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3x3m Pergola, louvered roof, anthracite grey

  • roof made of adjustable steel slats
  • max. opening angle of the slats: ca. 105° degrees
  • slats are operated with a smooth-running crank handle
  • sturdy frame made of powder-coated steel with aluminium posts
  • incl. integrated water drainage system
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* Product may differ in size and colour from the image.

The year-round centrepiece with modern charm

The integrated water drainage system and the high-quality blend of aluminium and steel materials ensure a year-round pergola experience. The slats of the roof can be adjusted at any time using a smooth-running crank - and thanks to its modern look, this premium pergola will also be the highlight of your garden!

Area9 m²
Length3.00 m
Length3.00 m
Height at apex2.37 m
Sidewall height2.25 m
No. of boxes:4
Total weight:130.2 kg
* Product may differ in size and colour from the image.



Roof canopy

  • Assembly with 2 people
  • in 2 hr(s) on average
  • 1 ladder & additional tools required
  • Advice: Prepare point foundations.
* Product may differ in size and colour from the image.
  • Steel crossbars
  • 21 Steel slats
  • 4 Aluminium support legs
  • 12 Concrete anchors
  • Assembly instructions


Safety instructions

  • The adjustment mechanism of your pergola must be operated slowly and carefully. Please refrain from using force.
  • This product has not been tested for wind and excessive snow load. No guarantee can be given for damage caused by this.
  • We recommend that you remove snow from the slats regularly and immediately.
  • Do not attach any heavy objects to the beams of the pergola.
  • Clean the rain gutter or rain drain of your pergola regularly to prevent potential blockages or overflowing.
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