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Ground bars increase the stability of a tent

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Stable & robust ground bars - Your tent accessories

In the accessories assortment of House of Tents you will find heavy duty ground bar frames for marquees and storage tents in all sizes. But what is a ground bar frame anyway and why is it necessary? In this guide, you can read about why we recommend ground bars for your marquee and how they are installed.

Ground bar increases the stability of a marquee

Why is a ground bar necessary?

A ground bar frame is a very useful accessory for your marquee. It is a stable metal frame that runs once around the entire tent along the ground. Our high quality base frames are made of fully galvanised steel, making them waterproof. A heavy duty ground bar frame offers you several important advantages at once:

  1. 1

    Increased stability

    The base frame is fixed to the marquee legs so they cannot slip in strong winds. This greately increases the support given to the structure's canopy. Are you planning to put on the perfect event or party in the garden? Thanks to the ground bar frame, you don't have to worry about the wind and the stability of your marquee when planning this event.

  2. 2

    Improved stabilisation of the marquee tarpaulin

    Due to the sturdy 38mm in diameter ground frame, the leg poles of your marquee stand fixed securely at a right angle. This frame not only makes the marquee look tidier, with sharp, straight lines, but also helps to prevent creasing of the tent tarpaulin and overstretching of the fabric. This accessory increases the weight of the entire structure, which can be of particular importance for lighter weight PE tarpaulin marquees. For heavy extra strength PVC tarpaulins it provides more support for the added weight of the roof and side walls. It also prevents deformation of the party tent.

  3. 3

    Flexibility during assembly

    It is not a necessity that the ground bar runs around the entire perimeter of the marquee. You can also simply leave out parts of the frame. As a result, you can create barrier-free entrances in a convenient and flexible way whilst also benefitting from increased stabilising of the tent.

  4. 4

    A more attractive marquee

    Deformations of the marquee do not make it look particularly attractive at parties and garden events. Worst of all, guests might assume that the shelter is not safe enough. Thanks to the ground bar frame you can easily prevent such situations, because the ground bar has the dual effect of making your marquee look fantastic, but also secure and strong.

  5. 5

    An extra mounting option for marquee side walls

    Another advantage of the base frame is that it offers you an additional fixing option for gable and side walls. This allows you to tension your side walls not only on the upper pole of your party tent, but also from the foundation. With a ground bar frame, the side panels are much more rigid, and less susceptible to tarpaulin movements due to the reinforced steel bar frame.

How does the assembly of the ground bar work?

Attaching the base frame can be carried out quickly and easily using connector clamps and bolts that pass through the entire pole. The base frame connects to the upright bars, just above the foot elements. You have the option whether you want to assemble the ground frame completely or partially. It is best to find a suitable place in your garden where you can spread out, check and sort the individual parts in peace and quiet.

Assembly of a marquee with ground bar frame

Tips for even more tent stability at your next party

If you are using your marquee over winter, particularly if it is left standing for longer periods, we recommend extra stabilising equipment. As well as a base frame, you may wish to use additional accessories to create a more stable shelter. A tie down kit is essential for combatting strong winds and withstanding a dumping of snow. Regardless of whether you have set up your garden tent on an earth or concrete base, the tie down kit including tensioning straps greatly improve the stability of your garden tent. It is also advisable to purchase additional pegs and concrete anchors. Ground pegs can be easily fixed in soft ground, e.g. in the lawn of your garden, while concrete anchors are ideal for harder ground, e.g. concrete terraces.

For even more assurance, you may want to order a Safety Plus Package from our website. This product includes tie down belts with ratchet tensioners, and extra strength anchoring pegs. Included in this pack is an engineer's report certifying specific snow and wind loads for the shelter.

Secure your tent with tie down kits

Do I need a ground bar for my gazebo?

Ground bars are not designed for use with gazebos. A garden gazebo has a strong permanent-standing frame that is firmly anchored to the ground. Pop up gazebos — especially cheaper models — are more susceptible to wild weather. Professional quality folding gazebos that have been well anchored with guy ropes are more stable than you might expect. In stormy weather however, they should always be folded up and stored. Anchoring parts, including sand bags and weighted foot plates, can be found among pop up gazebo accessories.

Ground bar sizes and dimensions

he groundbar is ideal for both PE and PVC party tents and comes in a range of sizes. You can order a ground bar for marquees with a width of up to 6 m and a length of up to 12 m on our website. For larger structures, get in touch with our team of experts, who will be happy to provide you with a custom solution to fit your needs. All poles have a diameter of 38 mm and a wall thickness of 1.2 mm. Clamps meanwhile have a wall thickness of 1.4 mm.

In summary

Even if your next party is planned outdoors - thanks to the ground bar you no longer need to worry about the stability of your marquee in bad weather and wind. This extremely practical and fundamental accessory provides a much firmer base for your marquee. It is also quick and easy to assemble, giving you freedom and flexibility of use.

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