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a freestanding pergola

Garden pergola for sale

Transform your outdoor space with our elegant pergolas, available in various styles and sizes. From space-saving pergolas to grand patio centrepieces, buy the right pergola for your garden now! 

What makes our pergolas stand out

Our freestanding garden pergolas blend comfort with practicality. They feature easily adjustable roofs, waterproof materials, and stable construction. Their modern and elegant design makes them the ideal garden centrepiece. Perfect as a patio cover or a tranquil outdoor sanctuary!

Garden pergolas with a louvered roof or a shade sail

Our pergola range blends functionality with style and is suitable for any outdoor space. Choose between the modern louvered pergola for adjustable shade or the canopy-style retractable roof pergola for classic elegance. Both options are designed for year-round enjoyment, with materials ranging from durable steel and aluminium to weather-resistant polyester.

shade sail pergola

Shade Sail Pergola

  • Shade sail pergola with polyester canopy (PU coated)
  • Retractable pergola canopy
  • Polycarbonate roof panels for rain protection.
  • Rail system with magnetic stop
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pergola with louvered roof

Louvered Pergola Roof

  • Louvered roof made out of steel or aluminium
  • Adjustable slatted pergola roof panels
  • The roof includes an integrated drainage system
  • Full opening for maximum sun exposure.
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Protection from insects

Crafted from high-grade, powder-coated aluminium, our Deluxe pergola features innovative hollow chamber slats topped with durable cover caps. This design protects you from the elements and prevents unwanted guests like wasps, ants, and other insects from making a home in your outdoor haven.

    Our pergolas are made out of metal

    A metal pergola offers enhanced structural strength and stability, making it a durable choice for any garden. Whether you're drawn to our powder-coated steel frames, our powder-coated aluminium pergola options, or anything in between, you will find the perfect metal garden pergola for your outdoor living space.

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      If you favour a heavy-duty steel pergola, you will find what you are looking for in our Classic quality. This free standing pergola is weatherproof and corrosion-protected, thanks to its powder coating. The post thickness is approximately 80 x 80 mm.

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      Our Premium pergola combines steel and aluminium in one construction. The posts are made of rustproof aluminium, and the crossbars and slats are made of robust steel - the perfect 2-in-1 freestanding pergola! Thanks to powder coating, the metal's construction is also corrosion and weather-resistant. The post thickness for this quality is approx. 100 x 100 mm.

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      Our Deluxe metal pergola is made exclusively of aluminium and is protected against corrosion, rust, and weathering thanks to its powder coating. Its structural strength is superior with posts measuring approx. 140 x 140 mm in thickness. This long-lasting aluminium pergola proves that 'solid' does not have to mean 'a lot of work'. Thanks to the high degree of pre-assembly and few screw connections, the free standing aluminium pergola can be assembled quickly!

    Structural overview of the different qualities

    ClassicPremium Deluxe
    Shade Sail
    Louvers (slatted)
    Louvers (slatted)
    Roof material
    Polyester with PU coating
    Post material
    Height  (headroom)
    Ca. 2.2 m
    Ca. 2.25 m
    Ca. 2.25 m
    Post thickness
    Ca. 80 × 80 mm
    Ca. 100 × 100 mm
    Ca. 140 × 140 mm

    Why choose a metal pergola over a wooden pergola?

    While a wood pergola may add a more natural and rustic aesthetic to your garden, they are hard to maintain and are prone to rot and insect damage. Metal pergolas stand out for their exceptional durability and minimal upkeep. Their modern aesthetic makes them ideal for contemporary outdoor spaces. For those who prefer the natural look of wood without maintenance challenges, metal pergolas designed to closely mimic the appearance of real wood offer an appealing alternative.

    Wooden PergolasMetal Pergolas
    Sensitive to weather
    Must be painted, varnished & sanded
    No maintenance required
    Higher price for higher quality

    Waterproof pergolas with integrated guttering

    Getting a waterproof pergola roof is a great idea! Our slatted pergolas feature a built-in water drainage system, ensuring complete waterproof protection. The innovative system channels rainwater directly into the posts through internal pergola gutters. The Deluxe pergola roof's cutting-edge 'dripless' technology safeguards against any residual rainwater dripping onto your outdoor furniture.

    waterproof pergola

    It's all in the details

    The crank handle that operates the roof of our Deluxe pergola roof is seamlessly integrated into the post, rendering the mechanism nearly invisible. This design principle extends to all screw connections, which are executed with a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

      Building up your pergola on your own

      All pergolas in our shop are designed for easy self-assembly, meaning you won't need to hire an assembly service or have advanced building skills. For a smoother and quicker assembly process, we suggest having basic manual skills. It's also helpful to ask your friends or relatives for assistance. Preparing a point foundation beforehand can further facilitate the process. Our pergola kits are designed for freestanding installations. Choose the perfect spot for your pergola and get started! It's crucial to follow our assembly instructions closely. These instructions are provided as a downloadable PDF, and we advise following the instructions as carefully as possible.

      Planning permission for a pergola in the UK

      Our pergolas are designed with ease and compliance in mind, perfectly aligning with UK council guidelines for temporary structures. With our tallest model at just 2.25 meters, our pergolas comfortably fall below the 2.5-meter threshold. This ensures that you're in the clear without requiring planning permission. Their elegant design maximizes space while staying within the 50% coverage rule for outdoor areas. This makes our pergolas a perfect, hassle-free addition to your garden or patio.

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