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Green pop up gazebos: A waterproof shelter for the nature

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Green pop up gazebos that fit into their surroundings

A pop up gazebo in green is ideal for setting up in a garden or park where it can blend into its outdoor environs. Green is a popular colour, especially where you want an unassuming shelter for outdoor events or your garden. At House of Tents we have a wide variety of waterproof pop up gazebos. Take a look at our most popular green gazebos with either steel or aluminium frames.

Pop up gazebo for sports clubs

How to choose between a steel or aluminium frame

We have a wide range of pop up gazebos on offer. There are differences in both the number, and type of side panels, the design and thickness of frame elements, and the thickness of canopy and side tarpaulins. The biggest difference is, however, the material used for the frame.

Our heavy duty frames come in either steel or aluminium. Both frames are strong and reliable, and are fully protected from rust and corrosion. Our powder-coated steel frames are noticeably heavier, making them more difficult to transport and handle. Steel is of course a very strong and sturdy material, making the structure less likely to bend or break. Aluminium is light and easy to transport, yet very durable. Whether steel or aluminium, our waterproof gazebos all come with a carry bag for transport.

Our Economy gazebos are available with either an aluminium or steel frame, featuring poles with a square profile. Premium frames are only available in steel, but have a thicker hexagonal profile that is more resistant to knocks and bumps. Professional gazebos have aluminium frames with hexagonal-profile poles.

Steel frame pop up gazebo

Steel frames


  • Very robust
  • Fully galvanised - protected from rust
Pop up gazebos with steel frames
Aluminium frame pop up gazebos

Aluminium frames


  • Lightweight. Easy to transport
  • 100% corrosion protected
Pop up gazebos with aluminium frames

Green Pop Up Gazebos: how they’re used

A green gazebo is the go-to for anyone who wants or needs a waterproof outdoor shelter that is quick to erect, easy to transport, and looks at home in the garden.

Here’s a selection of ideas from our customers of how a green pop up gazebo can be used:

  1. 1

    Catering Tent

    A catering tent is useful at weddings and other outdoor events where a discreet space for preparation or storage is needed. For this purpose, you will need to choose from our range of green gazebos with a full set of four sides including a panel with a door. You can choose between side panels with a single zip door or a door with two zips, that can be rolled up to the canopy.

  2. 2

    Pool or sandpit shelter

    A canopy covering an inflatable pool or sandpit allows children to spend all afternoon outside in the shade, protected from harmful UV rays. Premium and Professional gazebos offer a UV protection factor of 50+ and are therefore ideal for this purpose.

  3. 3

    Two in one gazebo

    A pop up gazebo can be used as outdoor storage for garden furniture and as a sun canopy for picnics on hot summer days.

  4. 4

    Camping gazebo

    Pop up gazebos are useful as multi-purpose camping shelters, either for relaxing with a cup of tea in the morning or a few beers in the evening, or as a caravan awning providing space for storage and most importantly, allowing you room to move about on a day full of rain. Read more in our magazine article Gazebos and camping: a wonderful match!

Frequently Asked Questions about green pop up gazebos

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Contact our customer service team for all your questions!

Should you have any questions, for example about the prices of our gazebos or enquire about alternative colours for your favourite model, from black to grey to beige, blue or even purple, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our expert UK customer service team will be happy to answer all your questions over the phone or by email!

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