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4x4 gazebos: heavy duty & practical

With our 4x4 m gazebos there is plenty of room for your buffet, garden party guests, or simply to stretch out and relax. 4x4 gazebos also make the perfect hot tub canopy. You have a choice of three 4m x 4m gazebos, each with its own advantages making them ideal for particular events and places. Mobile options include instant gazebos that you can erect at lightning speed and stable gazebo marquees that can be left standing for longer periods. Alternatively, permanent garden gazebos are perfect for relaxing in the garden year-round.

An overview of differences between our 4x4 gazebos

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gazebo sidewalls with panorama windows and roll up blind

4x4 gazebos with sides

It's up to you whether you have a fully enclosed 4x4 gazebo with sides, a half open shelter or completely open 4x4 canopy. You have plenty of freedom with our removable sidewalls and curtains. If the weather takes a turn or you need more privacy, quickly install the 4x4 gazebo curtains or sides.

The sides of our party tents are fitted with stylish windows that let lots of light into the gazebo. Our folding gazebos are also available with sidewalls featuring panorama windows for protection from the wind without obstructing your view or blocking the sun.

Heavy duty gazebos 4x4 in detail

We only sell sturdy and durable 4x4 pavilions. From the waterproof roofs and canopies to the robust poles and connectors in the frame, our heavy-duty gazebos 4x4 are built to the highest quality. Find out more about what makes our 4m x 4m heavy-duty gazebos stand out.

gazebo 4x4m roofs

4x4 gazebo roofs and canopies

Our 4x4 gazebo canopies provide perfect protection from the sun, rain and wind. We have 4x4 canopies in 3 materials: PVC, PE and polyester. The PVC 4x4 canopies are excellent for professional uses such as outdoor events and catering businesses. For more occasional use, we recommend a PE 4x4 gazebo canopy. Our instant shelters are available in both high quality polyester and long-lasting PVC.

For permanent gazebos, you can choose between either a soft roof or a hardtop roof. Polyester 4x4 gazebo canopies are light weight and can be installed quickly and easily. If you opt for soft top roof, it will need to be removed over winter. Removing the canopy is easy to do and it takes up little space folded, in a dry place. Polycarbonate 4x4 gazebos allow you to enjoy the garden or terrace all year round. The precision-cut polycarbonate panels take a little longer to install, but you only need to do it once!

sturdy metal frames for 4x4 gazebos

Our 4m x 4m gazebo metal frames in detail

Our 4x4 m gazebos are all made of metal and the combination of high quality materials and intelligent design make them incredibly robust. You can choose from metal 4x4 m pavilions made of aluminium or steel. Aluminium 4x4 m pavilions have a lightweight frame, which makes them easy to use on the go. Aluminium 4x4 m pavilions are also resistant to pest and fungal attack. Steel 4x4 m pavilions have the advantage of being incredibly robust and durable thanks to their greater weight. 4x4 m pavilions with steel frames are therefore perfect for long-term frequent use.

Both aluminium permanent gazebos and foldable models (whether aluminium or steel) are powder-coated. The steel frames of our party tents are fully galvanised. Thanks to the powder coating and full galvanisation, all our metal 4x4 m pavilions are corrosion-protected, UV-resistant and weatherproof.

Accessories for your 4x4 gazebo

fully closeable mosquito nets for gazebos

Mosquito nets

Upgrade your 4x4 m gazebo with a mosquito net set! Mosquito netting provides year-round protection from insects, such as mosquitoes, midges and bees. Plus, mosquito nets for gazebos 4x4 m are translucent so they still allow plenty of light into the gazebo. We have a range of mosquito net sets in our shop in colours that match the roofs and sides of the gazebos themselves. Each set includes four gazebo side walls so that your gazebo can be completely off limit for insects. The side panels are made of 100% polyester and are available in the 4x4 m size for our Sunset Premium and Deluxe garden tents.

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sunsails for 4x4 gazebos

Sun sails

Transform your garden pavilion into a 4x4 m sun sail gazebo! A sun sail not only looks extremely decorative, but significantly reduces the build-up of heat in your gazebo. We stock custom-fit sun sails for our gazebos that are 4 metres wide and 4 metres long for our 4x4 m Sunset Deluxe model. Our sun sails are made of polyester with a PA coating and can be taken down again at any time if required.

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Frequently asked questions about 4x4 gazebos

Where can I find replacement parts for a side wall, canopy or the frame?

A side wall tears or you find a small hole! It can happen to anyone. PVC tarpaulins can be repaired with PVC patches and PVC glue. However, if the damaged tarpaulin can no longer be saved, we will of course be happy to help you with replacement parts. To find spare parts, either contact our customer service experts by phone or go to the Spare Parts section of our "Accessories" page. It's best if you have the product number or name of your gazebo (it can be found on your invoice) as well as the item number of the required spare part (which can be found in the assembly instructions) to hand so that we can offer you faster assistance.

You don't need to apply for planning permission if the gazebo is standing for less than 28 days in a calendar year. For permanent 4x4 gazebos the rules concerning outbuildings apply. If the gazebo is less than 4m high at its apex, less than 2m high at the eaves, situated behind the front wall of the main building, and no closer than 2m to the boundary, planning permission is not required.

A gazebo 4m x 4m provides more than enough room for 15 people. In fact we would suggest that 32 people can fit under the roof of a 4m by 4m gazebo while standing. The extra space offered by a 4x4m gazebo makes them ideal for use as a hot tub gazebo or as a summer dining space on the patio. They're also perfect for cafés where up to 20 guests can sit in a garden setting.

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