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Bungees - Your tent accessories

Bungees (also known as shock cords, elastic straps, bungee cords or tarp tensioners), are used for quick and optimal fastening of tent tarpaulins to the tent frame. In this guide, we'll explain how our ball bungees are correctly attached to a marquee or storage tent, as well as other advantages of these handy rubber loops.

Bungees for attaching tent tarpaulins

Why do we use bungee cords?

Bungees fix the roof and side tarps to the frame and prolong the life of the tarpaulin providing an ideal connection, yielding with wind and other shocks, but keeping the tarp secure.

Bungee loops are equipped with a ball and are used to fasten, fix and secure the tent fabric. In contrast to rigid connections inlcuding ropes, bungees stretch to protect eyelets and tarpaulins from excessive wind loads, taking on the majority of the stress. The bungees also limit tarp movements in wind. The design of our ball bungees is optimised for performance with our tents. They consist of an elastic cord with a strengthening coating of strong fabric material and a hollow ball of hard plastic. They are primarily used for marquees and storage tents.

When buying tensioning bungees, you should ensure that you use neither too few nor too many. Too few bungees can lead to wind blowing into the tent interior, for example. In the worst case scenario of very high winds, the cords may snap. However, the use of too many bungee cords is not recommended either, as this can cause the tent tarpaulin to be stretched and can damage the material. It is best to replace bungees that are too short and to shorten any bungee cords that are too long. In our assortment you can find two sizes: short (unstretched approx. 6 cm) and long bungee cords (unstretched approx. 15 cm).

What you need to know:

Bungees should not be attached to the tent poles too tightly or too loosely. To ensure that these fasteners reliably protect and stabilise your tent fabric against wind to the full extent, the choice of the right bungee cord size is important. If you're having a problem with tightening the bungee cords, you may find it easier to achieve the desired tightness with longer cords.

    What are the specific advantages of House of Tents bungees?

    At House of Tents we offer bungee ties that were especially developed with a view for use on tents. The robust, durable ball bungees consist of several, sturdy elasticated strands braided together, covered by a tear-resistant nylon fabric. The material thickness is 5 mm, which provides both elasticity and durability. The large hollow ball made of hard plastic has a diameter of 29 mm with an additional ridge for grip.

    We sell ball bungee ties in packs of 25, 50, 75 or 100 pieces. Ball bungee ties are available in different lengths and colours. So, in our shop you have the option of short or long, black or white, as well as the number of bungee ball ties in a pack.

    Our tip:

    Choose the colour of your tarpaulin tensioner according to the colour of your party or storage tent. If, for example, you have bought a marquee in a dark colour such as blue or green, we recommend the black marquee bungees, and for light marquees or storage tents the white ones. Of course, you can also order black bungee ties for a white party tent, but these will be particularly eye-catching.

      Our bungee advantages in detail

      Ball bungees are incredibly versatile. If you have some left over you will find a wide variety of potential uses around the home or workplace. For example, you can tie down the garden hose or electrical cables, or attach them to other types of protective tarps, such as truck or trailer tarpaulins or swimming pool covers, as tarpaulin ropes or tension belts, in addition to being the ideal bungee loops for use as marquee fastening loops. Black bungees are good for odd jobs because they don't discolour as quickly.

      1. 1

        Secure fastening: A heavy-duty elastic cord with large ball and slip-off protection

      2. 2

        Heavy duty: Nylon covered cords and a hard plastic ball

      3. 3

        Highly resistant: UV-resistant and heat resistant

      4. 4

        Flexible in use: If the cord of the ball bungee is too long, it can be shortened with ease: Simply unknot, cut and knot again

      5. 5

        Quick to tie: Simply hook them through the tarp eyelets and around the frame

      How to tie bungee straps

      Rubber tarp straps can be quickly attached to the tent. Facing the canopy frame, take the elastic bungee ball tie in your hand and place it horizontally. The ball should point in your direction, while the looped cord lies in the direction of the tarp.

      The loop is first pulled through the eyelet on the tarp. Then hook it around the tent frame and back around the bungee ball, ensuring that it is pulling against the cord, having fully passed by the ball. As already mentioned, the tension of the bungee ball tie should be neither too strong nor too weak and should still give a little when pulled, but the bungee cord should hold some tension.

      Attaching the tarpaulin with bungees

      In summary

      Ball bungees are essential for erecting and fixing marquees and storage tents, keeping them safe from strong winds. The bungee ball ties can be mounted quickly and easily and can be purchased as a set. You can also use the elastic strap fasteners for other purposes. You'll find further accessory options for securing gazebos and other structures on the Accessories page such as Ground anchors and Storm protection tie downs with ratchet straps.

      Our expert customer service

      At House of Tents you can find heavy duty rubber tarp straps with a bungee ball at attractive prices. If you have any further questions about these accessories our tent experts will be happy to help you.

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