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Garden gazebo by House of Tents

Garden Gazebo Hardtop Sunset Deluxe champagne colours, 3x3m

Item No.: 300166

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Luxurious all-weather gazebo

Spend beautiful moments in the garden and create your own personal oasis of well-being. Use the high-quality Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo as an outdoor living room and make yourself really comfortable here! Especially in summer, thanks to the gazebo, you can relax comfortably in the garden for as long as you like and fully enjoy the summertime. For example, set up a lounge set, a table, lights - and to further enhance the living room feeling, a washable rug. In winter, on the other hand, fluffy cushions, blankets and romantic candlelight round off the garden experience. The garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe deserves a permanent place in the garden - and not only because its modern design fits perfectly into any landscape. The interplay of a particularly stable, powder-coated aluminium frame and the high-quality polycarbonate roof panels allow the best possible combination of style and durability. Thanks to the translucent roof, the Sunset Deluxe gazebo puts every moment in the right light. The 8mm thick roof panels - 100% waterproof and with a high UV protection of 50+ - ensure that this garden gazebo is also well equipped for all weather conditions. You can use this gazebo all year round. Turn it into an outdoor living room in summer and a cosy conservatory in winter, for example. A real oasis of well-being! It also has a maximum snow load of 80 kg/m². Open or closed? The elegant side panels in champagne colours, which run over a high-quality double rail system, inspire many design options and exude luxurious glamour. Now hang garlands and fairy lights, decorate with large potted plants and place a comfortable armchair - now the garden idyll and your outdoor living room is perfect! The Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo - a gazebo that reliably creates enthusiasm from the very first moment!

  • Can be used all year round - max. snow load 80 kg/m²
  • Roof made of weather-resistant polycarbonate panels
  • Powder-coated aluminium frame
  • Modern design & light colour of the side panels
  • Incl. 4 side panels & fasteners
  • Double track system
  • Matching mosquito nets for this garden gazebo model are also available from House of Tents
  • 100% waterproof roof with a sun protection factor of UV 50+
  • 10 year spare parts guarantee
  • Professional and personal advice from your specialist supplier


Elegant, extremely stable and safe - all year round

This gazebo frame performs reliably, withstands wind and weather and is designed for year-round use. So enjoy the benefits of your garden oasis regardless of the weather or the season! A powder-coated aluminium frame and precision-fit manufacturing form the basis for this stable, robust and first-class frame. Thanks to a high-quality connection system and clever profiles, the Sunset Deluxe gazebo is very easy to assemble. And once it is set up in your garden, it will become an absolute head-turner. If you now move your living room outside, this gazebo will not only be an eye-catcher, but also the highlight of your garden! The gazebo owes its extraordinary stability to its well thought-out frame, the extra strong square profiles and the additional reinforcing elements in the roof area. This means that precipitation and weather-related forces can be optimally diverted and the gazebo offers reliable protection all year round. Not to be forgotten is the attractive decorative design of this garden gazebo. This is not only extremely attractive and modern, but also gives the gazebo maximum stability. Concrete anchors are included in the delivery, which can be used to securely fasten the gazebo to the ground. And should you ever want to move the gazebo somewhere else in the garden and you''ve lost the concrete anchors - no problem! From the date of purchase, you will receive a 10-year availability of spare parts guarantee from your specialist supplier. Another plus point of the Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo: High-quality coverings conceal the foot plates and concrete anchors.

  • Stable, robust and first-class frame
  • Completely UV, corrosion and weather resistant due to powder-coated aluminium
  • Stable square profile - approx. 90 x 90 mm, approx. 1 mm thick
  • Stainless steel screws and bolted threads in the profiles
  • Modern and elegant decorative design that skilfully sets the scene in the garden
  • Incl. anchoring materials and tools
  • From the date of purchase, you benefit from a 10-year guaranteed availability of spare parts


Maximum protection and comfort in all seasons

To make your dream of an outdoor living room come true, a weatherproof roof is essential. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your garden oasis regardless of the weather. The roof of the Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo is made of shatterproof 8 mm thick polycarbonate panels and thus offers reliable protection in any weather. Because this gazebo is designed for year-round use, it has a 100% waterproof roof that also has a high UV protection rating of 50+. The perfect all-weather gazebo! And not only that, it should be emphasised at this point that the Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo is the ultimate in garden gazebos from House of Tents. While the Rendezvous Deluxe garden gazebo, for example, can bear a snow load of up to approx. 50 kg/m², this model can even reach a load of up to approx. 80 kg/m². Are you looking for a reliable and maximum quality gazebo for your garden living room? Then the Sunset Deluxe is just right for you! But not only is the quality compelling, but also the functionality. The translucent grey tinted double web panels not only provide reliable shade, but also ensure optimum light incidence and a pleasant seating atmosphere in your outdoor living room. And if you would like to add lamps or garlands to the gazebo, you can benefit from the hooks already provided in the middle of the roof. By the way: As a specialist supplier, House of Tents carries replacement roofs in its range. The roof for the garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe in the size 3x3m is also available at House of Tents.

