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Rain gutter / Connecting gutter

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Tent accessories: connecting gutters or rain gutters

Is your current marquee not suitable for an upcoming event in terms of size? More guests have announced themselves than you have space available in your marquee? Maybe you have a pop up gazebo but need more roof coverage? With the help of connecting gutters, you can easily connect marquees, storage tents and pop up gazebos together and simultaneously prevent water from getting inside the tent.

rain gutters for connecting marquees and gazebos

For what situations is a connecting gutter useful?

Roof guttering is a fantastic option in two common situations. Firstly, if you are looking to buy a new marquee or pop up gazebo and are unsure of the size you need. Perhaps you have a large annual event where you need a larger roof area, and also host smaller events throughout the year in which a smaller marquee would do the job just fine. You may be much better off buying two smaller marquees plus guttering, to give yourself optimal flexibility in installation.

Secondly, you may already own a marquee or pop up gazebo, but, as your company or club has grown, you've found that you need more space. Purchasing a second tent (matching in length or width) plus guttering will probably be a cheaper option than buying a large tent to replace the one you already have. As an added bonus for the price-conscious: Tent accessories, along with pop up gazebos and many marquee models come with free delivery!

How can tents be connected with gutters?

Connecting gutters allow marquees and pop up gazebos to be seamlessly connected with each other either lengthwise or crosswise. The connection can be made either between the gable sides to create a longer tent, or along the sides of the tent, creating a wider tent with a single roof and continuous sides. The length of guttering needed is dependent on the length of the 'connecting edge' between the tents and the sidewall height. The height and length/width of the roofs to be connected will need to match. If, for example, you want to extend a 6 m wide party tent, the second tent will also need to be 6 m wide - the length is up to you. If you want to widen one party tent, the second party tent must be of the same length and sidewall height so that both can connect together along the entire length.

Connecting gutters are also known as rain gutters - and not without reason: they are waterproof and provide drainage just like rain guttering on e.g. a house roof. So if heavy rain is forecast for your next event in the garden, the gutter will protect your guests from rainwater while keeping them dry. That's why guttering is often ordered for large events, where, as an example, two marquees are to be transformed into one large one and where you want to celebrate in style regardless of the weather.

Installation and Maintenance

Set up the two tents within 20 cm of each other. Connecting gutters for marquees are attached to the metal tent poles by means of eyelets with bungees. The valance of each tent extrudes over the edge of the gutter, ensuring that all rainwater is caught and drains away. The connecting gutters for pop up gazebos connect using Velcro along the edge of the gazebo canopy. For marquees and storage tents, the guttering follows the slope of the roof. For pop up gazebos you will need to conduct regular maintenance and ensure that debris don't clog the gutter. Clogged gutters can allow water pools to form, putting strain on the Velcro connections.

Marquees with connecting gutter

Get spare parts whenever you need them

Have you lost a crucial element needed for installing the guttering to your tent? No problem! For marquees, pop up gazebos, garden gazebos and all products offered by House of Tents, you can quickly and easily order spare parts. We have over 100,000 spare parts in our warehouse.

    What makes our guttering better than the rest?

    Our tent rain gutters have a robust PVC coating, they are 100% waterproof and also offer a high UV protection. In case of even a heavy rainstorm these gutters prevent water from entering the tent and drain water away from the sides of the tent. The PVC material resembles a truck tarpaulin in terms of feel and is also more robust and heavy than, for example, polyethylene fabric (PE) or polyester. Guttering is available in either white or grey. White is generally preferred for pop up gazebos, while marquees often have decorative roof panels, so choose a rain gutter colour that matches the roofing and exterior of your tent. The guttering extends from the eaves to the base of the tent, so be sure to choose the rain gutters that are designed for sidewalls matching the height of your tents.

    Here once again all the advantages of connecting gutters at a glance:

    1. 1

      Robust PVC material with inner mesh fabric

    2. 2

      Tried and tested materials: High resistance to environmental influences

    3. 3

      Water won't enter the tent. There are no seams and the guttering is 100% waterproof

    4. 4

      High UV protection

    5. 5

      Quick to install

    6. 6

      Easy cleaning due to smooth PVC surface without seams

    7. 7

      Available for pop up gazebos, marquees, and storage tents

    In Summary

    Connecting or rain gutters are an extremely practical accessory to install between tents. They are made of high quality materials and offer protection against rain and wind. In most cases, buying a connecting gutter and a second tent is cheaper than buying a larger single tent. In addition, there are more possibilities for pitching a party tent: one tent alone, two tents or a large, coupled tent.

    Do you have any questions about installation of the tent water gutter or maintenance of materials? Our tent experts will be happy to advise you

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