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Garden gazebo accessories

Accessories and spare parts in detail

In summer, consider a couple of our accessories to improve your outdoor haven.

Mosquito nets for pest-free evenings

Sun sails for a cooler garden gazebo

Replacement roofs and sides

Garden gazebo on the patio

Heavy duty garden gazebos brighten up your garden

Stunning garden gazebos are the ultimate in outdoor comfort! Buy a garden gazebo from the specialists and level-up your backyard.

Garden gazebos: tips and ideas for the perfect outdoor haven

Our heavy-duty garden gazebos have either an aluminium or steel frame, with a fixed polycarbonate canopy or a soft-top polyester tarpaulin. They are ideal for year-round outdoor use in the UK, as sun protection or shelter in the event of rain. Pull the sides across to enclose yourself from the wind and passing showers. Our 100% waterproof garden gazebos are available in sizes 3x3 m, 3x4 m, 3x3.65 m, or 4x4 m and can be erected quickly.

A permanent garden gazebo for your backyard

A garden gazebo is any kind of gazebo with a permanently installed frame. Soft top roofs are suitable for use over the summer months and are easy to install and take down as the weather begins to sour. All weather garden gazebos with a hardtop roof are permanent fixtures and can withstand the worst of winter weather.

A hardtop garden gazebo for all weather conditions

Our Deluxe garden gazebos have a hardtop roof made of polycarbonate and are particularly suitable for year-round use. Hardtop gazebos are exceptionally robust and are designed to withstand all kinds of weather-related events. As well as being 100% waterproof, they are designed to withstand the accumulation of snow on the roof. The aluminium frame of our permanent garden gazebos also offers a high level of protection against corrosion.

Polycarbonate roof hardtop gazebo

A soft top semi-permanent garden gazebo

A soft top garden gazebo with a polyester canopy is also 100% waterproof, thanks to a polyurethane coating and machine-taped seams. These make fantastic summer garden gazebos, providing protection from UV rays with a UV factor of 30+ (Classic) or 50+ (Premium).

Semi-permanent gazebos with a polyester canopy are designed to be used from spring into autumn. The canopy and side panels need to be taken down over the winter to protect the materials and ensure a long service life. Excessive temperature fluctuations damage the polyester and in the long run, lead to breaks in the waterproof tarpaulin material. We therefore recommend removing the lightweight canopy and side panels in autumn and storing them in a dry place. The frame does not need to be removed and can remain in place over the winter.

Soft top garden gazebo

Garden gazebo ideas for the patio or garden

Apart from setting it up on the lawn in the garden, some of the UK's most popular garden gazebo ideas could help you plan and landscape your backyard.

Our metal frame garden gazebos

Our metal garden gazebos have either a steel or aluminium frame. We’ve developed our design over many years to refine the structure ensuring that they are as durable as possible. Steel framed garden gazebos are incredibly strong and highly resistant to accidental impact. They’re corrosion protected thanks to a thick phosphate powder coating. Aluminium garden gazebos are naturally resistant to rust, and the 90 mm wide upright posts are also very robust and can support a lot of weight. The Rendezvous Classic model has a round-profile steel frame, while all other models have a square frame.

Strong metal frames of our garden gazebos

The wooden garden gazebo look plus the strength of metal

The allure of a wooden garden gazebo is hard to ignore. Metal frame gazebos meanwhile, are long-lasting and will retain their look over years and years of use. In addition, metal garden gazebos require less maintenance over many years of use. You can benefit from the best of both worlds by buying a metal garden gazebo with a convincing wood finish. Our Forest line features a metal frame with either a birch or oak finish that has a great natural look.

Hardtop gazebos as BBQ gazebos!

Create a communal atmosphere in your garden with our stylish BBQ gazebos. These structures are perfect for sheltering you and your guests by offering protection from sun, rain, and wind. For those looking to grill under a gazebo, we recommend our steel hard-top gazebos with no sidewalls.
Note: We do not recommend grilling under our soft-top gazebos or with our sun sail accessory attached.

bbq gazebo

BBQ gazebo recommendations

Possibilities with garden gazebos with sides

Heavy-duty garden gazebos have fully waterproof curtains that keep the rain and wind out of your garden sanctuary. The curtains hang loosely at the legs when open, producing an inviting atmosphere. To close the gazebo, zip the panels to each other on each side. Garden gazebo side panels have a good weight, which makes them resistant to wind, UV light and rain. That's why a permanent gazebo with curtains is perfect for all seasons – for backyard BBQs and get-togethers, for storing garden furniture, or as a fully closable and eye-catching canopy over your hot tub or spa.

