to store bags and goods out of sight, under your table. In sunny or rainy weather, an awning is an invaluable customer magnet, as members of the public will be drawn to, and spend longer at your stand if they can shelter under an awning.

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