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Buy a sleek 3x3 pergola

Our 3x3 pergolas are suitable for small outdoor areas

The 3x3 garden pergola offers an ideal blend of compact elegance and versatile utility for any outdoor space. Its space-efficient design fits seamlessly into various settings, from small patios to more extensive gardens, without overwhelming the area. Despite its modest footprint, this pergola provides ample dining, lounging, or entertainment coverage, enhancing privacy and comfort with its optional retractable or louvred roof. Its aesthetic appeal adds a charming focal point to your garden, potentially increasing property value.

Our 3x3 pergola have three significant advantages

What sets our outdoor 3x3 pergola apart is the variety of designs, materials, and roofs available. Whether you prefer the sleek look of anthracite or a softer stone grey, we have you covered. Choose from durable aluminium or robust steel structures, each available with either a louvred roof or shade sail roofs to meet your individual garden pergola needs.

3x3 pergola with a retractable shade sail or louvred roof

Choose between a pergola with a louvred roof (with slats) or a shade sail roof, offering adjustable coverage. The shade sail roof, operated by a strap, allows for flexible open or closed positioning. In contrast, the louvred roof can be adjusted via a crank, providing the ability to tailor sunlight exposure to your preference.

pergola with sunshade sail

Shade sail roof

The shade sail roof offers a modern and refreshing option for pergola design. Crafted from durable, high-strength polyester fabric, this flexible roof can be effortlessly retracted or extended using a strap mechanism to control the amount of sunlight filtering through. Ideal for those seeking a versatile outdoor space, it allows for quick adaptation from full sun exposure to cool shade within moments. When extended, The sail is securely in place by a magnetic catch, guaranteeing smooth and dependable operation.

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pergola with louvred roof

Louvred roof

Our louvred roof option provides great control over sunlight intake. Constructed with horizontal slats, its design features an adjustable crank mechanism for angling, allowing for optimal control over sun and wind exposure. This ensures a comfortable ambience at any time of day and in any weather condition. More than just functional, the louvred roof adds an element of architectural elegance to your pergola, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Tailored to your specific needs, the louvred roof system can be customized for full sun exposure, complete shade, or anything in between.

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The 3x3 pergola is long-lasting, waterproof and sturdy

Our Premium 3x3 pergola is designed with your year-round comfort and the pergola's longevity in mind, offering a waterproof, stable shelter perfect for any garden or patio. Crafted from high-grade aluminium and steel, it's built to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and resistance to rust, corrosion, and UV damage.

Regardless of size, every Premium pergola has a built-in drainage system to ensure waterproof protection. The system channels rainwater from the louvred roof into the posts to dry your garden furniture. With secure anchoring and precise construction, this pergola remains steadfast through varied conditions, making it a reliable and enduring enhancement to your outdoor living space.

waterproof pergola

A 3x3 wooden pergola vs a 3x3 metal pergola

When deciding between a 3x3 wooden pergola and a metal pergola for your garden, consider the unique benefits each material offers. A wooden pergola brings a natural and traditional vibe to your garden but requires more maintenance. In contrast, an aluminium pergola 3x3 is modern, clean, and low-maintenance, thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy frame and rust-free properties. Steel pergolas offer a modern rustic look and a stable frame, with both metal options being weather, and corrosion-resistant due to their powder-coated finish.

For those who love the look of wood but desire the durability of metal, our aluminium pergola 3x3 in wood effect is the perfect year-round solution. This high-quality, powder-coated aluminium pergola combines the best of both worlds, offering the natural appearance of wood without maintenance.

FeatureWooden PergolaAluminium PergolaSteel Pergola
AppearanceNatural and traditional
Modern, clean (optional woodlike finish)
Modern rustic
Maintenance  Higher maintenance
DurabilityVaries with wood type and treatment
Highly durable, rust-free
Highly durable
Weather Resistance Less resistant, needs treatment
Excellent corrosion, rust-resistance
Excellent corrosion-resistant

Our 3x3 pergolas come in 3 different quality levels

Our 3x3 pergola is available in three levels of quality: Classic, Premium, and Deluxe, each distinguished by the materials used in construction and the type of roofing. All quality levels come in a choice of three colours: anthracite, white, and wood-look. The anthracite option offers a sleek and modern appeal, white provides a timeless elegance, and the wood look brings a natural, earthy feel. Whether you choose the freestanding version for your garden or as a cover for your patio, each quality level is designed to enhance your outdoor living space.

small classic pergola with woodlike finish


  • Polyester fabric shade sail roof
  • Shade sail includes a magnetic catch
  • Includes 1 waterproof polycarbonate sheet
  • Stable steel construction
  • Post thickness: ca. 80 x 80 mm
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steel pergola in anthracite


  • Steel louvred roof with slats
  • Includes a drainage system
  • Posts made of aluminium, crossbeams & louvres made of steel
  • Snow load capacity: approximately 50 kg/m²
  • Post thickness: ca. 100 x 100 mm
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aluminium anthracite pergola


  • Aluminium louvered roof
  • Louvred roof includes insect protection
  • Includes a drainage system
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Post thickness: ca. 140 x 140 mm
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