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High-quality gazebos with a hardtop roof

Powder-coated aluminium frames

Models with a stable, fixed roof

Gazebos for year-round use

Powder-coated aluminium frames

Gazebos for year-round use

Available in Deluxe quality

Gazebos with a solid roof - high quality hardtop gazebos

Are you looking for a high-quality and stable hardtop gazebo for your garden that can be left outside right through the colder seasons? Then the House of Tents Deluxe garden gazebos are just the right choice! You can choose from the Sunset or Rendezvous product lines, which have one thing in common: their deluxe models both have a fixed roof made of polycarbonate panels. And the heavy duty roof is not only very durable, it is 100% waterproof and doesn't have to be taken down in autumn or winter. Hardtop gazebos with a fixed canopy - the perfect choice for outdoor living in all four seasons!

Gazebo roofs in comparison: Hardtop vs. soft top

In our online shop you’ll find not just garden gazebos with a fixed roof, but also models with a soft top canopy. Both types of models provide shade and shelter, even on stormy days - but where exactly are the differences? Which canopy is suitable for which purpose?

Roof materials in detail

Weatherproof gazebos with weather-resistant polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate double-glazed sheets

Hardtop gazebos equipped with a polycarbonate roof defy wind and weather. Whether used as shelter from the sun over long summer days or as rain protection in the colder seasons - thanks to their heavy duty roof material, these models are ideal as a shelter for outdoor furniture, a BBQ, or a hot tub. Did you know, for example, that you can find hardtop gazebos in our online shop that can bear a snow load of approx. 50 to 80 kg/m²? Choose a hardtop gazebo with a polycarbonate roof for your garden and benefit from your model in all seasons!

Waterproof gazebos with high-quality PVC tarpaulins

PVC tarpaulins

PVC tarpaulins also successfully defy rain, sun and wind. PVC is extremely tear-resistant and robust and is used in particular for marquees and pop up gazebos. So if you are looking for a temporary gazebo, both marquees and pop up gazebos made of PVC material are suitable. Are you looking for a lightweight garden tent made of PE or high-performance polyester to provide shade and shelter for a specific period of time? In this case too, marquees and pop up gazebos will provide all the benefits you’re looking for. Heavy duty waterproof gazebos with a soft canopy are available with either aluminium or steel frames.

Decorative Rendezvous Deluxe gazebos with a hardtop

The Rendezvous line in the House of Tents range differs from the Sunset line, especially in the design and the respective material thicknesses. If you are looking for a hardtop gazebo with a playful and romantic design, then the Rendezvous line is just right for you! Unlike the Classic and Premium qualities, the Rendezvous Deluxe gazebo features a hardtop roof. The Deluxe is a stable metal gazebo that is also weatherproof and can be left in the garden throughout the colder seasons. This waterproof gazebo owes these fundamental properties not least to its corrosion-resistant aluminium frame. That's because aluminium is a metal that is both easy to care for and water-resistant, as well as being synonymous with a long service life. The polycarbonate roof panels of this aluminium hardtop gazebo also have a thickness of 6 mm and thus offer a high level of stability. 

The Sunset Deluxe gazebos from House of Tents are of a very good quality. Thanks to their modern appearance paired with curtains in trendy colours, these hardtop gazebos will be an eye-catcher in any home garden! The Sunset Deluxe gazebos also have aluminium frames and are therefore highly weather-resistant, waterproof and stable. Unlike Rendezvous Deluxe models, the anthracite-grey polycarbonate panels of the Sunset Deluxe are 2 mm thicker, with a thickness of 8 mm. This translates to a higher maximum snow load, which increases from approx. 50 kg/m² for the Rendezvous line to a maximum of approx. 80 kg/m². Another advantage of the Sunset Deluxe aluminium gazebo: a double-rail system. This dual-track rail system not only allows the hanging of curtains, but also the attachment of a 4-piece mosquito netting set at the same time. Mosquito netting sets are available in various sizes and colours online in our shop.

TIP: Create a cosy oasis of well-being in your own garden by building an outdoor living room with the help of the Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo. Set up comfortable garden furniture, such as a sofa and a table, and use the hooks on the canopy of the hardtop gazebo to attach LED lighting, for example, or as a climbing aid for climbing plants. You can find more ideas in our magazine article “Creating atmospheric light in the garden gazebo”.

Even if marquees and pop up gazebos do not have a fixed roof, there are some models that are suitable for long-term use. These include pop up gazebos with a PVC tarpaulin and PVC marquees. PVC is an extremely durable material that is also flame retardant and tear resistant. You can find PVC party tents at House of Tents using the filter to select “PROFILine” marquees. These have a UV protection of up to 80+. This high level of protection is also available with pop up gazebos. Here too, heavy duty pop up gazebos with UV protection 80+ are available in our range - in the Professional Alu quality. If you’ve decided that a garden gazebo isn’t the one for you, you might find that pop up gazebos and party tents are the ideal outdoor shelter alternatives for you!

TIP: If you want to leave your marquee outside for a longer period of time, we recommend tie down ratchet straps. The installation of this protection is easy and offers your marquee the highest possible protection - e.g. in strong winds. You can also find out what you should look out for if you want to protect your tent from snow, rain and wind in our magazine article: Increase the stability of your tent. You can find all the necessary accessories in House of Tents’ range of accessories. For pop up gazebos as well, anchoring and tie down straps are available to protect against light and medium winds. You can find, among other things, sand bags or weight plates with our pop up gazebo accessories, as well as a tie down kit here.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

In which sizes are gazebos with a hardtop roof available at House of Tents?

In our shop we have garden gazebos in 3 sizes: 3x3 m, 3x4 m, and 4x4 m. Hardtop gazebos in the size 3x3 m and 3x4 m are the most popular sizes that we sell. If you enjoy hosting get-togethers, parties, or even outdoor events in your garden or outdoor space, then a large gazebo measuring 4x4 m might also be ideal for you.

We recommend that you buy garden structures with either a steel or aluminium frame. Both materials withstand strong winds, are waterproof and are long-lasting. Both options are also easy to care for and robust. Fully galvanised steel is extremely rust-resistant, just like aluminium, but unlike aluminium frames, are also resistant to pest and fungal attack. Steel garden gazebos are available in Classic and Premium quality. Aluminium gazebos can be found in the Premium and Deluxe quality.

All side panels, curtains or side walls in our range are waterproof and offer protection against UV rays. It's up to you whether you prefer your garden tent to be closed or open. For example, you can buy a wide range of pop up gazebos, or the Sunset Deluxe garden gazebo without side walls. With waterproof sidewalls, the hardtop gazebo becomes a great outdoor storage space - perfect for the barbecue or garden loungers, or can even be used as a stylish carport.

No, we don't stock wooden pavilions. Even though wooden pavilions look very attractive and are often used as trellises for certain plants, wood is a very high-maintenance material. Wood is also not sufficiently weatherproof and is susceptible to fungal and pest infestation.

You can install your garden gazebo on a patio or on the lawn. However, we recommend that you pour a concrete foundation. This is particularly important in respect to the guarantee conditions for these products. If you do choose to anchor the legs of a garden gazebo to a patio, you will need to use heavy duty screws designed specifically for wooden decking. Our tent experts will be happy to advise you personally on this subject.

If you are in need of a spare part or would like to replace the gazebo canopy, check out our page of garden gazebo accessories. You'll find replacement roofs, sidewalls in various colours, mosquito nets and sun sails for all sizes, from 3x3 m to 3x4 m, and 4 x 4m. At House of Tents we offer a 10 year guarantee on the availability of spare parts for most of our garden gazebo models. You can ask our customer service team about this before purchase.

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