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Robust tent storage bags - Your tent accessories

Are you planning to dismantle your marquee soon? Not sure where to put all the tent poles and still looking for a suitable storage solution? Our tip: Get the tent storage bag kit specifically designed for your marquee or gazebo.

Carry bags, used either for transport or storage serve two useful purposes. They protect your storage tent, marquee or pop up gazebo and ensure that all tent poles and pegs stay together whether in storage, or in transport. A very practical accessory for tent owners!

Carry bags for marquees

The tent storage bag - ideal storage and transport for your marquee

When you purchase a tent or gazebo at House of Tents you will receive a delivery containing all tent poles and tent pegs in boxes. You can temporarily store or carry your marquee in these boxes. However, since the cardboard material becomes more unstable with each use and can easily break, you risk losing single parts like tent poles, connecting elements, or tent pegs. The solution: a storage bag set.

Tent bags are extremely robust and are designed for the transport and safe storage of tents. They have practical, sturdy handles and can be opened and closed quickly with a durable zipper.

Another advantage of tent storage bags: they are waterproof and dirt-repellent. The high-quality Oxford material of the carry bag protects the canopy and frame from moisture and dirt. This prevents rust formation on the poles and mould growth on the tarpaulin.

3 tips for storing tents using a tent bag

To ensure that your marquee is safely stored, we have put together 3 tips for storage using a tent pole carry bag:

  1. 1

    Check the frame for completeness

    Before you put the tent poles of your marquee or storage tent into the pole bag, we recommend that you first check whether all parts are present. You can use the assembly instructions as a checklist, with all parts listed in the booklet. In the worst case scenario, finding that you are missing tent poles, screws, connector elements, guy lines or side panels: no problem - with most of our products you benefit from a 10-year replacement parts procurement guarantee from the date of purchase. Just ask when you buy, whether the replacement guarantee also applies to your purchase.

  2. 2

    Give the tent a good clean before popping it in a carry bag

    To protect and care for the material, it is advisable to clean the tent before you packing it away. As a rule, a sponge and a commercially available cleaning agent are sufficient. For more stubborn dirt on the roof tarpaulin, special PE/ PVC cleaners can also be used.

  3. 3

    Leave the marquee out to dry

    Before storing the pavilion in the storage bag, make sure that the tarpaulin and frame are dry. Otherwise, moisture can lead to mould and rust. Once the tent is dry, it can be stored using the tent bag set that fits the dimensions and specifications of your tent. It is best to store your tent in a dry, moderately warm (10-20 degrees Celsius) room that is not exposed to strong temperature changes. The correct storage of a tent protects against damage and extends the life of your product. Especially if the tent is stored in the storage bag for a longer period of time, this point is very important to consider.

Finding the right carry bag for your marquee

Our tent bag sets are differentiated according to both size and product lines. For example, you can choose between tent pole storage bags for marquees of 3 metres width up to bags that accommodate the frame elements for marquees up to 8 metres width with extra high 2.6 m side walls. Each pack offers just the right amount of space for the relevant marquee. For marquees, each set of carry bags contains smaller rectangular bags for the roof tarpaulin, side panels, and spare equipment, including connector elements, screws and bungees and elongated bags for the poles. The carry bag kit for foldable pop up gazebos consists of two bags - one pouch for the roof tarpaulin and one for the side walls.

All of our carry bags are stable, waterproof and made of high quality materials.

In Summary

Tent pole bags are made of a robust material, with heavy duty handle straps, and robust zippers. They allow you to carry or store your marquee or gazebo in a way that protects the materials and ensures that you don't accidentally misplace a piece. In addition, the storage bags also cut a good figure visually and allow your steel or aluminium marquee to be transported easily and conveniently. Just sling the carry bag over your shoulder!

Need more convincing? View our video to see how easy and uncomplicated the storage of your marquee or gazebo is thanks to these bags! The size and number of bags varies according to the product. And don't forget that all of our accessory items come with free delivery!

Are you unsure which tent pole bag is best suited for e.g. your pop up gazebo? You can't find the right tent bag set for your product? Or would you like a personal consultation? Our staff will be happy to advise you which tent pole storage bag or which set combination is suitable for you.

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