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Field shelter for farm storage

Buy mobile field shelters for storage out on the farm

Find many different field shelter models in various sizes and qualities in our online shop.

The many benefits of our field shelters

All models are 100% waterproof and highly resistant to UV radiation - perfect for storing hay, forage, agricultural machinery or other vehicles.

Order now - from Europe's leading dealer of large-scale tent solutions!

Benefits include:

  • Many products come with a 10-year supply of spare parts from the date of purchase

  • Special warranties (see specific Guarantees) on some products

  • Professional consulting and outstanding support

Our farm storage tents and field shelters: stable, robust and watertight

Mobile field shelters are usually set up all year round and are therefore exposed to all kinds of weather extremes. A durable, stable construction made of high-quality materials is therefore essential.

For this reason, the poles of our pasture tents and shelters are made of fully galvanised, thick-walled steel. Horizontal poles have a diameter of 60 mm, while vertical poles have a diameter of 76 mm. This makes them particularly robust and, thanks to full galvanisation, provides excellent protection from corrosion.

Farm storage tent for storing hay

Field shelters have a strong PVC tarpaulin

PVC is used as tarpaulin material for all on-farm shelters. PVC is a particularly resistant material and its feel is similar to that of a truck tarpaulin. PVC can withstand strong, weather-related influences such as wind, temperature changes, sunlight and rain for long periods.

Our PVC tarpaulins also have a hard-wearing inner mesh fabric that gives the tarpaulin additional support and strength. Polyethylene tarpaulins are not suitable for use as a livestock shelter.

PVC material used for field shelters

Field shelters in a range of sizes and qualities

We offer our farm shelters in two qualities: PREMIUM, and BASIC. Each of these models is also available with a fire-resistant certified tarpaulin. Within these groupings, you can also select from our range of different sizes.

Extra strong: The PREMIUM field shelter

The PREMIUM quality field shelters are a stable tent for the storage or shelter of agricultural goods and machinery. They have an extra strong oval tube profile made of fully galvanised steel and large foot plates for anchoring. These large foot plates give these farm shelters a very high degree of stability.

The heavy PVC tarpaulin is particularly hard-wearing thanks to the tear-resistant grid inner fabric. You can also choose a heavy and fire-resistant Prime roof tarpaulin made of PVC for your PREMIUM field shelter. Both tarpaulins are fixed tightly to the heavy-duty frame of the tent by a special tarpaulin tensioning system. This reduces the formation of water pockets and vulnerability to wind. In addition, the frame of the PREMIUM pasture shelter is reinforced up to 6 times and the roof and side tarpaulins are made of one piece - for additional stability.

Field shelter with tractor

Good to know

All of our field shelters are equipped with built-in ventilation windows - preventing build-up of moisture and allowing for optimal air circulation inside the tent. Thanks to these ventilation flaps, agricultural vehicles or stored hay bales and machines are ideally protected from wind, rain, dirt - and in winter from rust and possible damage. Our BASIC and PREMIUM field shelters are not suitable for keeping livestock.

    Quick Assembly: The BASIC field shelter

    Our BASIC farm storage tents are highly mobile and can be assembled and disassembled quickly. Depending on the setup location, customers can choose between anchoring systems for concrete floors or soil.

    The BASIC farm storage tent as standard has a tarpaulin made of PVC material, while the BASIC PLUS model has a Prime PVC tarpaulin, which is fire-resistant. Both tarpaulins have seams welded in a high-temperature process, are 100% waterproof and UV-resistant with a certified sun protection factor of 50+. The Prime PVC tarpaulin, also offers a particularly high tear resistance - 3 times higher than conventional PVC trade tarpaulins.

    Basic field shelter

    Good to know

    Our ECONOMY portable garage and our BASIC pasture shelter are identical tents which can be used either as a carport or as farm storage. They are of the highest quality and extremely stable. As a permanent shelter they offer protection from wind and weather and serve as storage space for machines, equipment, fodder, crops and cars. Our mobile field shelters are not fitted with kick bars and other safety features and are therefore not suitable as horse stalls or livestock shelters.

      Field shelter sizes available in our shop

      Our PREMIUM farm tents are available in the size 6x6 m or 4x4 m. BASIC agricultural shelters have a width of 3.3 m, with varying lengths available.

