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A white pop up gazebo provides shade for a buffet

Easy to set up & transport.

100% waterproof & stable

100% waterproof

In aluminium or steel

Easy to set up & transport.

Available in a wide variety of sizes

White pop up gazebos: An absolute classic

A pop up gazebo in white is the perfect outdoor solution, whenever quick and easy set up and comfortable yet stylish shelter is required. Pop up gazebos combine no-fuss convenience and good looks, with stability and reliability.

At House of Tents we have a wide variety of pop up gazebos for your garden or patio. They come in 10 colours, but even if you've already decided for white, there is plenty of variety on offer! On our site we have gazebos with side walls, with the option of doors and windows, with steel or aluminium frames, and in 3 product qualities. A brilliant white pop up gazebo will guarantee you more time making the most of your summer months in the garden.

Comparing the frames - how to decide between steel & aluminium.

The heavy duty frames of our gazebos are made of either fully galvanised steel or aluminium. Both are extremely robust and durable, and suitable for outdoor use. Aluminium is lighter than steel, making it easier to handle and transport. Steel is a very heavy duty material, that is highly unlikely to bend or break with knocks and impacts. On the other hand, it is generally a lot heavier than aluminium, and will require 2 or more people for set up and transport. You also have the option of either square or hexagonal profile poles.

Pop up gazebos come in 3 different quality classes: Economy, Premium, and Professional. For Economy gazebos, the poles have a square profile, and come in steel or aluminium. All Premium frames are made of steel, with a thicker hexagonal profile. Professional gazebos have aluminium frames, with a hexagonal profile. All of our pop up tents have hard-wearing waterproof canopy tarpaulins. The weight and thereby the strength of the canopy material increases with the quality of the product.

Pop Up Gazebos: foldable, stable and waterproof!

You won't find a more practical and mobile outdoor shelter than our pop up tents. Certainly, no other gazebo or party tent can be set up so quickly. Our heavy duty pop up gazebos with a foldable canopy can easily be transported in a carry bag. They can also be set up without tools and used within a few minutes. They are 100% water-resistant and can be matched with an excellent range of accessories. Here you can find a pop up gazebo that enhances your outdoor space with classic simplicity!

Here are some of the uses, for which white gazebos are particularly favoured:

  • While party tents (marquees) are the obvious choice for a wedding reception, a white pop up gazebo is ideal for use in a garden ceremony.
  • As a market stall at flea markets, farmers markets or antiques markets. For some markets, it is a requirement that outdoor vendors use a plain white tent.
  • As a patio tent or shelter for the barbecue or hot tub. Family parties and get-togethers on the patio are all the more relaxing when guests can relax on garden furniture under the shade of a gazebo.
  • As sun and rain protection at sports events. White tents are particularly suitable for summer sports. They are often used by clubs for cricket, lawn bowls, golf and tennis.
  • As a shade for those working in outdoor areas, or for tending to the garden.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for the roof of the gazebo?

Pop up Gazebos generally have a fully waterproof canopy made of high quality polyester. The quality of the canopy is determined, in large part, by the weight of the tarpaulin. Heavier, thicker tarpaulins are more robust. The weight, measured in grams per square metre, increases from 300g/m² for Economy pop up tents to 400g/m² for Professional canopy tents. Premium and Professional models can be purchased from House of Tents with an even stronger PVC tarpaulin. This heavy duty roof tarpaulin is much heavier, with a weight of 620g/m².

Pop up gazebos are, as a rule, not designed to withstand wild weather. On the other hand, they are designed to be easy to fold up should a storm come in. To protect against a breeze or light winds, there are a number of options. Guy ropes and pegs are included in the delivery. If you set the gazebo up on the lawn, a tie down kit with ratchet straps will be far more effective at keeping the structure grounded. For hard surfaces, sand bags, metal foot plates, or adapted gazebo tent feet, with heavy duty flanges for use with concrete slabs are all available in our selection of anchoring accessories.

How many side walls you have with your gazebo is really up to you! We have products on offer that have a full set of 4 sidewalls, and others that have 2. In addition, you have the option of buying a gazebo without side panels. If buying a pop up tent with side walls you can select a number of variants, including side panels with panorama windows, arched windows, or doors.

Leaving a pop up gazebo standing overnight is not recommended. First of all, the gazebo will be in danger of damage in case of unexpected bad weather. Secondly, there is a strong possibility of condensation forming under the canopy. You can read more about this topic in our magazine article condensation in tents. The best solution for keeping your outdoor gazebo tent safe overnight is to fold it up and pop a waterproof gazebo cover over the tarpaulin and frame. Quick and easy protection in the garden, without needing to move it in and out of storage each day.

A Garden gazebo has a fixed metal frame that is permanently bolted to concrete foundations in your garden. A Garden gazebo can either have a tarpaulin canopy or a hardtop roof, with polycarbonate panels that can remain in place throughout the winter. This makes garden gazebos the obvious answer if you're looking for a permanent, or semi-permanent structure for the garden. Pop up gazebos are portable, and afford you a great deal of flexibility. You can host outdoor parties as easily at the beach as in your own home! Party tents, otherwise known as marquees, can be a good middle road. They are more wind resistant and can be left standing for a period of days or even weeks.

Heavy duty gazebos are useful for family camping trips. They can be transported easily - just pop them in the carry bag that is included in delivery. They are often used as an additional shelter for storage, or for relaxing in camping chairs or other furniture. Removable awnings are useful for providing more shade and shelter. The awning attaches via plastic clasps, and a durable Velcro strip. The awning fits all 3m x 3m and 3m x 4m models.

Feel free to ask our customer service all your questions!

White pop up gazebos at the garden, beach, and campground

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