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Marquee partitions: dividing walls for catering areas

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Fireproof partition walls - your tent accessories

Fireproof partition walls for party tents are a popular accessory on offer from House of Tents. The special thing about these movable walls: they are fireproof, available in various sizes and also perfectly suitable for a wide range of requirements. From marquees for weddings, to beer tents and temporary changing sheds - there are no limits to their use. Read on, to get inspiration and to learn about the advantages of our long-lasting temporary walls for marquees and storage tents.

Partition wall for a marquee

What good is a movable partition wall?

Partition walls for party tents can be used to divide the tent into individual areas. A room divider may not immediately enter your mind as a necessity, but the advantages are numerous. For parties and events, it allows you to provide two differently themed rooms. For commercial events, it allows you to section off a space for staff, storage, or for use as a plating area.

Partition walls in party tents also serve to visually reduce the size of the tent area. Dividing the floor area also gives you more options for using the party marquee. At House of Tents, these wall panels are fireproof and the tarpaulins are made of high-quality PVC. That doesn't mean to say that you should set a fire in the tent, but thanks to the fire resistance of the robust PVC material, you can among other things, offer your smoking guests a waterproof shelter. Especially if wet weather is forecast for your event, your smoking guests will be very grateful not to have to leave the tent to smoke during the evening.

Get inspired with ideas for using a room divider

In addition to the option of using the party tent marquee as a smoking marquee, the fireproof wall panel offers you many other possible uses. How about for wedding marquees or as temporary changing sheds at a football game for example? As inspiration, we present you with five suitable ideas and tips:

  1. 1

    A wedding banquet or corporate event with a separated service area.

    A fairly large marquee, of say 6x10m is big enough to fit roughly 50 people seated. We also offer a marquee of 6x12 metres. A partition can be hung from the roof and connected to the side panels every 2 metres. With a slightly larger tent, you are able to offer the same amount of space, and use the room divider to create a service area for waiters to collect plates and return dirty dishes, and fetch drinks for guests. For some events you will even be able to prepare small plates in the extra working area.

  2. 2

    A buffet for dinner and dance floor for later

    Buffets are a no-fuss and flexible catering option especially at weddings, anniversaries and important birthday parties. With the help of fireproof walls, you can now easily divide your party tent into two rooms. Start celebrating in one room and set up the buffet in the other. Temporary wall partitions are a particularly popular solution for exactly this reason. You can even change the configuration of the space as the party progresses. You may begin with a large open space, and then install a partition to set up the buffet, remove the temporary wall and divide the tent space into half, for dancing in one room and chatting over a glass of wine in the other.

  3. 3

    For flexible exhibition space at a trade fair

    Our fireproof party tent partition walls are also being used more and more frequently at trade fairs. Here you can easily divide the party tent into several areas thereby giving different exhibitors space to present and sell their products. Especially tents in the colour white are in demand for trade fair events. You might even get creative and use a series of temporary room dividers extending to three-quarter widths to create a snaking walkway 2m in width, leading members of the public slowly from one corner of the tent to the opposite corner, optimising your floor space.

  4. 4

    To create a multi-room summer house in the garden

    Who wouldn't like to bring the cinema right into their own garden for once in their life? You can fulfil this wish with the help of a party tent and with a white temporary wall you can even get the big screen experience, projecting the film onto the partition. You'll be able to use one room as a cinema and the other as a snack room. Alternatively, if a big football match is on, you can have one room for the fans and another room for friends who prefer to withdraw and chat in a separate room. It's simply the ideal garden tent!

  5. 5

    Helping with compliance with social distancing during a pandemic

    Especially at such times like the Corona pandemic, the demand for quickly erected, stable and above all modular tents is high. To beat the virus a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between people should be maintained and tents with room partitions can help to maintain social distancing. A large marquee with one or more room dividers is a fast and cost-effective solution to create temporary buildings to work with clients, customers, patients, and more. As opposed to a permanent building, the tent can be reconfigured from day to day, with interior walls being movable and doors being added as needed.

Were you aware?

At House of Tents you will find fireproof partition walls for small marquees up to our largest marquees. Thanks to the PVC material, they are all fire-resistant, weatherproof and extremely stable. Here you will find the perfect wall for your marquee for every occasion and for any weather!

    Installation of a temporary partition wall

    Partition walls can be quickly and stably attached to your marquee with little effort. How? With rubber loops we call bungees. To install a partition, bungee cords are fed through eyelets in the partition, and looped around the metal bars in the ceiling and sides, before being pulled back over a large plastic ball connected to the bungee. If you're working quickly, setting up a partitioning divider is a question of less than 5 minutes. We explain in detail how exactly bungees are best used to create a firm, secure attachment in our online shop page for bungees.

    Important to mention: the partition walls made of fireproof PVC tarpaulin include doors that can be opened and closed individually. How? By means of practical zips. In this way, you can always decide for yourself whether you want to allow entry through the partitions or not. With 3 zips, you have plenty of flexibility for large or small doors, creating a partially open room divider.

    In summary

    Whether for small marquees or XXL marquees, whether you want to celebrate a specific event in a marquee or practically divide your beer tent into two rooms - with temporary walls from House of Tents you have the choice. You can quickly find the right fireproof partition from an assortment of many marquee sizes.

    Let our expert customer service advise you individually and personally! Do you have questions about the height or width of the demountable partition walls or about PVC tarpaulins in general? No problem!

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