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Sturdy metal gazebos for every occasion

High UV protection

100% waterproof

Models with hard tops or soft canopies

100% waterproof

Aluminium and steel frames

High UV protection

Metal gazebos in steel or aluminium

Stable, waterproof and long-lasting. A gazebo in aluminium or steel is a sensible choice, whether for your garden, for a business, or for outdoor events. You can use our heavy duty gazebos all year round. We have a wide variety of metal frame gazebos to suit your every need.

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Comparison: The frames of our metal gazebos

We have three types of gazebo with a frame made of metal — marquees, pop up gazebos and garden gazebos. The frames of all of our gazebos are made of either aluminium and steel. So, what is the difference between the two materials and which is going to be the perfect fit for your needs?

Aluminium gazebos - lightweight yet sturdy

Heavy duty aluminium gazebo frame

An aluminium gazebo is the best choice for a shelter that needs to be mobile. Aluminium frames combine strength and agility. Easy to move and easy to handle. That makes them ideal as a pop up gazebo - allowing you to put it up wherever you need it, and take it down again with ease once it's time to go home. You can even move them as the sun moves across the sky, providing consistent shade throughout the day. Our foldable aluminium gazebos feature either a square or hexagonal profile. These 6063-T5 aluminium poles are anodized three times for extra strength.

Our permanent aluminium gazebos meanwhile feature frames that can be left standing throughout the entire winter. They are most often set in foundation either on the patio or in the garden and can withstand all kinds of weather. The canopies of semi-permanent gazebos with an aluminium frame are removed over the winter. You don't need to dismantle a hardtop permanent gazebo as it can remain standing throughout the whole year.

Steel gazebos - robust & shock resistant

Robust steel poles

Steel is a heavier material that is extremely shock resistant. Bumps and knocks are less likely to damage the frame. All of our gazebos are available with a steel frame. The extra weight in the frame of an instant gazebo helps to keep it grounded in light winds.

Our marquees are only available in steel. A steel frame is ideal for these outdoor structures because they can handle a bit of rough handling when being set up and dismantled regularly for outdoor events, garden parties or open days.

A steel frame gazebo is also a cheaper option for setting up in the garden as a permanent gazebo. The gazebo frame is protected by a powder coating that is highly corrosion resistant to ensure it stays rust free over many years of outdoor use.

Metal gazebos with sides

UV-resistant garden gazebo with soft-top roof

Metal gazebos with side walls allow you to fully close off the gazebo, blocking sunlight, wind or rain from entering through the sides of the shelter. What's more, you can afford yourself some privacy from nosey neighbours by closing individual side walls. Metal gazebos with curtains can be transformed into a luxurious outdoor living area for summer evenings with warm lighting.

Mosquito nets are also available for all of our permanent gazebos. These can be attached alongside the curtains on our Sunset Premium, Sunset Deluxe, and Forest line gazebos thanks to double track curtain rails.

The roofs of our metal gazebos

Garden gazebo with sturdy hardtop roof

Permanent gazebos with a metal roof

New in our shops in 2022, metal frame gazebos with a steel roof are designed to deceive. The aluminium frame has a natural looking wood-finish that combines the strength and durability of metal with the wonderful appearance of wood.

Steel roof gazebos are unsurprisingly the strongest and most robust gazebos that we have on offer. They have a load bearing capability of 110 kg/m². Available in the size 3x3, 3x4 and 4x4 and with sides in either loft grey or champagne, there's a size and style to suit any garden.

Metal marquee with sturdy PVC roof

Mobile and soft top metal gazebos

A metal roof gazebo isn’t always the right answer of course. While still providing excellent shade, pavilions with a soft canopy made of polyester allow more light to enter the gazebo and are easier to assemble.

Our pop up tents are highly UV resistant – up to SPF 80+. Metal frame marquees are available with a varying degree of stability. Extra roof supports, a ground bar and corner braces in the Professional party tents all increase the structure’s strength.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about metal gazebos

How do I care for the roof of my metal gazebo?

If you have a garden gazebo with a fixed polycarbonate roof, we recommend that you use simple household remedies. For example, use a sponge and soak it in lukewarm water with soap. Regular detergents aren't sufficient for gazebos with a tarpaulin roof and sides and party tents. Especially for stubborn stains from oil or other grease, we advise you to use our highly alkaline PE and PVC cleaner.

The aluminium or steel frames of heavy duty garden pavilions are designed to remain fixed in place permanently. Tarpaulin canopies are removed over winter, while polycarbonate and steel roofs can remain standing all year round. Marquees are a good medium-term solution. Professional models, with 50 mm diameter poles, roof supports, and a ground bar can stay standing for months on end. Pop up gazebos meanwhile vary in their durability according to their price and quality. Cheaper models, even tied down with guy ropes and pegs, are susceptible to medium gusts of wind. Professional models with 50 mm hexagonal legs are more robust but should still be taken down in stormy weather.

There are many factors that come together to determine how long a tent will last. Important to consider are weather conditions, whether the structure is used year round or just for short periods, the type of gazebo, and the quality of the materials. A shelter with a high quality will certainly last longer than a low-priced product. All of our gazebo products are high quality, but you can be assured that our professional, deluxe and superior quality products will see many years of service if you treat them well. Best of all, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for 10 years for many of our products. That means you won't need to throw out the whole gazebo if a part breaks or is misplaced.

Putting up an instant gazebo with a frame made of metal is quick and easy. The gazebo frame comes pre-assembled and only the canopy needs to be attached as you unfold the collapsible frame. Marquee frames can also be assembled relatively quickly. The frame of a permanent gazebo will take a little longer, but once it's in place you won’t have to worry about it again. Assembly instructions are delivered with each product, as well as being available for download on our website. You can also find video guides on our YouTube channel.

You have a variety of options for anchoring a metal gazebo to the ground. Ground anchors that attach the foot plates to the ground are included in the delivery of our pop up gazebos and marquees. Heavy duty ground stakes and concrete anchors can be bought separately amongst our range of ground anchors. Tie down kits are a sensible option for shelters that will be standing for longer periods. For permanent gazebos, it's important that the frame is anchored properly. A patio gazebo should be anchored using spot foundations rather than being screwed onto decking or paving stones.

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