      All field shelter qualities at a glance

      ProductWidth x lengthTear strength²⁵ of PVC TarpaulinOptional additions
      Basic pasture tent3.3 x 4.8
      (up to 9.6)
      ca. 800 N

      Tie down kit

      Basic Plus pasture tent3.3 x 4.8
      (up to 7.2)
      ca. 2300 N

      Tie down kit

      Premium pasture tent6 x 6ca. 850 N

      Tie down kit

      Premium Plus pasture tent6 x 6ca. 2300 N

      Tie down kit

      Looking for something bigger?

      Are you looking for even larger tents as shelter or storage for your machines? Then take a look at our Industrial Tents. Our spacious Viking tent in particular could be of great interest if you are searching for a multi-purpose outdoor storage solution. Depending on the season, the extra space may be useful for housing farm machinery, to stack hay bales, or as a storage area for fencing equipment or tack. Caravan storage is also a possibility with our large portable garages.

      The advantages of mobile field shelters

      Farm storage tents are ideal for storing or sheltering agricultural vehicles, machinery, materials, hay or fodder. This makes farm storage tents the ideal on-farm storage solution for year-round use.

      Portable storage out on the pasture

      Farm tents are designed as a mobile storage space for hay, straw, wood or other goods. They are often used as a portable hay store, as a garage tent, or as a canopy for firewood. Off farm, they are a great option for housing of outdoor machines, garden tools or as a garage for vehicles.

      The high mobility of pasture tents and shelters helps to ensure that they can be dismantled, stored, or flexibly set up elsewhere at any time. Fulfil your wish of having a space that meets your needs, and can be set up wherever you need it - without all the bureaucratic effort. This is a great advantage if you are farming a leased property. Tents can always be moved or resold. Please note, however, that approval requirements may differ from region to region. We therefore recommend that you obtain detailed information about building requirements in advance.

      The cost-effective alternative to solid buildings and pasture huts

      A mobile field shelter is, from an economic and building law perspective, an attractive alternative to a solid construction such as a barn or other farm building. In the case of a fixed open stable in the countryside, you will need a building permit, whereas with field shelters no extra permit is required. There are two options for portable open stables: a shelter made of wood or corrugated iron, or a mobile field shelter with a steel frame and PVC cover.

      The PVC field shelter differs from a pasture hut in that it is easier to move around without a vehicle and won't damage the pasture. Sheds are usually made of corrugated iron, and are generally much heavier in terms of material. In addition, PVC field shelters are cheaper than huts and provide better protection from wind.

      The strong steel frame of a farm storage tent

      Alternatives to a field shelter

      If you need an even larger shelter for agricultural or commercial use or for private purposes, it is worth taking a look at the categories arched shelters, storage tents or industrial tents. In these categories you will find particularly large and stable tents that can be erected for longer periods and are resistant to environmental influences. Some products are even available with certified load capacities.

        Assembling a portable storage shelter

        The assembly time of a portable farm storage tent depends on the size and complexity of the product. If the tent has many individual parts and a complex frame, assembly takes longer. In general however, you can pop up a field shelter in a matter of 1-2 hours with 2 people, even for larger tents.

        A foundation is not necessary for assembly, but is an option. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between concrete anchors or soil anchoring pegs at the point of purchase. The surface should be even so that the tent frame rests level on the ground. Easy to understand assembly instructions are included for quick self-assembly.

        The tent can be dismantled quickly thanks to its simple design. It can therefore be stored or transported to a new location in the shortest possible time.

        Tensioning the field shelter tarpaulin

        Planning permission for farm storage tents

        For our field shelters planning permission is usually not needed. However, the regulations may differ per country and per region. We therefore recommend that you inform yourself on this topic in advance.

          Care and maintenance

          If you want to make the most of your mobile shelter for an extended duration, you should check it regularly, clean it and repair it if necessary. Check that all ground pegs and the ground anchoring system are really still firmly anchored in the ground. Check rubber loops, roof tarpaulins and rope systems for damage. If you find any damage, it should be repaired as soon as possible so that the damage doesn't get worse. It's best to use the appropriate, original materials for replacement or repair, as these were specially developed for use in tents! Replacement materials and parts are available from us for many products for 10 years after the date of purchase. Just give us a call, our customer service will be happy to help you.

          You can quickly clean the tarpaulin with water, standard cleaning agents or with special PVC cleaners. Before you store the tent, it should be completely dry to prevent the formation and build up of mould.

          Our Service

          Contact our staff now and get detailed information about field shelter products.

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