  • 8 mm thick, weather-resistant polycarbonate sheets
  • Can be used all year round - max. snow load 80 kg/m²
  • 100% waterproof
  • High UV protection of 50+
  • Optimal light conditions
  • Integrated hook to fix lighting
  • Easy to assemble
  • The corresponding replacement roof for this model is also available from House of Tents


Decorative, high-quality and extremely functional

The included side panels immerse your modern Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo in a unique and cosy flair. Loosely gathered and fixed to the legs, the flowing fabric looks extremely decorative, luxurious and inviting. But it's not just the look of the side panels that makes them stand out; their quality is also impressive. All four side panels are made of 180 g/m² polyester with PA coating and thus offer your outdoor living room additional protection from wind and weather. If a breeze, sunshine or rain are disturbing you, you can flexibly rearrange the gazebo at any time by closing it partially or completely. The side panels are attached to a high quality double rail system in an easy and uncomplicated way and can be joined together with a zip fastener if required. Decide for yourself which design variant makes you feel most comfortable! It can be uncomfortable in summer when mosquitoes and midges are active and leave annoying, itchy bites on the skin. Especially in an outdoor lounge, you really want to relax and not worry about the possibility of getting bitten. The solution: mosquito net sets. Upgrade your Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo with four mosquito side panels. These are available in the size 3x3 m in both champagne and loft grey from House of Tents. The best thing here is that you don't have to choose between the included side panels and the mosquito nets. Thanks to the high-quality double rail system, you can mount both side panels at the same time. So enclose your garden gazebo with mosquito nets and enjoy mosquito bite-free, relaxed summer evenings in your outdoor lounge!

  • Incl. 4 side parts in the colour champagne
  • Made of 180 g/m² polyester with PA coating
  • High-quality double rail system
  • Can be completely closed with a zip
  • Ultimate privacy, wind and rain protection
  • Matching mosquito nets in the same colour and size are also available from House of Tents
  • Matching mosquito nets can also be mounted on the rail system

Details & Sizes

Details & Sizes

Article no.300166
Size WxL approx.3.0 x 3.0 m
Colour side panelschampagne colours
Colour of the structuregraphite

Materials and thicknesses

Roof tarpaulinapprox. 8 mm; Polycarbonate panels
Side panelsapprox. 180 g/m²; Polyester with PA coating
Frame MaterialAluminium
Roof constructionAluminium
Pole Diameter9x9 cm
Foot cover:ca. 16 x 16 cm
Wall thickness of poles1 mm
Poles size of decorationapprox. 20 x 20 mm
Wall thickness of decorationapprox. 1.2 mm

Weather resistance

100% waterproofYes
UV protection factor50

Product sizes 

Widthapprox. 3.00 m
Lengthapprox. 3.00 m
Leg distanceapprox. 2.5 x 2.5 m
Ridge heightapprox. 2.70 m
Lateral heightapprox. 1.9 m

Package data/sizes

Number of boxes2
Longest side220 mm
Total weight72 kg

Uncomplicated assembly

*The video shows the order of assembly, the product can differ in size and colour

Easy and fast assembly in a few steps

Assembled in the blink of an eye thanks to a compact structure and a high quality click-in system.

  1. Pour the foundation
  2. Assemble the frame, including roof structure
  3. Insert polycarbonate panels into the roof structure
  4. Fasten with edge supports
  5. Attach sidewalls
  6. Fix the garden gazebo to the ground with concrete anchors
  • Assembly time with 2 persons is approx. 3 hours
  • With easy-to-understand assembly instructions
  • Everything you need is included: No extra tools needed for assembly
Download assembly instructions now

Delivery Contents

  • Aluminium frame
  • Double-plated polycarbonate roof panels (16 pieces)
  • 4 side panels incl. hooks for suspension
  • 8 ground anchors
  • Assembly tools
  • Assembly instructions

Accessories & Spare Parts

Replacement parts

Do you need a spare part for your garden gazebo? No problem! Our experts are happy to help. Just call or write us, so that we can help you quickly and easily. Please keep the article number of the required spare part or your invoice ready. The article number can be found in the assembly instructions of your garden gazebo.

Order spare parts

Find matching accessories here!

Mosquito net (4-piece) for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe 03x03, champagne colour
Mosquito net (4-piece) for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe 03x03, champagne colour
incl. 20% VAT
Side panels (4-piece set) for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe 03x03, champagne colour
Side panels (4-piece set) for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe 03x03, champagne colour
incl. 20% VAT
Sun sail for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe, champagne, 3x3m
Sun sail for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe, champagne, 3x3m
incl. 20% VAT
Replacement roof for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe 3x3m, Hardtop
Replacement roof for garden gazebo Sunset Deluxe 3x3m, Hardtop
incl. 20% VAT (excludes shipping costs)

Safety instructions

  • Our hardtop garden gazebos are ideal all-weather all-rounders and can be left outside all year round.
  • Please ensure that the foundation of your gazebo is frost-proof to prevent potential damage to the gazebo.
  • Even if your garden gazebo has a designated snow load, we recommend that you clear the roof of snow regularly and promptly.
  • Also remove dirt from the hardtop roof and maintain it accordingly. Use common soap and lukewarm water as well as a soft sponge. We strongly advise against the use of strong alkaline or abrasive cleaning agents or sharp tools.