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Ground anchors & weights

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Anchoring attachments - Tent accessories

There are a wide range of products on the market for ground anchors for tents - from clamps, steel bolts, ground stakes, and ordinary tent pegs or weight plates. With such a wide range on offer, it isn't easy to choose the right fixing for your own tent. In this guide, we explain in detail why you need a good anchorage solution and which one is best suited for your tent or gazebo.

Concrete anchors with expanding bush

How stable does my tent or gazebo need to be?

The question of why you should fix your tent to the ground is easy to answer: to extend the life of your product. After all, you'd hate to see your brand-new marquee fly off in the wind!

Even if your tent product already meets the highest standards in terms of quality and frame, it still needs additional protection against wind. Particularly strong wind can cause great damage to the material of your tent. Side walls or the roof may tear, and in the worst case, you might find your product in the neighbour's garden instead of in your own. Even if the tent only sustains damage to the tarpaulin, or to individual poles, you will be faced with unneeded frustration.

The alternative to these sorts of headaches is heavy duty ground anchors, which will ensure your tent remains in one piece even in windy conditions. Of course, should a hurricane be announced, we recommend dismantling for safety reasons.

On top of the safety aspect, reliable anchoring conveys a host of advantages: it helps you increase the stability of your product, makes it more resistant to water and snow and extends the life of the materials.

What types of ground anchors are available for tents?

As mentioned above, there is a multitude of products on the market for securing tents and marquees to the ground. The catch: The sheer number of plugs, nails, pipes, pegs and screws can quickly become overwhelming. Especially with regard to tent pegs, you can easily lose track of the subtle differences in types of pegs, which in most cases cannot be used universally for all types of tents. In order to help you to choose the ideal fixing for the specific surface on which you need to secure your structure, we would like to introduce you to the straight-forward options we provide on our site: ground stakes, concrete bolt-down anchors, weight plates, weight bags, anchoring feet and clamps. Which ground anchor is best suited for which surface?

Ground stakes for soft surfaces

Soft surfaces include sand, gravel, lawn or soil. The best solution for firmly securing your marquee, gazebo or storage tent is also the most simple and obvious: stainless steel stakes, which are essentially long, heavy duty tent pegs, with a tubular shape.

These are effective and useful for the stabilisation of outdoor fabric structures, as the stakes are attached quickly and easily. Like concrete ground anchors, ground stakes can also be used with tie down straps, guy ropes, and at the feet of the leg poles. While uncomplicated, our stakes will meet all your needs because they are made of hardened steel and are incredibly durable. You can purchase sets of 4, 8 and 12 ground stakes, each with a length of 60 cm, a diameter of 38 mm and a wall thickness of 1.1 mm.

ground stake in grass cross section

Ground anchors for hard surfaces

For hard floors, bolt-in anchors and large feet are ideal for fixing to e.g. concrete, walls, asphalt or tarmac, and even a cracked concrete floor. So if you would like to have your pavilion standing on your concrete terrace in the garden, it can easily be secured with concrete bolts, among other options.

You will find professional concrete anchors on this page in sets of 8, 16 and 24, so that you always have enough on hand. Our heavy duty hard surface steel anchors have an expanding bush head made of hardened, galvanised steel. You can use bolt-in anchors either to fix the marquee or gazebo at its feet, or for attaching tie down straps or guy ropes. With a diameter of approx. 12 mm and a length of 10 cm, they provide a strong anchoring base. Sit back and enjoy the feeling of security knowing your gazebo won't be going anywhere

Concrete anchor with expanding bush cross section

Weight plates and other accessories

Sometimes, using an anchoring stake or bolt will be impractical. For instance, if you are setting up a market stall, the city council may not be impressed if you drill a hole into the surface of the road (besides, that's more effort than you need!)

Weight plates for pop up gazebos

Our weight plates are made of steel and weigh 6 kg. Their advantage as a ground anchor is that they only need to be placed on the feet of your pavilion - and that's it! In addition, they are heavy without being bulky. They have a wide, flat shape, measuring 25x25 cm and extending only 15 mm in height. You can also store the weight plates in a flexible and compact way. The solid steel plates can be purchased either as a set of 4 or 8. The plates are ideally suited for use with pop up gazebos.

Weight plates for pop up gazebos

Sand bag weights for ease of transport

Another option for weighing down your pop up gazebo is with sand bags. On this page you can find sets of four waterproof bags made of high-quality Oxford material, including a practical carrying handle. These bags can be attached to the legs of your gazebo using Velcro fasteners. A heavy duty tab on the bottom of the bag provides an extra anchor point for added security when the wind picks up. Sand bags are a fantastic option if you are carrying your pop up gazebo around and don't want the back-breaking work of transporting heavy weighted plates alongside the gazebo itself. Just fill the bags up with stones or sand or whatever else you have at hand.

Sand bags for weighing down pop up gazebos

Gazebo feet for concrete slabs

To picture gazebo feet plates, imagine special 45 x 45 cm metal feet that fit into the corner and side poles of your marquee or storage tent. To provide extra stability, they can be weighted down with heavy concrete slabs. Similar to the concrete bolt anchors, the foot plates are available from House of tents in sets of 2 and 4. These base plates are extremely robust, however they are not suitable for use with our professional or 'Viking' storage tents.

Tent foot for weights

Connecting clamps for combining gazebos

Connecting clamps are another item of equipment designed for your aluminium or steel pop up gazebo. These are used to connect two or more pop up gazebos. You can quickly and easily attach the connecting clamps to the pavilions by hand using a twist lock. Our tip: Order a connecting gutter in addition to the solid steel connecting clamps, so that in rainy weather, you won't have a waterfall descending between the two pavilions.

    Strengthen your tent with tie downs & frame reinforcements

    Beyond ground anchors, House of Tents also offers storm protection kits for both soft and hard foundations. Our tie down kits include either hardened tent pegs or concrete bolts, alongside tensioning belts and ratchet tensioners. For a stronger sense of security, a Safety Plus package is also available for selected pavilion types.

    Floor anchors summarised

    Whether ground stakes, concrete ground anchors, extra wide foot plates, weight plates, sand bags or connecting clamps - the choice of the appropriate ground anchors for your pavilion depends not only on the surface of the site, but also the circumstances of its use. If you want to install your pavilion safely on the lawn, heavy duty ground stakes will do the trick. These stakes will have a far greater surface area than tent pegs, and will remain firmly anchored in the ground. For harder surfaces, you will require either concrete bolts, weighted plates or sandbags.

    If you are unsure of the exact number of stakes you will need, it is better to order a set with too many than too few, especially if you misplace one or two over the years. If you do happen to need more stakes, bolts, or foot plates, that's no problem either. With more than 100,000 spare parts in stock, the ground anchors you need can be delivered to your home quickly.

    Do you have any questions about the different types of ground anchors or clamps? Or are you unsure about the best solution for the type of ground where you want to install your marquee? Let our tent experts advise you personally.

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