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High quality pop up gazebo 3x6m white

Offers space for
ca.18 ca.12

100% waterproof

Height adjustable

Quick assembly

3x6m Pop up gazebos: weather protection across 18m²

Have you got big plans for a get-together, and need a lot of space? Then the 3x6 m pop up gazebo is just the right choice. Not only does it comfortably fit a car or three long bench tables but also provides outdoor space for at least 18 people standing or a large wedding buffet. Thanks to the practical, heavy duty scissor mechanism, assembly of the gazebo takes no time at all. Only a pop up gazebo is that flexible!

Aluminium or steel?

We offer pop up gazebos with either aluminium or steel frames. Powder coated steel frames are considerably heavier, but more shock proof than aluminium frames. Most models come with a durable PVC-coated polyester roof tarpaulin, with fire-safe models using a pure PVC tarpaulin instead. The models are categorised in our shop as Economy, Premium and Professional qualities. Differences in quality (and accordingly price) are observed in the type of metal used in the frame, the thickness and profile of the poles, the material and weight of the canopy fabric, and optional side panels, including special features such as doors and panorama windows.

The Computer Bild top ranked gazebo in the "Gazebo rankings 2020":

Robust pop up gazebo 3x6 m with rectangular windows

The top-ranking gazebo in Computer Bild's test

Computer Bild searched for the best pop up gazebos of 2020 and found what they were looking for! Our pop up gazebo received top marks for:

  • The high quality of workmanship
  • Ease of assembly
  • High stability
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Possible uses for the gazebo 3x6 m

In the 3x6 m size, the foldable gazebo marquee is used as a private shelter or as a commercial gazebo:

  • Market stall (most often with half height side walls in white)
  • Trade shows
  • Sun cover at a garden party
  • Privacy screen, e.g. for catering
  • Shelter at sporting events
  • Storage area
  • Reception/bar/buffet or bistro
  • Stand at street festivals
  • Weather protection at festivals
  • Shelter at parties with a beer tent set-up
  • Carport at sporting events

Frequently asked questions

Does House Of Tents offer free delivery?

We offer free delivery on many of our products. Currently, all of our 3x6m pop up gazebos come with free delivery. Look for the green "free delivery" mark on the product descriptions.

Even with our heavy duty canopy and side panel tarpaulins made of polyester, a small mishap can always happen. In our online shop you can use the spare parts form to order any parts that you need including leg poles, sides, canopies, and connector pieces.

You can secure your gazebo with accessories. On hard grounds like asphalt and concrete this is best done with sandbags or other weights, on soft ground, like lawn or sand with tent pegs or heavy duty ground stakes. Nevertheless, we recommend taking down the tent in very strong winds to avoid damage. Even a professional gazebo can bend and break in heavy rain and winds. In our online shop you will find a wide range of accessories for professional pop up gazebos.

Folding gazebos are designed to be easy to put up and take down. The gazebo frame can be fastened to the lawn with guy ropes and tent pegs, but it is still a risk to leave it out in the garden overnight. Removing the canopy can be a hassle, so we recommend folding up the gazebo and popping a cover over the top to protect against any rain or dew.

Our gazebos have the largest colour selection of all the outdoor shelters offered in our online shop. While white is the most popular colour, we have plenty of choice! In the 3x6m size, the colours white, blue, green, red, black, orange, purple, cream, dark grey and petrol are available. Which colour suits your outdoor event best?

At House of Tents, you have the choice of buying a gazebo with either a complete set of 4 side walls, a gazebo roof without sides, or one with 2 sides. Removable sidewalls attach to the roof and legs with Velcro straps or plastic hooks.

Our pop up gazebos are designed to be portable without compromising sturdiness. They’re very easy to pop-up and taken down. If you are looking for a decorative outdoor shelter that will remain standing for months or years, we recommend our garden gazebos. Of course, you can still set up the practical folding tent in your own garden, for example for an outdoor party with friends or as sun protection over a children's paddling pool. And for larger events (confirmations, weddings, family celebrations) there is of course the classic: the marquee. A marquee can also stand for a relatively long time and is particularly robust.

All our tents and gazebos are 100% waterproof. The roof of our waterproof gazebos are either made of polyester, with a PVC coating on the inner side, or out of pure PVC. The PVC that features in all of our pop up gazebo roofs ensures that the canopy is both UV and water resistant. In addition to the PVC coating, the seams are mechanically tape-sealed. In addition, the poles of both steel and aluminium gazebo frames are corrosion protected. With the best will in the world, no water can get through!

If you would like to set up a shelter on your patio, to cover the BBQ, garden furniture or a dining table, a 3x6m gazebo marquee is a great option. Sandbags that attach to the legs with Velcro straps can be filled to a weight of up to 25kg per bag. For added security, you could tie the structure to walls or ground anchors with guy ropes.

For short term storage, you can fold up the gazebo and pop a gazebo cover over the top, leaving it standing in the garden. Waterproof gazebo covers for 3x6m gazebos can be found in our online shop. For longer term storage, the folding gazebo comes with a hard-wearing storage bag. We recommend checking that the roof (and each side wall) of the tent is dry before it is stored. Otherwise, heat and moisture can cause mould and mildew stains, leaving unsightly marks on the canopy. So make sure to let the canopy fabric and each side wall dry thoroughly before storing the tent.

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3x6m pop up gazebos from House of Tents

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