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Tie down kit with 2x15 m tension belts + anchors (for hard grounds)

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The tie down kit is suitable for concrete grounds and solid surfaces such as walls, stone or asphalt. It includes approx. 15 m long tensioning straps with ratchet tensioners and robust concrete anchors. These metal frame anchors made of fully galvanised steel sit firmly in the ground due to their deep-penetrating length and their expanding-bush function. The tensioning straps are made of extra strong fabric material and are attached to the concrete anchors via the ratchet tensioners. The tie down kit is suitable for all marquees, storage tents and Viking models.

    * Product may differ in size and colour from the image.
    • 2x Tension belt straps, each ca. 15 m in length
    • 2x ratchets
    • 4 x concrete anchors, each ca. 10 cm long

    Holes must first be pre-drilled for the concrete anchors. The distance to the sides of the tent should be chosen so that the tensioning ropes run at an angle of approx. 45° to the ground after they have been attached. The concrete anchors are doweled to the pre-drilled holes. Then the tensioning straps are pulled over the tent and attached to the concrete anchors by hooks and ratchet tensioners. The tensioning straps are tensioned via the ratchet tensioners and the tent is fixed to the ground.

      * Product may differ in size and colour from the image.
      • Deep anchoring on hard ground - optimum safety and high stability for tents
      • High quality - durable and robust materials
      • Quick assembly and easy readjustment thanks to high-quality ratchet tensioners


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