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weight bag for gazebos

Tent accessories & replacement parts

We have a variety of accessories available for your marquee, gazebo, or storage tent: bag sets, additional side walls, awnings and more.

A wide range of accessories with diverse benefits

Allow more light into your marquee and enjoy the view of your garden with gable sections including windows. Increase the stability of your tent by purchasing a tie down kit or a base frame. Using connecting gutters, tents can seamlessly be joined together - a great solution for expanding your covered outdoor party area. From heating to a special PVC cleaner, you will find a vast selection of gazebo and marquee accessories on this website. Simply browse our range of products.

We provide a variety of accessories for marquees and storage tents. These products improve the comfort, increase the stability, and help you care for the tent. Best of all, we offer free delivery on our entire range of marquee accessories.

Contact us for spare parts

Do you need replacement parts for your tent or gazebo? Contact our support team via our contact form. We have approximately 100,000 spare parts in stock. This ensures that your tent can be repaired quickly.

    Tent accessories for increasing the comfort of your tent

    Those looking for an individually designed tent, will find many opportunities to do so with our vast range of accessories. These include canopy doors, alternative gable and sidewall panels, and partitions. Special heating is also available for your tent, ensuring guests are kept warm on cold days.

    Add extra entrances to your marquee

    Two special products are available to equip your wedding marquee with new entrances. Firstly, an awning that offers a sheltered canopy over the entrance to your marquee. The canopy creates a sheltered, open area in front of the marquee, perfect for shelter from the rain, when smoking or getting some fresh air. Secondly, special side wall panels with entrances are available. These can be opened quickly via zips. This allows for an easy-to-access entrance at the side of the marquee without having to fully roll up the side wall section.

    Entrance canopy for marquees

    Gable panels with windows

    Bright rooms have an inviting feel and allow you to make the most of being in the garden. Standard marquees have gable panels without windows. As a marquee accessory we also offer gable sections with windows. Gable sections with windows allow more light in, creating a warmer, more inviting interior. Gable walls with windows are a great option for weddings and garden parties. If you've hired a photographer for your outdoor event, gable walls with windows will greatly improve the lighting within the tent. For letting in even more light, opening up the gable sides fully is made easy with zips on all panels.

    Gable panel with windows

    Fire-resistant partition walls for marquees

    The option to subdivide the interior of a marquee creates new possibilities. You may choose to cordon off the kitchen from the event area or create a showroom with a separate storage area for goods. Partition walls are easily attached to the poles of the roof and side walls using bungees included in delivery. The robust, ca. 500 g/m2 PVC tarpaulin is fire-resistant.

    A catering partition for marquees

    Prepare for windy weather - make your structure more robust

    Our marquees and pop up gazebos feature heavy duty steel or aluminium poles, and strong PVC or polyester side panels. Each product comes with guylines and anchoring pegs. Nevertheless, when the wind picks up, additional securing of the structure is recommended.

    Anchoring for marquees, gazebos & tents

    The anchoring of the tent is important in order to increase stability. In our shop we have several possibilities, depending on the type of surface. Soft ground pegs (up to 60 cm long) driven deep into soil or sand, ensure sufficient stability in light winds. Concrete anchors are required for hard surfaces. The metal expansion bolts anchor securely into hard grounds. For temporary solutions, such as at markets or trade fairs, we recommend weights that sit over specially designed foot plates connected to the poles. Heavy weights such as concrete slabs can sit over the foot plates, keeping your pop up gazebo well grounded. Sandbags that attach to pop up gazebo leg poles with Velcro straps are also available on our site. These are particularly useful as they can be transported easily, and filled with on-site to create a suitable weight on-site.

    tent feet for concrete slabs

    Storm safety with tie down kits

    A tie down kit is an important piece of equipment for when the wind picks up. Reliable anchoring keeps your marquee or pop up gazebo firmly grounded during wind and bad weather. The tie down set comes with either pegs or concrete anchors. The kit includes anchors, tension belts made of extra-strong woven fabric, and ratchets. The belts usually fit over the roof of the marquee, but a separate set is available that can also be attached to the frame at the corners. Pop up gazebos should only be anchored from the corners of the roof.

    tie down kit for marquee in winter

    Even more stability with the Safety Plus Package

    For greater certainty and ultimate protection, the Safety Plus package delivers everything you need. The Safety Plus Package basically consists of three elements:

    • A specially designed steel rope system, which ensures additional bracing within the marquee or storage tent
    • Wide, robust tension belts with ratchet tensioners
    • A strong anchoring system, for either soft or hard surfaces

    The Safety Plus Package significantly increases the stability and sturdiness of your tent and allows it to remain standing in strong winds and bad weather conditions.

