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The Manuel garden shed

Buy garden sheds for your outdoor area

Keep your garden tools safe in a metal shed all year round. With a garden shed, you can store all your gardening tools and equipment in one place and within easy reach.

Great quality metal garden sheds

Our tool sheds and outdoor cabinets are made of high-quality metal and are therefore extremely sturdy and durable. Buy an outdoor storage solution for your garden or patio now at a competitive price from your specialist dealer.

Advantages of a metal garden shed

All products in our garden shed range are made exclusively of metal. Specifically, our tool sheds are made of hot-dip galvanised steel: both walls and roof panels. Steel is an extremely dimensionally stable metal. It is load-bearing and weather-resistant, which is precisely why it is the right material for our metal sheds. The sides, back, sliding doors and roof of the Florian garden cabinets and Manuel garden sheds are made of sheet steel. This material is first treated with a galvanisation process, then powder coated. The result is a durable, fully rustproof and waterproof outdoor storage cabinet that can remain outdoors in all conditions.

Moreover, a steel garden store is essentially maintenance free. Apart from the occasional cleaning, you don't have to worry about it. Any stains can easily be removed with a garden hose and a sponge. This is a huge advantage over, for example, a wooden shed, which is only protected from the elements with a coat of paint or varnish. As a result, a storage box made of timber also requires more maintenance.

Aluminium panels

Metal garden shed

  • Heavy duty material
  • Modern & simple appearance
  • Weather-resistant
  • Extremely robust
  • Withstands the load of garden tools
  • High roof load capacity
Wooden panels

Wooden garden shed

  • Natural appearance
  • Natural material
  • Usually easy to assemble
  • Sensitive to weathering
  • Low roof load capacity
  • High care & maintenance
Plastic shed material

Plastic garden shed

  • Modern look
  • Weather-resistant
  • Available in many colours
  • Easy to clean
  • Not suitable for storing heavy equipment
  • Reduced roof load capacity

Weatherproof tool sheds for year-round use

Wet garden tools can lead to rust, so above all else, it's important that a storage box is waterproof. Our rust resistant metal sheds are weatherproof and can therefore withstand all that British weather can throw at it. Both our tool sheds and storage boxes also feature a patented rainwater drainage system. This protects the walls from soiling and rainwater is guided effectively to the ground by the system.

Metal garden sheds with a modern design

A tool shed with a minimalist and modern design is simple and elegant. Our GFP garden sheds look good in any garden and fit perfectly into the style of any home. In our online shop, steel tool sheds are available in two colours: anthracite and grey. A shed in anthracite grey looks extremely elegant and refined. A grey shed, on the other hand, is very modern and light. Choose the colour of shed that best suits your outdoor space.

Garden shed with a modern design

Our garden shed product lines

Our selection of metal sheds includes the Florian and Manuel product lines. The Florian models serve as a small garden shed, with a depth of between 0.5 and 0.75 m, compared to the Manuel garden sheds with a depth from 1.15 m to over 2.5 m. The Florian models are therefore designed to be used as a storage cabinet. A storage cabinet is ideal for a yard or patio where space is limited.

The Manuel line of garden sheds provide more garden storage. The larger walk-in models are easily large enough to be used as bike storage, alongside all of your other garden tools. While the Manuel metal sheds have a stronger roof, the Florian outdoor storage cabinets feature a built in base.

Metal tool shed

Metal shed product features

Garden shed floors

All Florian garden tool cupboards are supplied with a floor. The garden shed floor has a load-bearing capacity of ca. 450 kg/m², so that the metal storage cabinet can also support heavy and large garden tools without any problems. Nevertheless, we recommend that you also place the cabinet on a concreted surface. To ensure the best possible footing, the concreted surface for your storage space must be perfectly level. Thanks to the adjustable feet of our practical garden cupboards, wobble-free footing is also ensured.

Sliding doors

Our garden sheds are equipped with sliding doors, so that the storage space in the garden can be conveniently opened and closed. The integrated sliding door is mounted on rollers so that it's easy to open, yet isn't affected by strong winds. Another advantage of the sliding door is that it is incredibly space saving. No extra space is required for the door arc when the door opens, making it a great option to maximise your outdoor storage area.

The smaller tool sheds in the Florian line, as well as the Manuel 1811, 1815 and 2218 are equipped with a triple sliding door. Our large tool sheds, including the Manuel 2518, 2525 and 2922 have a quadruple sliding door that opens in both directions. Each sliding door is lockable with an integrated lock.

Walk in garden shed with sliding doors

High roof load capacity

The roofs of our Manuel tool sheds have a slight slope of 1.8 degrees. This detail ensures that rain and snow can optimally drain off the roof. The MANUEL garden shed has a very high load-bearing capacity of approx. 300 kg/m². This means that even in regions prone to snowfall, this model can remain in the garden all winter long. The garden shed owes this extraordinary load capacity to the extremely stable and robust metal construction. the Florian storage cabinet meanwhile, has an impressive load-bearing capacity of ca. 150 kg/m².

How to build a garden shed

Assembling our tool sheds is an easy task that you can do yourself. You don't need to hire a specialised company to build the shed, nor do you need to spend a lot of money. Assembly can be done easily without the intervention of a specialist company, as long as you follow the assembly instructions.

Before assembly, you must read the instructions carefully and not deviate from the steps indicated. After receiving your metal tool shed, we recommend that you immediately check the kit for completeness. We then suggest that you place all the pieces on a surface and put all the individual parts in order. This will make assembling the garden shed much easier!

Planning permission and garden sheds

Even when building a small garden shed, it pays to be aware about rules concerning planning permission for a garden shed. In some cases, you will not need to apply for planning permission as your metal shed will be considered a permitted development. As an example, it's important to be aware that planning permission must be applied for if an outbuilding (such as a metal shed or storage cabinet) is located in front of your house. You can read a summary of all the relevant rules on our page for planning permission for private properties.

Large garden cabinet

Portable Garden sheds: mobile and robust garden storage

As an alternative to our metal garden sheds, we also offer a mobile and low-maintenance solution for storing your equipment in the garden. Lightweight PVC garden sheds with a width of 1.6m and 2.4m are ideally suited for storing garden equipment. These temporary storage solutions are not only cheaper than either metal sheds or wooden garden sheds, but their plastic tarpaulin and steel frames are extremely durable and and long lasting.

Frequently asked questions about metal sheds

How do you supply electricity to a garden shed?

Is it cheaper to buy or build a large shed?

Can the metal shed be converted?


Should you have any questions about the best product for garden tool storage, bike storage or simply a sturdy, weatherproof shelter for the wheelie bin, don't hesitate to contact us. Our outdoor storage specialists can advise you on accessories, our 20 year guarantee on metal sheds, and all the specifications of our different shed units. We offer free delivery on all metal sheds within the mainland of the United Kingdom.

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