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100% waterproof, stable and weather-resistant

100% waterproof, stable and weather-resistant

Great quality materials

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3 x 3 gazebos are among our most popular gazebo sizes! 3m x 3m gazebos are small enough to fit into the smallest gardens and large enough to accommodate up to 18 people. For most uses, including parties, markets or relaxing in the garden, a small gazebo like the 3x3 is all you need. Sturdy, strong and square. If you’re buying a 3m square gazebo, get it from the gazebo specialists!

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3x3 gazebos with sides or without

You choose the set up with gazebo side panels

Sidewalls can make a big difference to your 3m gazebo. A 3m gazebo with sides offers not just shade and shelter, but also protection from cool breezes and extra privacy. It's easy to attach sidewalls, so you can add or remove them in whatever way suits you best.

The big advantage of buying from a specialist retailer: you have flexibility in buying the model that suits exactly your needs. Choosing how your 3 x 3 gazebo with sides will look depends on the product:

  • When it comes to pop up gazebos you can buy a 3x3 gazebo with side panels or without. You also get to choose from a full set of 4 sides or just 2 sides. 2 side panels may be all you need if you are simply wanting to block light winds, gain privacy, or win extra shelter from the sun. You can also choose the design for the sidewalls. Choose from different sidewall sets featuring windows and/or doors.
  • All 3x3 m marquee gazebos come with sidewalls. The sidewall panels are individually removable, allowing you to set up entrances wherever you wish. In addition, side panels with zips & gable ends with windows are available as extra accessories.
  • 3x3 Garden pavilions are avaialble with our without sidewall curtains. The sides can be connected to each other with a zip. You can decide between two different colours for your 3x3 gazebo curtains: beige or grey.

Our heavy-duty gazebo 3x3 in detail

We pay particular attention to ensuring that all of our 3x3 pavilions are built to last. It’s the combination of precision design, high-quality materials and uncomplicated assembly that make our heavy-duty gazebos 3x3 really stand out. Here’s more detail on the most important aspects of our 3m x 3m heavy-duty gazebos.

Heavy-duty gazebo roofs 3x3

The roofs of our 3x3 m gazebos

The type of roof depends on the type of gazebo 3x3. Across our various products we use four different materials. The weight, strength and functionality of the gazebo covers 3x3 varies depending on the precise model.

Polyester canopies: Our polyester 3x3 gazebos with pop up roof have a strong PVC coating that ensures the canopy is waterproof and tear-resistant, but still lightweight. That makes it the ideal gazebo roof for use on the move. The 3x3 gazebo canopies of our soft top garden gazebos are also made of polyester.

PE canopies: Our Optiline marquees in the size 3x3 have a roof made of PE which is lightweight and easy to handle. They’re ideal for temporary use.

PVC canopies: We have PVC pop up tents and party tents with PVC roofs for sale. A PVC canopy is similar in feel to a truck tarpaulin and is correspondingly extremely tear-resistant and durable.

Polycarbonate roofs: A further option is the polycarbonate gazebo 3x3 roof of our hardtop garden gazebos. Polycarbonate is a heavy-duty, rigid plastic that is designed for year-round use.

Steel roofs: Forest line 3x3 gazebos with a wood finish frame are available with a steel roof for the ultimate in all seasons weather protection. The timeless quality of the wood finished frames and heavy duty steel roof make for an elegant addition to your garden.

Heavy-duty metal frames of our 3x3 gazebos

Gazebo 3x3 m metal frames

All our 3x3 m pavilions are made of metal. You have two options for your 3x3 metal gazebo: steel or aluminium. Our 3x3 aluminium pavilions weigh less than steel pavilions, but are still highly stable. They have a powder-coating and are therefore completely UV and weather resistant. Triple anodising further protects against all forms of corrosion.

Steel 3x3 metre pavilions are also well protected against corrosion thanks to their powder coating. For party tents full galvanisation of the steel frame prevents rust from building up. Steel is incredibly robust and shock-resistant, which means that steel frame gazebos 3x3 are an excellent option when the frame is likely to see rough handling.

100% waterproof materials keep the rain out

100% waterproof 3x3 m gazebos

Our number one priority is to ensure that every single one of our 3x3 gazebos is completely waterproof. Some of the key factors that come together to ensure that each and every 100% waterproof 3x3 gazebo is effective at keeping the rain out are:

  • all seams of our 3x3 garden gazebos and pop up gazebos are tape-sealed.
  • for party tents the seams are welded together in a high temperature process, rather than being stitched.
  • the hardtop of the 3x3 m pavilions is made of precision-fitted polycarbonate.

