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Raised garden beds

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Raised bed in the garden

Buy modern raised garden beds

Grow your own organic vegetables in a raised garden bed. From our modern planters directly to the kitchen in just a few simple steps!

What sets our raised beds apart

Our raised garden beds boast a unique design featuring durable 22 mm thick aluminum planks equipped with internal crosspieces. The internal structure means our beds withstand soil pressure without any bulbous deformation. Each plank features hollow chambers, greatly enhancing insulation compared to single-shell walls. This promotes an optimal environment for your plants.

Unlike competitor products, our raised beds eliminate the need for foil or fleece on the inside to guard against moisture, delivering a hassle-free gardening experience. The aluminum construction remains visually attractive for many years, and requires little to no maintenance.

Grow fruit & vegetables in raised garden beds

Filling a raised bed with layers

Herbs, (organic) fruit and vegetables or simply a mix of colourful flowers are all ideal for planting in raised beds. A good quality planter soil is made up of different layers, which ensures a particularly nutrient-rich soil. The decomposition of individual layers of compost within the planter box creates an inner warmth in the raised bed. This provides the best conditions for healthy plant growth. You create the layers yourself and can therefore decide for yourself what nutrients you use to fertilise with and how to encourage optimal growth.

A raised bed liner is not necessary - the garden bed kit is made up of fully waterproof materials. Use a sandy garden soil at the base of the bed to encourage drainage. A good mix full of compost will provide the best conditions for plant growth.

Layers in a raised bed

Planting a raised bed

Thanks to the heat generated by the rotting of the raised bed layers, you can plant your vegetable crops earlier than usual or retain a stunning bouquet of flowers for weeks on weeks. Raised vegetable beds also offer you the opportunity to plant many different plants in a small area. In order to plant the raised bed appropriately, however, there are a few points to bear in mind.

It is best to use the following ideas as a guide when designing your raised bed: Plant climbing plants such as courgette and cucumber at the edge of your garden bed. Also make sure that you plant tall plants so that they don't take away the sun from lower situated plants like strawberries and carrots. With fruits, crop rotation is crucial to get the best yields. We recommend mixed cropping so that the different plants in your vegetable bed can benefit from each other.

Raised bed planting

Sturdy aluminium raised beds

Each planter in our range is made of aluminium, making them incredibly strong and long-lasting. Our metal raised garden beds utilise hollow chamber planks made of aluminium. With a thickness of 22 mm the planks not only ensure a long life, but also help to insulate the gardening bed. An additional feature of the heavy duty metal raised beds is that they don't swell or deform.

Advantages of aluminium raised vegetable gardens

Wood is a very popular material for raised beds. Particularly wooden garden beds made of railway sleepers are a popular choice. However, aluminium has a number of important advantages over timber for making garden beds:

wood panelling

Raised beds made of wood

  • timber requires ongoing maintenance
  • a limited service live
  • sensitive to weather conditions
  • railway sleepers take up a lot of space
  • needs to be chemically treated to become waterproof
Aluminium panelling

Raised beds made of aluminium

  • very low-maintenance
  • a long service life
  • weatherproof
  • resistant to pest infestation
  • retains warmth in the soil

Modern raised garden bed designs

Our garden beds provide the best possible comfort for planting and cultivating your fruit, vegetables and herbs: the Standard, Kingsize and Hobby lines offer 77 cm high models. These provide a comfortable height for watering and getting at weeds and are ideal for deep rooted plants like carrots. Alternatively, our Halfsize models have a raised bed height of 39 cm. With these lower planters, you can introduce children to the pleasure of gardening. In addition, they require less soil than other models.

The Hobby line offers models in eight different shapes, from L shape raised beds, cross-shaped, U-shaped, to the attractive modern design of an octagonal planter kit. Whatever the raised garden bed design, the shape of the container allows the gardener to work on their vegetable garden from all sides.

raised bed in dumbbell design

Garden planters in a range of sizes and colours

The vegetable planter box is available in four different colours. Anthracite grey and natural aluminium are two modern colours that match every style and every backyard. The green or wood-look garden box adds a natural and authentic touch.

Depending on the shape, the size of the garden box can vary. Our models are available from 77 cm to 320 cm wide and 119 cm to 771 cm long. With our large garden box, professional gardeners have a large area to plant and grow fruit and vegetables. Our small vegetable garden boxes meanwhile, make for a perfect herb garden on the balcony.

Large rectangular garden bed

Build your own raised bed

You can build our garden beds yourself. A raised bed kit is a great DIY solution for doing that. We provide all of the materials, and you put it all together.

Upon delivery, you will receive the DIY raised bed kit and detailed step-by-step assembly instructions by e-mail. With the help of these instructions, you can set up your metal raised bed yourself and save the cost of a specialist assembly company.

Do a pre-build check

Before you build your raised bed greenhouse yourself, check all materials and parts of the kit for completeness. Then sort all the materials so that assembly can proceed quickly and smoothly. For smooth and easy assembly, we also recommend that you have a cordless screwdriver with various bits, a metal drill, a tape measure, a spirit level and a fine file ready.

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    Our service

    The perfect raised bed helps you in growing excellent quality veggies, flavourful fruit or bright collections of flowers. We're happy to help you find the right model to suit your particular garden. We encourage you to contact our customer service team should you have any more questions about raised garden beds.

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