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Sturdy pop up gazebo 3x3 m with panoramic windows

Offers space for
ca.9 ca.5

100% waterproof

Height adjustable

Set up in minutes

Pop up gazebo 3x3m: The popular all-rounder

The 3x3m pop up gazebo is one of our absolute bestsellers. Its popularity comes from its versatility. Easy to build. Easy to move.A great fit in any outdoor environment. As a market stall, at a street party, at a children's birthday party, as a canopy for craftsmen, as a sun shade over the sandpit ... we could go on forever with this list. They are so popular we often see them indoors as well, as a stylish sales and information stand at trade fairs for instance. Unlike other tent or pavilions (e.g. party marquees), a pop up gazebo folds up and away with ease. Within a few minutes, it can be erected without any tools! It comes with a carry bag, which makes it easy to transport and therefore very popular for mobile, flexible use. Just fold it up and pop it in the carry bag, and off you go!

Aluminium or steel: Your choice of frame material

Our heavy duty pop up gazebos come with steel poles or aluminium poles. Both types of gazebo have a 100% waterproof tarpaulin fabric made of PVC-coated high-performance polyester (exception: fire-proof models with pure PVC tarpaulin). Our gazebos come in Economy, Premium and Professional qualities. Differences between the various models include the frame material, the overall weight, the profile shape of the legs (square or hexagonal) and canopy frame, the number of side walls included, and the canopy and side wall material. Find out more about the differences on our pop up gazebos page.

The best pop up gazebos of 2020: The Computer Bild title winner

The House of Tents 3x3m pop up gazebo

In the pop up gazebo test, our product was chosen as the test winner by Computer Bild!

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Easy to erect
  • Very stable
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A real all-rounder: Possible uses for the 3x3 metre pop up gazebo

Our waterproof gazebos in the 3x3m size are ideally suited for countless purposes:

  • Sales stand at markets
  • Canopy for camping vans
  • Sun protection at outdoor garden parties
  • Privacy screen e.g. for catering
  • Shelter at sporting events
  • Small outdoor storage area in the garden
  • Reception/bar
  • Information stand at street festivals
  • Canopy for a buffet
  • Weather protection on the patio or in the garden
  • Promotion stand/trade fair
  • Changing rooms
  • An all weather canopy over your outdoor hot tub.

Frequently asked questions about the 3x3 m pop up gazebo:

What is the canopy of the 3m gazebo made of?

The waterproof tarpaulin of the gazebo is either made of a high-performance polyester with PVC coating or a hard-wearing PVC tarpaulin. Both materials offer a high level of protection against UV radiation and rain. In addition, PVC has a dense inner mesh fabric, which makes it more durable and tear-resistant. If you choose a model with side panels, you can also close the gazebo for better protection against wind, rain and prying eyes.

A steel gazebo may be more heavy than a pop up tent made of aluminium, but that extra weight also translates to extra heavy duty performance. Steel gazebos are more resistant to shocks, which can occur especially during transport. For this reason, a set of carry bags is always recommended for transporting aluminium gazebos.

Not all of our pop up gazebos come with sides. So if you need a side wall, be sure to check the detailed description of the selected model when ordering. You can use the filter on the pop up gazebo page to select both the number of sides, and also whether you would like side walls with windows or doors. Not all of our pop up gazebos come with sides. So if you need a side wall, be sure to check the detailed description of the selected model when ordering. You can use the filter on the pop up gazebo page to select both the number of sides, and also whether you would like side walls with windows or doors.

A roof tarpaulin made of fire-safe certified PVC material is also available for our Premium and Professional 3m gazebos at House of Tents. This can be especially important if there are fire safety rules at the event or location where you are setting up.

If you travel a lot with your pop up gazebo, an aluminium pop up gazebo will be the perfect waterproof shelter for you. Aluminium is corrosion-free and lends itself to frequent transport, including assembly and disassembly. Another advantage: aluminium has a significantly lower weight, which also makes our aluminium gazebos more portable and easier to handle.

There is a suitable tent or gazebo for every purpose. All our products in the 3x3m size are of course high quality, have an ideal price-performance ratio and are 100% waterproof. A heavy duty marquee is the ideal solution for you if the marquee is to remain standing for a longer period of time. Of course, a marquee can also be used to shelter the buffet for a few hours at a BBQ party in the garden or to provide weather protection from the sun and rain for guests at an outdoor family gathering. Marquees are also perfect for covering a pool or for overwintering plants in the garden. Unlike a marquee, a pop up gazebo is designed for frequent and mobile use. You can stow it away extremely quickly, pop it into the car and set it up again somewhere else. Simply unfold it and you're done. It doesn't get any more practical or quicker than this. However, a pop up gazebo is not intended to remain set up for several weeks. In this case a marquee or even a garden gazebo with a fixed, permanently standing frame and canopy would be more suitable.

Sidewall, roof or frame - a mishap can always happen even with the heavy duty products on offer at House of Tents. Sometimes you can try to repair parts of your gazebo yourself. If the damage is too much, you might need to order a replacement part. You can fill out the replacement parts form in our online shop and get help as quickly as possible.

All seams of the polyester tarpaulins with PVC coating as well as the PVC canopies are machine tape-sealed and thus optimally protected against moisture penetration whether its passing showers or heavy rain. All products from House of Tents are 100% waterproof.

Tents and gazebos can be erected on different surfaces. Just make sure that the shelter is stable and secured to the ground. On soft ground, you can easily secure the 3x3 m gazebo with accessories such as our tie down kits. On firm ground, such as on concrete or on the patio, you can weigh down the gazebo with sandbags / leg weights or weighted plates. If a storm is forecast, the gazebo should still be dismantled beforehand, as even the best anchoring cannot make a foldable gazebo completely storm-proof.

Depending on the model, the 3x3 m gazebo is between max. 3.2 metres and max. 3.5 metres high. All models are height adjustable.

Assembly instructions are included in the delivery of all House of Tents products. If you’ve lost your copy, you can also download the assembly instructions as a PDF from the relevant product page.

Side wall panels are attached to the frame with Velcro straps. On Economy aluminium models, the sides are hooked onto the roof frame, and attached with Velcro to the legs. On Economy steel gazebos, the sides attach to both the roof and legs with Velcro strips. The sides of Premium models and aluminium professional models are attached to the inside of the roof canopy and legs with Velcro strips. They join to each other at the edges with zips. With the fire-safe aluminium Professional, the sides are joined together with extra-wide industrial Velcro fasteners.

Yes, for all 3m pop up gazebos, we offer free delivery. For many of our other products, including accessories and garden gazebos, delivery is free of cost. Look for the green "free delivery" mark on the product.

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Pop up gazebo 3x3 m

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