    A ground bar provides a base frame for your tent

    The fully galvanised ground bar stabilises the entire construction of our marquees and storage tents, significantly increasing stability. The base frame is modular and individual bars can be omitted at the entrances. We only provide base frames with tent poles of diameter 38 mm. The ground bar attaches to marquee legs of a diameter up to 60 mm.

    Ground bar for marquees & storage tents

    Gazebo accessories designed for your pop up gazebo

    On our gazebos accessories page, we have a range of products that improve the stability or lighting of your foldable gazebo and allow you to increase the size of the structure, or simply extend the canopy.

    The half-height sidewall for pop up gazebos

    Pop up gazebos can be purchased with 1, 2 or 4 side walls, or alternatively, with no side walls at all. If you are setting up a market stall or exhibition stand, you may prefer to use a half-height side wall. Half-height side walls are suitable for gazebos with 3 metre sides and come in black or white. These side walls are ideal for representing your company or organisation to members of the public, and allow you to store goods tidily on the ground. Included in this pack are a horizontal pole, in three pieces, and clamps to attach the side wall to the gazebo.

    half-height sidewall for gazebos

    An awning provides shade for customers and guests

    An additional piece is also available to extend the canopy of pop up gazebos. The awning protects against rain and gives added shade, especially when the sun is low. It expands your sales area and offers members of the public a weatherproof shelter in front of the gazebo. The polyester canopy attaches to the roof poles of the gazebo with steel clamps.

    pop up gazebo awning

    Connecting tents with a rain gutter

    Thanks to connecting gutters, individual tents can be seamlessly connected to each other. This gives you the possibility of expanding a marquee or pop up gazebo that you already own, or buying a pair of party tents rather than a single large one, allowing you to build event spaces of different sizes, depending on the event. The connecting gutters are easily attached to the frame via bungees, creating a seamless, waterproof canopy and are made of quality PVC. Connecting clamps can be purchased for pop up gazebos. You will find them in the pop up gazebo accessories page.

    Tent storage, care and repair

    Good organisation saves time and money! This is also true for tents. Keeping all tent parts in a pack eliminates laborious searching, as well as the necessity to reorder parts. You could even go as far as to say: a cared for and maintained tent will stand the test of time. At House of Tents, you will find a variety of accessories for storage, care or repairs.

    Clean your marquee or gazebo with the right detergent

    Cleaning tarpaulins not only serves aesthetic purposes, but also aids maintenance of the material. A well cared for tarpaulin will remain durable and resilient against environmental influences. Our high alkaline cleaner enables the effortless removal of stubborn stains from plastics such as PVC or PE. Even a small amount will remove grease residue, soot or encrusted dirt.

    PE/PVC cleaner for tents and gazebos

    Repair kits for tent eyelets

    Repairing minor damages will save you time and hassle later on. We offer an eyelet repair set with 20 eyelets and a piercing tool. We recommend keeping this on hand to deal with any problems as they arise.

    Repair kit for tent eyelets

    Elastic bungees for attaching tent tarpaulins

    The importance of bungees is often underestimated. They are an extremely important element for protecting the tarp against the wear and tear of wind. The elastic significantly lessens the force effects on the eyelets and the tarpaulin, thus preventing damage. Missing or damaged bungees should be replaced promptly, ensuring that the amount of surface open to wind remains low. Important: Never use rigid fasteners like rope or plastic ties. In strong winds, using these fittings could lead to tears in the tarpaulin.

    Bungee for attaching tent tarpaulins

    Storage bag sets for marquees and gazebos

    A place for everything and everything in its place. Our marquee carry bags enable all parts to be kept together in matching packs, so that nothing gets lost. The robust storage bag sets are made of dirt and water repellent Oxford material. They are ideal for storing or transporting your marquee or folding gazebo. Protective covers are also available for pop up gazebos. These fit over the gazebo once it has been folded together. This allows you to protect the gazebo over shorter periods, e.g. overnight in the garden, without fully dismantling and storing the gazebo.

    storage bag for gazebo frame

    Marquee & gazebo accessories & spare parts

    At House of Tents you will find a vast range of marquee accessories to care for your product. We encourage you to browse through the products available on this page. In addition, we have many replacement tent parts that are not found on the website, including tent poles and sidewalls. We stock these spare parts for many of our products for a minimum of 10 years. For advice or more information, feel free to give our experts a call.

    Expert advice

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