An all-round valance provides extra protection against rain around the edge of the canopy. A floor skirt is another useful accessory for moving water well away from the tent. The floor skirt is available for all our PVC and Professional PE marquees.

A wide range of colourful gazebos on offer

Gazebo 3x3 colours

The white 3x3 gazebo is a timeless classic that can be used anywhere and is suitable for all private or professional occasions. Choose a black 3x3 gazebo for competitions or markets. For a reception, a flea market or on a restaurant terrace you might consider our small coloured gazebos in colours like green, blue, orange or red. The darker colours prevent small stains from showing through.

With a grey 3x3 permanent gazebo, you can add a contemporary touch to your outdoor area. For a more classic style, opt for a cappuccino or champagne 3x3 shelter.

Gazebo 3x3 m accessories

Mosquito nets for a 3x3 gazebo

3x3 m mosquito nets for gazebos

Enjoy mosquito-free moments in the garden or on the terrace by upgrading your 3x3 gazebo with a mosquito net! Our mosquito net side panels are available in 4-piece sets, so you can completely close off your gazebo. In the size 3m x 3m you have 4 choices of colours, so you can ensure it perfectly matches the colour of the roof and sides.

Mosquito nets allow you to enjoy late summer evenings in peace. And even outside the summer, a mosquito net for your 3x3 gazebo ensures that annoying insects are prevented from entering.

To the mosquito nets

Sun sail for more shade and extra comfort

Sun sails for 3 x 3 m gazebos

On warm summer days, drop the temperature a notch with a stylish sun sail! A sun sail for your 3x3 m gazebo is a must-have accessory in summer because it offers more shade and minimises heat build-up.

Our sun sails are made of a light 160g/m² polyester material with a PA coating. The 3m x 3m sun sail attaches to the roof at the apex and at 8 points around the edge. The gazebo 3x3 m sun sails are available exclusively for our deluxe garden pavilions in the colours stone grey and champagne.

To the sun sails

Gazebo 3x3 m replacement roofs & spare parts

A big bonus of buying from a specialist in tents and gazebos is that we always have spare parts for your gazebo 3x3 m ready for dispatch. So if you’ve misplaced parts of your frame, you can always order gazebo 3x3 m spare parts.

That goes for gazebo 3x3 m replacement roofs too! For example, if you’ve bought a gazebo 3x3 m roof in the colour champagne and want to change the roof colour, you don’t have to buy a completely new garden tent. Instead, buy a custom-fit replacement roof in the colour of your choice! Note that replacement roofs need to be of the same model type as the frame. For instance, it’s not possible to swap a 3x3 hard top roof for a soft top.

Frequently asked questions about gazebos 3m x 3m

How do you put up a 3x3 gazebo?

Depending on the model, it takes between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours to assemble a 3x3 gazebo. All our deliveries are accompanied by assembly instructions for the 3x3 gazebo. In each 3x3 gazebo assembly manual, we detail the steps to follow for the installation of your gazebo. You can find assembly videos on our Youtube page, like this guide to assemble an aluminium 3x3 pop up gazebo.

Spending time in the garden with a glass of wine on warm summer nights as the sun slowly sets is an idyllic picture. Mosquitos and midges can spoil the party however. Mosquito netting is available for garden gazebos that will help you maintain the sense of tranquility in your outdoor living room. Attaching the mosquito nets is done in the same manner as side panels. Everything is explained in the 3x3 gazebo instructions.

Our gazebos are waiting in the warehouse near Ipswich and will be sent out for delivery as soon as we receive your order. In most cases you can expect next day delivery. To top it all off, we offer free delivery on all of our pop up gazebos and garden gazebos. Thanks to our quick delivery and easy to understand gazebo instructions, you'll have your outdoor shelter set up in no time!

A polycarbonate gazebo 3x3 has a hardtop roof that is winter-proof and, like a summerhouse, can remain in place all year round. A canopy made with polyester tarpaulin is waterproof, but should be dismantled in autumn to guarantee a longer service life. Even if you're not using it personally over winter, it provides a sturdy and waterproof shelter for your outdoor furniture and BBQ during wet weather. The 3x3 size is also the perfect size to use as a carport or hot tub gazebo. We advise caring for your waterproof gazebo 3x3 specialised cleaning products designed to remove dirt and grime that builds up on the canopy over winter.

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