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Various gazebos in the size of 3x3 m

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High UV protection

100% waterproof, stable and weather-resistant

100% waterproof, stable and weather-resistant

Great quality materials

3x3 m gazebos: Square gazebos for the garden or for events

The 3x3m is our best-selling gazebo size. And no wonder! Nine square metres is plenty of space for a small garden table, between two and four deck chairs and your afternoon reading. The 3 x 3m size is a great choice for personal use in your garden. In our shop you choose between lightweight pop up gazebos for maximum flexibility, or luxurious permanently installed garden gazebos.

The 3x3 pop up gazebo is easy to transport and can be assembled and disassembled quickly by just a few people. A garden gazebo in 3x3 is perfect for small gardens and as a canopy over your patio. For small outdoor get-togethers (celebrations, camping, barbecues, or just relaxing in the garden) the heavy duty gazebo 3m x 3m is the optimal size. No matter what you choose, you will have the option of customising your waterproof gazebo 3x3 with side walls, windows and doors, and a choice of colours.

For every occasion: 3m x 3m gazebos

Our outdoor shelters are made using the best heavy-duty materials. From the roof or tarpaulin, to the frame, right down to the anchoring pegs, our products are built to stand the test of time.

If you're looking to purchase an affordable gazebo you can be sure that our products are: high quality, 100% waterproof, flame retardant, offer high UV protection and, in many cases, come with a 10-year spare parts guarantee. Some of our products are even such high quality, that they can be left standing all year round.

Which 3m square gazebo is right for you?

Such a wide selection! How are you going to choose the right one for you? If you'll often be on the move with your gazebo, for example taking it to festivals, markets or sporting events, a heavy duty pop up gazebo is ideal. A foldable pop up gazebo brings shade and shelter wherever you need it. If you'd like a place to relax in the shade within your own garden, then a stylish garden gazebo is just the thing. A garden gazebo with a hardtop roof is the answer if you're looking for an all-weather and all seasons gazebo. While a wooden gazebo requires costly installation and ongoing maintenance for the wooden frame, our metal frame gazebos are easy to install and require only light maintenance. Hardtop polycarbonate gazebos in 3x3 can be found in the Sunset Deluxe and Rendezvous Deluxe lines.

To make your selection a little easier, you'll find our best-selling 3x3 m gazebos here:

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Frequently asked questions about 3x3 m gazebos

What are the advantages of a 3x3 gazebo with sides?

Side panels can offer privacy and weather protection. You'll notice that almost all of our garden gazebos have side panels so that you are able to use them either open or closed.

Our pop up gazebos can be ordered with or without sides. It's therefore best to consider in advance whether you only need the pop up gazebo as a simple canopy or whether side panels for privacy and weather protection are worthwhile. At a summer market, just the canopy may already provide sufficient sun protection for your goods. However, you may prefer 3 or 4 sides if you want better wind protection at family gatherings or a wedding. Since you can also choose side walls with panorama windows, you don’t have to worry about it getting too dark inside the tent.

All of our products are made with heavy duty materials and the structure is stable and waterproof. In wild weather and strong winds, however, it is advisable to add additional security to your pop up gazebos, gazebo canopy or party tent. This is best done with special accessories for securing tents, including weights (sandbags) or weighted plates for pop up gazebos, and anchoring attachments or tie down ropes for marquees.

Be aware that economy models, particularly for pop up gazebos, are designed to provide optimum ease of assembly, transport, and price. They are water-resistant and provide excellent shade and shelter in light winds. However, pop up gazebos may not be the best choice if you are expecting strong winds. A heavy duty gazebo or gazebo marquee with tie down ropes might be a better option.

Aluminium poles are lighter than steel poles and will not rust even when deeply scratched. Aluminium is easier to transport and is less sensitive to frequent assembly and disassembly. A 3x3 gazebo heavy duty steel frame on the other hand is cheaper, and the extra weight increases the structure's stability. Also pay attention to the profile of the frame. All else equal, a hexagonal profile is stronger than a square profile.

A polycarbonate gazebo 3x3 has a hardtop roof that is winter-proof and, like a summerhouse, can remain in place all year round. A canopy made with polyester tarpaulin is waterproof, but should be dismantled in autumn to guarantee a longer service life. Even if you're not using it personally over winter, it provides a sturdy and waterproof shelter for your outdoor furniture and BBQ during wet weather. The 3x3 size is also the perfect size to use as a carport or hot tub gazebo. We advise caring for your waterproof gazebo 3x3 specialised cleaning products designed to remove dirt and grime that builds up on the canopy over winter.

Spending time in the garden with a glass of wine on warm summer nights as the sun slowly sets is an idyllic picture. Mosquitos and midges can spoil the party however. Mosquito netting is available for garden gazebos that will help you maintain the sense of tranquility in your outdoor living room. Attaching the mosquito nets is done in the same manner as side panels. How to do this is explained in the 3x3 gazebo instructions.

Yes, absolutely. Gazebos can be set up on a patio. A 3m square gazebo is often the ideal size for a patio gazebo. Garden gazebos do however need to be well anchored. The gazebo leg posts need to be anchored using concrete pad foundations.

Our gazebos are waiting in the warehouse near Ipswich and will be sent out for delivery as soon as we receive your order. In most cases you can expect next day delivery. To top it all off, we offer free delivery on all of our pop up gazebos and garden gazebos. Thanks to our quick delivery and easy to understand gazebo instructions, you'll have your outdoor shelter set up in no time!

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