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High-quality gazebos with a hardtop roof

Powder-coated aluminium frames

Models with a stable, fixed roof

Gazebos for year-round use

Powder-coated aluminium frames

Gazebos for year-round use

Available in deluxe and superior quality

Permanent hard top gazebos with a polycarbonate or steel roof

High-quality and stable hard top gazebos can be left outside right through the winter. They are our only truly permanent gazebos, using a fixed aluminium frame and either a polycarbonate or steel roof. A fixed gazebo with a hard roof is well suited to UK weather conditions. Our free standing gazebos with a hard roof provide shelter from rain, wind, and sun making them suitable year-round.

Rendezvous deluxe garden gazebo with hardtop roof

Permanent gazebos for all weather conditions

When you buy a permanent gazebo, you're investing in an all-year-round gazebo that is strong enough to withstand all sorts of conditions. Of course, all of our heavy-duty all year gazebos are completely waterproof and can withstand up to gale force winds. There's no need to dismantle your year round gazebo in the winter because the roof is windproof and waterproof and can accommodate snow.

Our permanent metal frame gazebos can support snow loads of up to ca. 110 kg/m². For safety reasons, however, we still recommend that you remove snow as soon as it falls on the permanent gazebo. That's easily done with a soft-bristle broom or brush.

Polycarbonate gazebo with one side closed

Hardtop gazebos with sides

Naturally, if you're planning to use your outdoor permanent gazebo well into the colder months, you will need an all year round gazebo with sides. The majority of our hardtop pavilions come with a full set of curtains. A steel or polycarbonate roof gazebo with sides protects against cold winds, rain entering from the sides, and retains heat in the gazebo. We also have a selection of hardtops without curtains for you if you don't need curtains for your permanent gazebo. And if you change your mind at a later date? No problem, replacement side walls can be bought in a range of colours and sizes.

Gazebo roofs in comparison: steel vs polycarbonate

In our online shop you’ll find not just garden gazebos with a fixed roof, but also models with a soft top canopy. Both types of models provide shade and shelter, even on stormy days - but where exactly are the differences? Which canopy is suitable for which purpose?

Permanent gazebos with weather-resistant polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate gazebos: strong and durable roofs

Polycarbonate gazebos are suitable for outdoor use year-round. They're ideal for providing shade on the patio over long summer days or as rain protection in the colder seasons. Thanks to their heavy-duty roof material, gazebos with a polycarbonate canopy can be used as an all-weather shelter for garden furniture, a BBQ or a hot tub.The polycarbonate sheets are tinted, which reduces light transmission and blocks harmful UV light.

Polycarbonate is an ideal material for UK conditions because it offers a high impact resistance and heat resistance. The strong plastic sheets are much lighter than glass and more resistant to breakage. We have hardtop gazebos in our online shop that can bear a snow load of ca. 80 kg/m².

All of our product lines are available with a polycarbonate canopy. That means you can select polycarbonate gazebos from either our stylish Rendezvous line, modern Sunset line or natural Forest line with wood finish.

Waterproof gazebos with high-quality PVC tarpaulins

Metal roof gazebos: steel roofs built to last

A metal roof gazebo exhibits high weather resistance and stability. Steel in particular is an incredibly sturdy material for the canopy. A steel roof gazebo has a very high load bearing capacity. Just like the polycarbonate garden pavilion, the steel-roofed pavilion can be used all year round in the garden or on the terrace. A steel hardtop gazebo is also very easy to care for and doesn't require much maintenance. The steel gazebo roofs are made of ca. 0.7 mm galvanised steel and have an integrated metal hook for attaching outdoor lighting and decorations.

Our gazebos with a metal canopy all have aluminium leg posts that are particularly resistant to weathering. The 16 x 16 cm square aluminium posts have a natural wood finish. The combination of the convincing wood-finish frame and steel roof delivers a striking impression.

hardtop gazebos available in different sizes

Hardtop gazebo sizes

We offer gazebos with steel or polycarbonate roofs for all our designs in sizes 3x3 m, 3x4 m and 4x4 m. Hardtop gazebos in the size 3x4 tend to be our most popular. Possibly because it's the perfect size for brunch or an evening meal outdoors. A 3x3 gazebo with hardtop roof meanwhile is the best option where space is limited. There's still plenty of space to relax with family, but it won't dominate smaller gardens.

If you enjoy hosting get-togethers, parties, or even outdoor events in your garden or outdoor space, then a large gazebo measuring 4x4 m might be ideal for you. A 4x4 hard roof gazebo is the right size for hosting friends and family on your patio or in the garden. You can comfortably host up to 8-10 people under the polycarbonate or steel canopy of a 4x4 garden gazebo. A 4x4 hardtop gazebo is also big enough to be used as a year-round hot-tub gazebo. It's big enough to accommodate even the largest hot tubs!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How do I install polycarbonate roofing?

Polycarbonate sheets are precision-designed to fit exactly within the roof frame. Each sheet is clearly marked showing the side that faces upwards towards the sky. The sheets slide into the frame from the outer edge and are pushed towards the centre. Don't be surprised if the fit is tight - that's to be expected because of the precision design. Edge supports are inserted between the upper and lower sheets, and outer edging made of metal holds the roof in place and protects the polycarbonate material. For more information, consult the instructions which are available for download on the page of the individual product you purchased. In addition, assembly videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

We recommend that you buy hardtop gazebos with either a steel or aluminum frame for year around the whole year. Both materials withstand strong winds, are waterproof and are long-lasting. Both options are also easy to care for and robust. Fully galvanised steel is extremely rust-resistant, just like aluminium, but unlike aluminum frames, are also resistant to pest and fungal attack. Steel garden gazebos are available in Classic and Premium quality. Aluminium gazebos can be found in the Premium and Deluxe quality.

A polycarbonate roof is easy to clean. All that's required is a sponge or cloth and a mild cleaning product. It's important that you don't use a strong cleaning product that could damage the plastic material. Giving the canopy a clean will allow a nice even entry of light into the polycarbonate gazebo and will ensure it looks just like new even after years of use. We recommend giving the polycarbonate roof a good clean once or twice a year, especially following the winter.

You can install your garden gazebo on a patio or on the lawn. However, we recommend that you pour a concrete foundation. This is particularly important in respect to the guarantee conditions for these products. If you do choose to anchor the legs of a garden gazebo to a patio, you will need to use heavy duty screws designed specifically for wooden decking. Our tent experts will be happy to advise you personally on this subject.

Polycarbonate is an incredibly strong material. So much so, that it is even used to produce bullet-proof police shields. Our polycarbonate roofs may not be bullet-proof, but they are still very strong. They are suitable for year-round use, being able to withstand a snow load of 50-80 kg of weight per square metre.

Although strong, polycarbonate doesn't last forever. A real bonus of buying from a gazebo specialist is that you will be able to get spare parts years down the track when you need them. A general DIY store meanwhile will likely shrug their shoulders even if something should bring within the first year. We have 10 year guaranteed availability of spare parts on most of our gazebos. You can find replacement polycarbonate roofs in our shop and save a lot of money by replacing only what needs to be replaced. We offer replacement roofs for our hardtop pavilions in 3x3 m, 3x4 m and 4x4 m. Please note that only a 1-to-1 replacement is possible. This means, for example, you can't replace your 3x4 m pavilion with polycarbonate roof panels with a steel replacement roof. All our replacement roofs are made to fit our TOOLPORT garden gazebos exactly and therefore cannot be combined with those of other suppliers.

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