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Pop up gazebo accessories

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From anchors to side walls & covers - all your pop up gazebo accessories

On this page you'll find a wide range of different pop up gazebo accessories at great prices. Some gazebo accessories will help you to anchor or increase the weight of your pavilion, while others allow you to cover, transport, or store your gazebo. Like our range of outdoor tents and garden gazebos, these products are made of high quality materials and are designed for heavy use. What's more, all accessories come with free delivery, so don't hesitate to pop them in your basket!

Awning for pop up gazebo

Use gazebo weights for portable stability

We have a number of gazebo weights, each of which feature different advantages. In general, gazebo weights are an ideal solution when anchoring into the ground isn't possible or is difficult. Sand bags are a fantastic solution when you need to be highly mobile. The sand bags are made of a heavy duty material and attach to the steel or aluminium legs of the gazebo with Velcro. When full of wet sand, our waterproof sandbags can weigh up to 25 kg each, a set of 4 gazebo weights combining to 100 kg in total. Transport is very easy however, as they can be transported empty in a small bag, to be filled with sand on-site. These leg weights are also suitable for use with marquees or other tent products.

Metal weight plates weigh 6 kg per plate and fit over the footplate of the gazebo. The advantage of these sturdy steel weight plates is that they are ready to go, and are easy to attach. In addition, the weights have holes for ground anchors that provide even greater stability.

weight bags for pop up gazebos

Waterproof gazebo covers for short-term protection

Heavy duty, waterproof pop up gazebo covers provide short term protection from bad weather conditions and save you a lot of time and hassle. Rather than needing to completely dismantle the gazebo, you can simply fold it up, leaving the tarpaulin canopy attached, and pop the cover on. Fitting the cover over the folded up tent allows you to leave the pop up gazebo out in the garden during windy weather or overnight, ready to be put up again the next day.

Waterproof gazebo covers 3x3 are available in our shop, alongside covers for the sizes 3x4.5 and 3x6 m. You can also find carry bags on the site, ideal for transporting or storing the roof, sidewall panels, and pegs.

Pop up gazebo cover

Contact us for gazebo spares and replacements

If you have previously bought a pop up gazebo and are looking for spare parts, you can contact us using our spare parts contact form. If possible, please provide the article number of the gazebo you own and invoice number if you still have it to hand. We have a 10 year spare parts availability guarantee for most of our products, so there is a good chance we have the replacement canopies, frame parts, or anchors that you require. 

    Awnings - waterproof, UV-resistant & extremely professional

    Extending the canopy with an awning offers extra shade and rain protection for your pop up gazebo and will leave you content to enjoy the outdoors for longer than ever before.

    Awnings from House of Tents are waterproof and protect against rain from the sides as well as providing shade from the setting sun. A removable awning is a great way to extend the area under cover, protected by the canopy from rain and damaging UV rays. Just like the canopies of our premium and professional pop up gazebos, our awnings are made of a PVC-coated high-performance polyester. Awnings are available in the online shop in either white or black.

    Extending the canopy of a gazebo with an awning is popular at trade fairs, markets and outdoor events of all kinds due to their attractive appearance, and because they help you to stand out from the competition. They can also be transported and stored easily, with the carrying bag included in the delivery.

    Awning for a pop up gazebo

    In-ground anchors for soft grounds or concrete

    Where possible, gazebo leg weights should be supplemented with ground anchors, especially in windy weather. This can be done with the pegs and guy ropes in delivery. If this is insufficient, special gazebo anchor accessories are available for even better anchoring to the ground. Professional ground anchors: These are specially developed for hard or soft surfaces. Concrete bolts are used for securing to hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, while professional ground stakes are long heavy duty hollowed pegs with extra surface area to increase stability.

    For moderate to high winds, we also recommend a tie down kit to significantly increase the stability of the structure. Tie down kits comprise straps, ratchet tensioners and ground anchors, that you can tie to the top of each leg, at the corners of the roof. In extreme conditions such as hurricanes, the shelter should always be taken down. Should you ever need spare parts for the pop up gazebo, you can also get replacements from House of Tents for a reasonable price.

    Tie down kit for pop up gazebos

    Rain gutters - for a weatherproof connection between gazebos

    A rain gutter allows you to combine two pop up gazebos without experiencing a waterfall between each gazebo's canopy. They can be attached with ease to the roof tarpaulin with Velcro fasteners and are made of a high-quality PVC fabric. The gutters are also 100% waterproof and help to keep your guests and customers dry. Alternatively, when there isn't a drop of rain in the sky, the guttering still serves an important purpose — providing shelter from the sun and shielding you and your guests from wind. With a connection set including connecting clamps, you benefit from a strong, rigid connection between the gazebos. This ensures that there will be no extra stress on the guttering when the connected shelters move.

    Connecting gutter for a pop up gazebo

    Half-height side walls for market stalls

    A very practical accessory for folding tents are half-height side walls. When buying a pop up gazebo you'll have the option of receiving either one, two, or four sides included in the delivery. So what is a half-height side panel good for? These are particularly useful for use at market days or trade fairs, or other commercial uses. The wall has a steel bar that extends along the top, making it a strong, showerproof screen. They leave the tent open to members of the public and provide a hidden storage space underneath a table or counter for goods and other material. You can find half-height sidewalls for 3-metre wide gazebos in the colours white and black.

    Half-height side panel for pop up gazebos

    Everything for your garden shelter: anchors, weights, awnings and covers

    If you are looking for a weight to anchor your pop up gazebo, or would prefer to tie the structure down for extra protection from wind you will find what you need on this page. Similarly, extending the canopy with an awning or by connecting to another gazebo with connection gutters and clamp parts are good ways to increase outdoor UV protection. Carry bags and protective covers for folded up gazebos round out our selection of accessories. For more useful attachments, including repair kits and outdoor cleaning products, check out our range of accessories for all tent products.

    If you have any questions about any of these products or would like to order parts, don't hesitate to contact our customer service experts.

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