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Metal gazebos in steel or aluminium

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Gazebos with metal frames

Stable, waterproof and long-lasting. A gazebo in aluminium or steel is a sensible choice, whether for your garden, for a business, or for outdoor events. You can use our heavy duty gazebos all year round. We have a wide variety of metal frame gazebos to suit your every need.

Heavy duty steel roof gazebo

Comparison: The frames of our metal gazebos

We have three types of gazebo with a frame made of metal — marquees, pop up gazebos and garden gazebos. The frames of all of our gazebos are made of either aluminium and steel. So, what is the difference between the two materials and which is going to be the perfect fit for your needs?

Aluminium gazebo poles



  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely rust-resistant
  • Suitable for year-round use
robust steel pole gazebos



  • 100% waterproof
  • Very stable
  • Incredibly strong
  • Very weather-resistant
  • Suitable for year-round use

Aluminium gazebos - lightweight yet sturdy

An aluminium gazebo is the best choice for a shelter that needs to be mobile. Aluminium frames combine strength and agility. Easy to move and easy to handle. That makes them ideal as a pop up gazebo - allowing you to put it up wherever you need it, and take it down again with ease once it's time to go home. You can even move them as the sun moves across the sky, providing consistent shade throughout the day. Our foldable aluminium gazebos feature either a square or hexagonal profile. These 6063-T5 aluminium poles are anodized three times for extra strength.

Our permanent aluminium gazebos meanwhile feature frames that can be left standing throughout the entire winter. They are most often set in foundation either on the patio or in the garden and can withstand all kinds of weather. The canopies of semi-permanent gazebos with an aluminium frame are removed over the winter. You don't need to dismantle a hardtop permanent gazebo as it can remain standing throughout the whole year.

Aluminium pop up gazebo frame

Steel gazebos - robust & shock resistant

Steel is a heavier material that is extremely shock resistant. Bumps and knocks are less likely to damage the frame. All of our gazebos are available with a steel frame. The extra weight in the frame of an instant gazebo helps to keep it grounded in light winds.

Our marquees are only available in steel. A steel frame is ideal for these outdoor structures because they can handle a bit of rough handling when being set up and dismantled regularly for outdoor events, garden parties or open days.

A steel frame gazebo is also a cheaper option for setting up in the garden as a permanent gazebo. The gazebo frame is protected by a powder coating that is highly corrosion resistant to ensure it stays rust free over many years of outdoor use.

Solid steel frame marquee

Metal roof gazebos: steel roofs built to last

A metal roof gazebo exhibits high weather resistance and stability. Steel in particular is an incredibly sturdy material for the canopy. A steel roof gazebo has a very high load bearing capacity. Just like the polycarbonate garden pavilion, the steel-roofed pavilion can be used all year round in the garden or on the terrace. A steel hardtop gazebo is also very easy to care for and doesn't require much maintenance. The steel gazebo roofs are made of ca. 0.7 mm galvanised steel and have an integrated metal hook for attaching outdoor lighting and decorations.

Our gazebos with a metal canopy all have aluminium leg posts that are particularly resistant to weathering. The 16 x 16 cm square aluminium posts have a natural wood finish. The combination of the convincing wood-finish frame and steel roof delivers a striking impression.

Steel roof gazebo

Metal gazebos with sides

Metal gazebos with side walls allow you to fully close off the gazebo, blocking sunlight, wind or rain from entering through the sides of the shelter. What's more, you can afford yourself some privacy from nosey neighbours by closing individual side walls. Metal gazebos with curtains can be transformed into a luxurious outdoor living area for summer evenings with warm lighting.

Mosquito nets are also available for all of our permanent gazebos. These can be attached alongside the curtains on our Sunset Premium, Sunset Deluxe, and Forest line gazebos thanks to double track curtain rails.

Metal gazebo with side panels

The roofs of our metal gazebos

Permanent gazebos with a metal roof

Mobile and soft top metal gazebos

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about metal gazebos

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