Hanging garden gazebo curtains

Garden gazebos also available without sides

Most of our gazebos come with a full set of four showerproof side walls. The Sunset Deluxe with hardtop canopy is also available without side panels. Whether for the Sunset Deluxe or any other of our models, if you wish to add or replace side panels at a later date, a set of four replacement curtains is available for all models and sizes (3m x 3m, 3m x 4m, and 4m x 4m).

    The four gazebo lines at a glance:

    1. 1

      Rendezvous: Lower-priced line with playful, decorative design – functional and stable.

    2. 2

      Sunset: Visually refined product line with high stability and functionality.

    3. 3

      Forest: Discreet and natural wood finish that combines a wonderful aesthetic with long-lasting materials.

    4. 4

      Moonlight: Elegant and durable - includes a mosquito net for evening relaxation.

    The most important material differences in our garden gazebo lines
    Product line(s)Frame materialLeg profileRoof materialSPF
    Forest Superior
    Sunset Superior

    ca. 90 x 90 mm
    0.5 mm
    galvanised steel plates
    Forest Deluxe
    Sunset Deluxe
    Rendezvous Deluxe
    ca. 90 x 90 mm
    ca. 8 mm thick
    polycarbonate panels
    Moonlight DeluxeAluminium / SteelSquare ca. 80 x 80 mm
    ca. 6 mm thick polycarbonate panels
    Forest Premium
    Sunset Premium
    Rendezvous Premium
    ca. 90 x 90 mm
    ca. 220 g/m²
    polyester tarpaulin
    Sunset ClassicSteelSquare
    ca. 60 x 60 mm
    ca. 180 g/m2
    polyester tarpaulin
    Rendezvous ClassicSteelRound
    ca. 48 mm Ø
    ca. 180 g/m2
    polyester tarpaulin

    Choose from a range of garden gazebo sizes

    Ideal on the terrace or in the garden, our small and large garden gazebos offer a spacious area to share your meals with family and friends or to spend quality time outdoors. Our bestsellers include the waterproof and sturdy 3x3 m and 3x4 m garden gazebos. If you need to cover a particularly large area, our large waterproof garden gazebos 4x4 m will do the job. Additionally we also offer a 3x3.65 m size exclusively for the Moonlight line.

    Of course, you will need to keep in mind how much space you have available in the garden, not forgetting any height restrictions. Our gazebos have a height at their apex of between 2.7 and 2.96 m.

    Find the right colour for your garden gazebo

    Choose your favourite colour for your outdoor room! Cappuccino (beige), Cream (light beige) or Champagne (white) are inviting pastel colours that are well suited to modern styled gardens. If you prefer a grey garden gazebo, you have a choice between Grey, the slightly darker Loft Grey or the lighter shade of Stone. And if you can't decide, you can always retrofit side panels and renew your gazebo with different colours and combinations.

    How to put up a garden gazebo

    Your heavy-duty gazebo requires a foundation for anchoring. Note that patio gazebos should be fixed to the ground rather than to the surface of the patio or terrace, whether paving stones or hardwood. The frame is then assembled step by step with the help of the easy-to-understand garden gazebo instructions.

    Once the structure is upright, attach the roof. For soft tops, pull the canopy over the frame. Hardtop gazebos take a little longer to assemble. You will need to insert the polycarbonate plates carefully into the structure and secure them with metal fixtures. They are engineered to fit exactly in the frame.

    Finally, you will need to secure the gazebo legs to the foundation with concrete anchors. Our animated assembly videos show the structure's construction from start to finish. You can find all assembly videos in the respective product descriptions or on our House of Tents YouTube channel.

    Frequently asked questions about garden gazebos

    Can a garden gazebo be attached to the house like an awning?

    How can you wash garden gazebo side curtains?

    Can you keep a garden gazebo up all year?

    Our Service

    We have a large team of garden gazebo experts that are on hand to answer any questions you might have. They're also happy to assist you in ordering spare parts or give tips on incorporating a garden gazebo into your garden design.

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